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Do’s And Don’t’s For App Store Optimization

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5017 Views | 2 min | Published On: January 15, 2018 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
App Store Optimization

Stand out or stay invisible. With over more than 2 million apps in AppStore, it is getting harder and harder to catch someone’s eye. No matter how much you have exhausted yourself in developing your app and refining it, it’s all in vain if you cannot leap out in this saturated market. To beat the fierce competition you need revamp your product on AppStore.


Here are some elements that you need to consider when releasing your app on app store.


Your app title should be appealing to the user who is on a quest to find something fresh in this digital foundry. You should decide this name carefully as these words will exhibit your work in front of your audience. Do remember your title of the app should also be relevant with what are you providing to the public.


keywords for SEO

Adding keywords for your app is crucial as these words will reroute users to your app and make your app rank higher in the list of the search results. Consider this as the beacon of light that will help users locate your app. You must use keywords, which are strong words for the category of the app and signify the purpose of your app.

App Icon

top app icons

This small sized image can speak volumes for your app and compel a user to tap the download button. You should get someone to do a tremendous job for this part as this thing alone can make users spellbound and fascinate them. Ensure to make it simple and convey what your app is about. An abstract design can have a negative impact on your audience. Confusion should be avoided wherever necessary.

Design & Screenshots

These are also very important for heavy traffic to your app page and downloads. You can only upload 5 screenshots for your app in which you need to very cleverly choose vital things for the previews to be very persuasive for installing your app. This is the space where your hard work is showcased in a summarized form. You should be able to communicate with the audience and get there attention in this section as much as possible.



Constant improvements of your app and refining it will make your target audience indulge more leading to more active sessions and more sharing of your app. Listening and reading both positive and negative will help the app downloads and promotion in the long run.

To sum up the things you should not load the app store page with unnecessary stuff and misleading content so that users do not feel betrayed after downloading the app, which will surely cause a dip in your download numbers. You need to present your work in a justified manner not overhype it so that your in-app content does not demotivate user or discourage them.


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