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Create Your Own Restaurant App

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4642 Views | 2 min | Published On: May 22, 2017 Last Updated: November 15, 2019

Mobile technology has taken great strides in the last few years and seemingly all industries have been affected by it. One such industry is restaurant and food ordering.A huge increase in global population and multiculturalism has among other things brought to us a wide variety of cuisines.No wonder we come across scores of restaurants, each different in their taste, style, cuisines, and service.

Over time they attract a very loyal group of customers constantly frequenting their restaurants. But in the age of mobility, one always likes the option of getting served right on their doorstep. Hence the advent of restaurant apps.

Grafton Group

Grafton Group app was a great example of it. The app was designed to help tourists and visitors find famous restaurants near them.The images of the food and drink on offer and a fair bit of trivia were all inserted into the app. The app proved to be a great success.

Jamba Juice


Jamba Juice covering over 800 locations in 26 states of US along with a handful of other countries is another brilliant example in the context. Jamba Juice’s owner quite unequivocally stated that we’re witnessing a mobile revolution.

The restaurant industry is not exempt from it. Restaurant owners are left with no choice but to create their mobile apps to serve the majority of users and in a way, they like the most.

Zomato Restaurant Finder, Zomato Order


Zomato is said to be the most accomplished restaurant app. Initially, Zomato only had one app aimed at helping people find restaurants near them, have a look at their menu and reviews etc. The app became immensely popular.

But soon the people were asking for a food ordering app.Zomato-Food Order was the answer to that request. It allows people to search using restaurant names, cuisine, and prices. The two apps work independently of each other.

One doesn’t have to install one to get the other working or keep both apps updated to enjoy full functionality. The thing that both apps have in common is perhaps a fabulous User Experience.It’s a joy to explore these apps and all the things they’re capable of doing.

Thinking Of a Similar App?


Well if you have a restaurant app idea in mind, you can take inspiration from the aforementioned apps. Of course, your app could have its own design and feel based on the type of restaurant it’d be made for.


The question as to why you should have a mobile app can be answered through a simple fact that people have become too busy these days.Even though they do like to visit great restaurants occasionally, they always like to have an option wherein of looking up fine food on the go and deliver it to their doorstep. A restaurant app can serve exactly the same purpose.


How Can We Help?


Apptunix has been a top-draw mobile application development company for some time now and we’ve tried our hands at various famous app clones. Even if you just have the seed of an idea, we can help you visualize the whole tree that it can create.Whether you want a Zomato clone, or want to tinker about with some of its features, we can assure quality and support throughout the app development journey.

Contact us to discuss your restaurant app idea and we’ll tell you how to make the most out of it.

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