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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Fantasy Game App Like Dream11?

4591 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 1, 2020 Last Updated: June 3, 2022
fantasy game app

We all know that games are a way to escape the busy and stressful lives. But, what if you couldn’t go out and play your favorite game? The answer is simple – try out getting indulged in these games virtually using Fantasy Game Apps like Dream 11, Fanduel, ESPN Fantasy Sports, and many more.

By allowing newbies as well as experts to get involved in their favorite games in real-time – apps like Dream 11 are actually proving as a boon for sports enthusiasts especially in this time of the pandemic. Also, with people getting used to staying at homes – their craze and popularity doesn’t seem to end anytime soon.

If you are a budding entrepreneur planning to make it big in this industry and want to know about Fantasy Game App Development Cost – this article is for. The intent of this article is to put the spotlight on why developing a fantasy game app is a good idea, how you can successfully do that, and how much it will cost you. So, let’s get started.

Why Is It a Great Idea to Develop an App Like Dream 11?

1. The Fantasy Sports Market Size Is Expected to Reach $43370 Million by 2026

apps like dream 11

As per reports, in 2019, the Global Fantasy Game Market size was $18040 Million and it is expected to reach $43370 Million by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 13.2% during 2021-2026. 

Because of the increasing number of smartphone and internet users, there are a ton of hidden opportunities in the worldwide fantasy sports application market. As per reports, there are 60 sports fantasy operators in India alone against the future demand of 50 Million users. Additionally, laws around the globe are on the side of Fantasy Sports Apps so it is a brilliant opportunity for Fantasy Sports App Developers to grab the market share and build the user base to earn Billions.

2. The OFS Sector Has Been Experiencing Rapid Growth For the Last 4 Years

If we dig deeper into the Online Fantasy Sports (OFS) segment, we will find that the sector is on an undeniable rise – a bit because of its user base that it works around and somewhat because of the popularity of the industry and the income it generates. Have a look at the below statistics:

fantasy sports app development

3. Investors Are More Than Willing to Invest In Fantasy Sports Market

The prevalence of the fantasy sports applications is also driven by investors who are more than willing to invest in this market which in turn is helping Fantasy sports apps grow and scale at a much faster rate.

Usually, Fantasy Sports Applications also attract users in local languages to improve engagement. This is the reason why esports pioneers like Nazara and Tencent are also putting resources into Fantasy Sports Gaming. 

So, before investing in Fantasy Game App, if you are worried about raising the funds for the same – you don’t have to. Just develop a robust product and investors will reach you with funds.

Let’s now see what features you should integrate into your app like Dream 11 to match it as per the industry standards. An overview of features you want to add in your dream 11 like app will help you find out a ballpark estimate on Fantasy Sports App Development Cost. So, let’s dig in.

Must-Have Features of a Fantasy Game App Like Dream 11

Participant’s Application

dream11 app
  • Easy App Onboarding

When developing a Fantasy Sports App, you need to pay special attention to the app onboarding feature. Asking your users to fill long forms when they are eager to use your app – is not a good idea at all. Instead, you should give your users the option to sign-in your app in just a few taps.

You can consider adding an option to register-in app using popular social media apps like Facebook or Gmail. Or, you can also let users register in-app using an OTP. 

  • Well-Organized Landing Page

When users come on board, you should show them a list of sports that are being played at present to let them decide in which game they want to indulge – cricket, football, basketball, or some other game. To make things even easier – you can add a search bar to your home screen to let your users search for games using various filters like date, type of match, players, etc.

  • Ability to Socialize

When users of a Fantasy Game App feel connected to each other – they engage with the app more which in turn will help you retain them easier. The greatest dilemma of businesses in this industry is that they feel their users play against each other. Hence, they don’t provide them the option to interact which lessens their app engagement rate.

Also, the sense of achievement compels users to use the app again and again. It also helps them show people they know that they have a good knowledge of the game. Hence, it is worth adding a social element in your app like Dream 11 to acquire more and more users and also to retain the old ones.

  • Details of Contest 

In this section of the app, the users will be able to view details of sports that they chose to play. Here, they should be given all the details related to their fantasy sports and they should also be able to filter that content according to – contest type, winning range, contest size, entry fee, and winners count, etc.

  • Hassle-Free Payments

This is a crucial part of the Fantasy Sports Apps. If you want your users to use the app to fulfill their fantasy of getting indulge in real-time games – you must give them the option to pay in-app hassle-free. 

For the best experience, consider integrating multiple payment options in your app like credit or debit cards, PayPal, Paytm, and more to let your users pay using their preferred payment option.

  • Achievement Badges

This is again a feature to keep your users hooked with your application.

It ensures user retainment on your fantasy sports platform by giving your users a reason to keep coming back to your app. App users are more likely to return on platforms where they have a badge allocated to their profile. 

Besides, this can be taken one step ahead with the ability to share accomplishment badges on social media platforms. This feature will kill two birds using one stone – first, it will boost the ego of your existing users who get the badge, and second, it will attract new users (Social media friends of users) towards your app.

  • Live Game Feeds

What more can an avid sports fan ask for if he can change from dream mode to the real mode on a similar Fantasy Sports Application? Auditing your virtual team’s performance and experiencing the live feeds of the real matches is an incredible feature to have. 

