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Dubsmash – The New Revolution in Video Selfie Apps

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4296 Views | 2 min | Published On: May 31, 2017 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
steps to create a dubsmash like app

We’ve all been aware of the mimicking artists who are great at copying famous personalities’ voices and act them to great effect. Imagine if everyone could mimic the way they do? Well, Dubsmash comes quite close to making that a reality.Herein you could find tons of exciting and hilarious audio clips from various categories.

Once you’ve picked the audio, you’d need to record yourself singing or acting that audio clip.Once you’re done, a funny clip is created that is sure to give a laugh to your friends and acquaintances. People have absolutely come to love this app and with good reason.

Any smartphone user would be well-aware of the craze for selfies nowadays. Irrespective of your age-group or your occupation, it appears selfies are all the rage. Politicians, sporting icons or ordinary people, they’ve all taken a liking for selfies.The fact is Dubsmash creators realized this truth a long time ago, and they were well ahead of the game when designing their ‘smashing’ app. A video selfie app with lots of funny features has grabbed the mobile audience’s attention all across the globe.


Dubsmash Is a Game Changer In The Age Of Selfies

video selfie

If you’ve been wondering what luck would you have with a similar looking app, then take our word for it – you’ll have plenty of luck creating a Dubsmash like the app. The reason for that is the fun-factor. People are always looking for apps/software to have fun with as a pastime.

When they do get their hands on apps that deliver quality entertainment with an element of fun, they stick with them. What’s more, they let everyone in their circles know about it. As an app owner, you get the benefit of Word of Mouth Marketing. What more could you ask for?

We’re in no way suggesting that you go for a Dubsmash clone app. No, far from it, we don’t want you to get into any kind of legal troubles. You could look at Dubsmash as the perfect example of an entertainment app. With a myriad of categories and voices, there’s no end to the fun on Dubsmash.

There’s another factor that really plays to your advantage. People all over the world have gone crazy for taking selfie images. Dubsmash seems to go a step better and really takes the enjoyment and fun factor to the next level.


We Can Help Create Your Own Version Of Dubsmash


Apptunix is a premium mobile application development company. We’ve got an excellent team of business analysts, and mobile app developers who just can’t have enough fun creating mobile apps.

If you need any help creating a Dubsmash like the app, Apptunix is the place to be. Working on the core concept of Dubsmash and introducing additional features as per your business needs, we can create a fantastic app that will surely bring in manifold dividends back to you.

We create apps for all the major platforms, i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, and Hybrid. You only need to bring in your idea of a Dubsmash like the app, and we’ll take it from there to show you what it can look like.


So don’t waste any more time and get in contact with us to discuss your Dubsmash app idea in full detail.

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