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5 iOS/Android App Development Questions to Ask Before You Start

4512 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 22, 2018 Last Updated: July 17, 2024
Android and iOS app development ideas
In the last few years, the business world has drastically changed with a continued advance in the Internet Technology. A study found that people now spend more time staring at their phone screens than the televisions. The Mobile applications are quite easier to use with an appealing user interface. People keep their smartphones with them almost all the day long and wherever they travel. That also means the usage of mobile apps is surpassing the usage of websites. Consequently, mobile app development is getting more and more popular.
In mobile application development , one needs a well-founded business sense and thorough knowledge of the ongoing trends. Here’s are 5 questions that every mobile app developer must ask before kickstarting their development.

Q1. Can You Give A Detailed Description Of The Mobile App You Want Us To Develop?

Before starting development of a mobile application it is necessary to get as much detail about the requirements as possible. A well-described and documented idea will picture it better to a developer. It is important to know if the client him/herself is confident about the idea and that the scope is well clear to him/her. The better they understand the project, the more you can be confident and focused on what needs to be achieved.

Q2. What’s The Scope Of The Project And Its Deadline?

scope of projects

From the day one of the discussion, the scope of the project should be clear to both client and development team, more so, if it’s a big project that’s tied into seasonal campaigns. It’s fairly common for deadlines to suffer if the changes are introduced mid-way through the development. That’s why a good understanding of the project right from the start is more desirable. While finalizing the deadline, keep all the things like testing, app store submission in consideration.

Q3. What Is The Business Objective Of This App?

At the time of android app development New York, all parties should be clear about its business objective and the plans client has to make it successful after the launch. Ask them questions such as how this app would increase the workflow efficiency? In case it’s a sales based app, look to understand how it will enhance the sales of the business associated?

Q4. What Is The Budget?


Defining the scope of the project is very important, as it can be helpful in determining the cost of the project. The client and development team should be on the same page in the arrangement of all the things to be provided within the range of budget previously agreed upon. Few SDKs are paid and server hosting is also paid. Managing backend with servers is is a wise decision as it’s easy to manage when app users increase. So, decide the budget with the client including or excluding all such aspects in app development.

Q5. Is There Any Specific Language In Which You’d Want Us To Write The Code?

Knowing the answers to these questions pre-development will ensure a smooth and Swift app development completed within the specified timeframe and satisfactory to the client’s requirements.

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