Admin Panel

fantasy sports app development company
  • App Analytics

The admin of the app should have all the details related to how things are going in app on a single dashboard.

This dashboard should include all the factual figures around the number of ongoing matches and information related to the number of players, and so on. It should also show the total amount of income generated by the app users in the application. 

  • Contests Management

The feature is utilized by the admin for managing and planning the ongoing contests in the app. He should easily deal with the category of contests, addition, deletion, or even deactivation of a contest whenever required. 

  • Earnings Reports

The best aspect of a fantasy game application is the earning that an individual gets through the app. Using this particular feature, the admins can easily see and track how much an individual user is earning in the app.

  • Reports

The overall reports management functionality empowers the admin to access all the different report types like earning reports, player ranking reports, and so on. 

While searching for how much it will cost you to develop a Fantasy Sports App, it helps to know the feature set that you want to integrate into it, it also helps to know the tech stack that you will be following to develop your fantasy game app. The cost to develop an app varies greatly depending on the tech stack you follow – the more complex the tech stack you chose, the more will be the cost.

Let’s get into the details:

Tech-Stack For Developing a Fantasy Game App Like Dream 11

fantasy sports app developers

Now that we have looked at both – the Scope and Technical side of Fantasy Sports Apps, it is now the time to look at the business aspect of the app. Because if you are investing in developing an app – your end goal must be to make money from the same.

Thus, next we should look into the ways in which Fantasy Sports Apps bring in money and have figured out how to become one of the most revenue-generating businesses of not just the sports industry but of the whole world before we head on to uncovering the expense to build up these applications.

How to Make Money With an App Like Dream 11?

  • Advertisement

It is one of the most commonly used types of monetization models that fantasy sports applications depend on. If your app builds a huge user base, you can let brands advertise their product in your app, and in turn, you can generate a good amount of revenue from your app.

  • Participation Charges 

Some fantasy game apps organize contests and set huge payouts for the winners of these special contests. These apps usually charge the contestants a participation fee which becomes a source of revenue for apps.

  • In-app purchases

This is also one of the most potentially lucrative options to generate revenue from your fantasy sports apps like Dream 11. 

The app can have some paid features like changing the team in the middle of the game and some other valuable features like getting game insights, premium details, and stats which can enable them to win. Typically sports fans are prepared to hook up such chances and wouldn’t deny paying extra to pick up advantage in the game. 

  • Other Engagement Models 

A number of famous fantasy sports apps offer and empower their users to participate in numerous challenges on a weekly basis. The charge users a one-time fee and let them participate in contests for the complete season. This strategy in turn boosts the revenue of game apps.

Now that we have seen the ways using which you can get the money back from your Fantasy Sports App Like Dream 11 – let’s see how much you will have to invest in the first place in the next section that is all about Fantasy Sports App Development Cost.

How Much Will It Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports App?

While considering how to make a fantasy sports app, the first thing that comes to mind is the cost of its development. Whether you choose a Fantasy Sports App development company or approach freelancers for your project, it is good to have an idea of the factors that determine the cost of a fantasy sports application.

Let’s check what are these factors:

applications like dream 11
  • Platform

Android vs iOS – which platform should I build for?

The platform you chose to develop your app for is one of the most important factors in calculating the cost of a fantasy game app.

That’s why whether you want to build your app for iOS or Android should be clear before you approach any Fantasy Sports App Development Company. Building for iOS is a bit less expensive than building for Android because of the variety of devices available for the latter. However, if you don’t want to miss out on any group of audience, consider building your app for both the platforms and grab the market share.

  • Tech Stack

Once you decide the platform, the next important decision you need to make is on the Tech Stack. Using which programming language or platform do you want to build your app? Which database will you use to store your user’s data? Which third-party APIs or tools you will need? Do you want to build your app the native way or you prefer Cross Platform App Development?

It is better to consult these things with your Fantasy Sports App Development Company to make an informed decision. If you are hiring expert developers, they will surely provide you data on hidden costs of mobile app development to help you avoid any surprises later on.

  • App Features

The cost to develop an app also varies depending on the features you want to integrate in it. For adding certain features in your app like push notifications – you might need to integrate third-party APIs in it which will increase or decrease the app development cost. Also, if you would like to add high-end features that require integration of emerging technologies in your app – it may cost you a bit more.

  • Location of Developers

Finally, the location of your fantasy app developers will also affect your app development cost. While app developers in Western Countries like the USA or Canada work on around $30-$40 per hour, developers in Asian countries work on around $15-$20 per hour. 

After you decide these factors for your fantasy game application, you can hire a trustworthy fantasy game app development company to find out the exact number on Fantasy Sports App Development Cost. For now, if you want a ballpark estimate on How much it will cost you to develop a Fantasy Sports App Like Dream 11, we can say it will cost you somewhere around $30k-$35K with the basic features only.

If you want to take your app experience to another level by integrating advanced features in it – then it might cost you somewhere around $40k-$50k. Remember, this is just a ballpark estimate and these numbers can vary depending on your requirements and your app’s business model.

apps for fantasy gaming

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