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Go-Jek Clone App Development Guide With Features And Costing Details

3954 Views | 6 min | Published On: July 16, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
gojek clone app development

In this blog, we will discuss how you can build a Go-Jek clone app and what are the key features of this super app. 

Let us start with a little introduction, for those who are not aware of the Go-Jek App. It was launched in 2010 by Nadiem Makarim. Go-Jek app offers a wide range of different services like food delivery, transportation, logistics, etc in a single app.  

It is an all-in-one on-demand app. Extremely liked by those who do not have too much time to explore new apps and services. They can get everything in one app with ease. 

Go-Jek clone app development is also profitable because investors do not have to pay huge amounts for different mobile app development separately. In a single app,  one can invest a handsome amount and can get the expected returns. It is one of the best and most user-friendly and investor-friendly apps. Such super apps bring revolution to the on-demand app industry. 

Now, if we talk about how this on-demand Go-Jek clone app development can benefit you?

When a user is frustrated and can’t get a solution for his need, then this super app acts as an encyclopedia. Where users can get answers to all their needs and problems.

There are too many services which Go-Jek app offers to its users. They aim to provide every comfort to the users through their app. This dedication for the users is the main reason for the popularity of the Go-Jek clone app.  If you also want to develop an app like Go-Jek and want to experience something new and great then contact the best app development company today.

Let us know more about the Go-Jek clone app development process in the blog further.

Why is Go-Jek Clone App Development A Good Business Idea?

Apps like Go-Jek are so popular among users because such apps provide everything in one go. From transportation or logistics to food delivery services, users can get solutions for every need. 

We can understand this concept with the example of malls. People now prefer shopping from malls rather than the local market because in malls they don’t have to roam much to find a particular item. Customers can get everything under one roof conveniently. 

Similarly, if a user can get all the services in a single app, then why would he go for other apps or options.

Apps like Go-Jek are more useful for users rather than managing separate apps for different services.

Sometimes don’t you wonder, that your mobile screen is covered with so many apps. But in reality, you only use a few of them. Have you ever thought, what if there would be a single app that can manage all your needs? 

Go-Jek app is one app that can do all-in-one tasks with a single click. Users are showing great interest in such super apps. 

If you provide users with something, like the Go-Jek clone app then it would be beneficial for the users. And if the app is loved by users then definitely you will be benefited too.  

There are very few super apps that are available on Google Play for the users.

Therefore, if you are planning to build an app like Go-Jek clone with great features and services then you must go for it without any second thought. The demand for super apps like Go-Jek is too high in the market. So don’t waste the time in thinking, get the free demo today.

build an app like gojek with experts

How Do Apps Like Go-Jek Make Money?

Every new business’s aim is to generate good revenue. Therefore in this section, we will see how you can make money with the Go-Jek clone app.

Right monetization strategy is very important for business so read the points given below carefully. These points will help you to understand the business model of the Go-Jek clone app:

Business Commission

Gojek offers its services to different businesses and helps them to make more sales. They offer operations to these businesses and in return get a commission from them. 

Companies need to pay some commission for every successful sale or order they make or take through the Go-Jek app. 

Customer Fee

With the Go-Jek app, customers can find everything in one place. All the relevant services are available on Go-Jek, therefore customers feel comfortable while using this app. And, as customers are so dependent on the app, Go-Jek started taking a commission from the customers in the form of a subscription fee.  

Your Go-Jek clone app will be new in the market so it will be good if initially, you do not charge users any fee. But once your app is popular you can charge users and can ask for a subscription fee. You have to be wise while deploying any monetization strategy. 

Delivery Commission

Now comes the delivery agents, they have to pay some part of their payment which they receive from the customers for every successful delivery. The delivery agent has to pay some amount to the Go-Jek in the form of commission.

This is how Go-Jek makes money, similarly, you can use any of the monetization strategies for your app to earn good revenue.

What Are The Key Features Of The Go-Jek Clone App?

In this part, we will tell you about the features that can be integrated into the Go-Jek clone app. Features of the app are a very important part. 

You should pay attention to this part as the cost of the app depends on the number and type of features you add to your app. Basic features will cost you less whereas advanced and more features will raise the cost of the app. 

Below we have mentioned the basic features which will make your Go-Jek clone app more user-friendly and budget-friendly.

key features of go-jek clone app
  • Login

Quick sign-in for users with the help of their email id or social media accounts. With this feature, user can have their own account on the app and can manage payments, orders, and other important things directly through the account.

  • GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is useful for users when they have to track their orders.

Delivery agents can use it for tracking the address of the customer. With the help of GPS, delivery agents can save energy and can make the delivery at the right time.

  • Multi-Language Support

Make your app available for users in different languages for a better experience. If users can access the app in their native language then it will be easier for them to comprehend its features and utility.

  • Schedule Booking

Allow users to schedule the delivery of their order as per availability. For example, if the person is not available to take the order in the morning, they can reschedule their delivery for the evening or when they are available. This will make your app more user-friendly and convenient.

  • Push Notification

Provide order confirmation and other information through this feature. Any offer or latest information related to the app can be provided to the user through the Push-notification.

  • Payment Options  

Do not constrict your users with limited payment mode options. Provide all modes of payment to the users. Allow users to pay through credit card, debit card, cash, e-wallet, etc. 

Process Involved In Go-Jek Clone App Development

Steps involved in Go-Jek clone app development are discussed below. There is a complete process that needs to be followed to launch the app successfully. We have mentioned a step-wise process to explain to you how to build a Go-Jek clone app.

process of gojek clone app development

Choose Tech Stack

It is very important to choose the latest and advanced software or tech stack for app development. To compete with the current challenges of the market and technology. 

When you hire a mobile app development company make sure they use modern technology for app development. With modern and advanced tech stack the chances of glitches are less and the app runs smoothly.  

Design and Development

Now, it is time to select the right UX/UI designer and developers for your Go-Jek clone app. Who can design and develop your app as you expected.

The design of the app must be unique and attractive so that it can get the user’s attention immediately.

Developing and designing of the app is again a crucial step for app development. So be selective when you choose designers and developers for your app

Testing and Launch

Now finally comes the testing part and then launching. The testers test the app and resolve the issue by removing the bugs. They check that the app works smoothly and users do not face any glitches while accessing the app. 

Debugging technical glitches is very important so that you can provide your users with the best functioning app. 

Now when testing of the app is done, it is time to launch the app for users. Do promotions and advertise your app. So that users can be aware of the availability of the app. You can choose any platform for the promotions as per your budget.

Cost Estimation For Go-Jek Clone App Development

Which app development company you are choosing, what advanced technology you would like to integrate into your app etc. These are a few factors that are responsible for raising the cost of your Go-Jek clone app development. 

cost estimation for go-jek clone app

App development costs also vary from company to company. Every mobile app development company has its own standards and principles to offer. 

At Apptunix we offer the best Go-Jek clone app development solutions at really affordable prices. Our services are trusted by our clients and we bet you to try us for your Go-Jek clone app project and experience the difference. Contact us today for a free demo.

Wrapping Up

Have you ever wondered, there are so many apps available on our mobile but we use only a few of them? Such unused apps are not just occupying space in your mobile but also disturb you with the notification and messages.

Therefore, to avoid such things, the Go-Jek clone app is helpful. In a single app, users can get access to various services. It is really helpful for today’s tech-driven generation who want everything just in one click. Users are showing major likeness towards such super apps. Developing a Go-Jek clone app is a good option if we consider today’s users’ demands. 

App development is not an easy task, it requires a lot of research and knowledge. If you want to have a successful and bug-free app then you must trust the experts. To go ahead with the Go-Jek clone app development business, contact the best mobile app development company.

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