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Why Is Courier Delivery App Development Beneficial For Your Business?

4615 Views | 1 min | Published On: July 20, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
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The convenience of customers has been redefined with the development of various on demand applications, courier delivery app development being one of them. This started when Uber spread its wings over multiple industries like food delivery, transportation, etc. 

The courier delivery industry has also experienced a revolution due to the availability of these on demand services. The times where food delivery and online shopping is trending, it’s time that courier delivery services also excel. To do that, you must start planning courier delivery app development for your business with excellent features and an advanced technology stack.

In this blog, you will learn why a courier app is important for your business to excel in the marketplace and what factors you must consider in the development process. To know more, keep reading.

Market Trends Of Courier Delivery App Development

Before you start with the development process of your courier delivery app, you must know what is trending in the market with the respect to the industry. Here are some of the insights on the market trends of courier delivery applications:

  • In 2020, the sales of courier delivery increased by 12% reaching 12.6 billion Euros. The volume of sales has increased by 14% since 2018.
  • The Global Courier, Parcel and Express markets are expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.77% between 2018-2022.
  • Total revenue of $325 billion was generated in 2019 which is 3.1% more than the amount in 2014.
  • The markets of Parcel, Express and Global Courier are expected to reach $400 billion by 2024.
  • The courier or parcel delivery industry is approximated to grow at a rate of 17% per annum.

Business Models Of Courier Delivery App Development

When it comes to courier delivery app development, there are many business models that one can choose from. You must pick the one that is suitable for your business and that helps your business to grow. A few of those business models are described below:

Courier & Postal Service app

The business that has realised how important a mobile application is for the growth of their business are being benefitted today. Courier delivery corporations like FedEx and DPD use excellent business models in their mobile applications to get the parcels delivered to their customers’ doorstep.

The former also offers a separate smartphone application for same-day delivery. Similarly, the latter includes a full-fledged client administration panel. This panel enables them to create shipments as well as generate labels for the parcels.

Package Tracking Aggregators

In this business model, the information from all the courier service providers is collected in one place. The company would need courier delivery app development services for only one mobile app as the carrier is not much important here.

The items or packages to be delivered can be added to the mobile app using the specific IDs. Also, the functionality of push notifications will keep the users updated on the delivery status of their package.

Branded Delivery & Merged Solutions

This business model includes the companies that have tracking features for the users’ orders. Some online shops will additionally give a comprehensive range of successful delivery options. The most significant benefit of utilising this application is that the client can see if the product is ready to be dispatched, has been despatched, or has been delivered.

Many merchants utilise branded package delivery applications to achieve a competitive advantage by delivering transparency and convenience to their consumers.

Courier Delivery In Uber-Like Marketplace

Uber has not only conquered the on demand taxi business but also various other industries with excellent business models. Uber for courier delivery is one of the successful business models in the marketplace. 

The previous Uber for X firms have a history of upsetting conventional or established business models across sectors, thus an Uber-like courier service business might be a tremendous success.

Courier Delivery App Development Benefits

The business around the world is moving forward with courier delivery app development services to welcome growth. Digital innovation will help in the facilitation of an excellent delivery process for your courier delivery business. On demand apps for courier delivery not only reduce the workload but also help the business move in the right direction.

courier delivery app development benefits

Here are some benefits of courier delivery app development that will help your business grow in the marketplace:

Seamless Online Booking

This functionality will enable the customers to book the pickup and delivery details for their parcel efficiently. In addition, customers may view the tariff rate for online courier delivery from their new location to the destination. As a result, they didn’t have to worry about the price.

Real-Time Tracking

Previously, firms would communicate with the shipment’s driver to determine the status of the packages. They may, however, simply do this activity using an on-demand app by scanning the barcode of a certain courier or utilising an in-app GPS. Also, the users of your courier delivery app will be able to track their parcels in real-time. 

Multiple Payment Methods

In today’s generation users prefer the method of payment that is secure, easy and quick. Make sure in the courier delivery app development process you integrate a standard payment gateway. This will help your users to make transactions using plastic cards, online payment, net banking, etc. 

The online payment function also allows you to monitor and control all of your transactions, removing the worry of late or unsuccessful payments.

Excellent Fleet Management 

An on-demand delivery app solves this problem by keeping all of the data needed for fleet management. It puts precise information about everything in your hands, from tracking the routes of every vehicle to the driver’s data.

Push Notifications

If the drivers encounter any problems throughout the journey, the app will immediately alert you. Furthermore, by sending push notifications, you can keep your clients up to date on every stage of your delivery services, such as order received, pick up, in process, sent, and delivered, and so on. Customers will feel more appreciated if they are kept up to date.

Warehouse Management

Another important aspect of a courier service is warehouse management. With a few clicks, you can quickly know the location of your stored goods and follow the status of each warehouse using an app.

Reduced Paperwork

Every product you offer comes with a mountain of documentation that is difficult to manage. An on-demand courier app, on the other hand, dramatically saves paperwork by saving every piece of product details and tracking it until it is delivered. As a result, a mobile app automates everything while also saving a significant amount of money on stationary.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be your top aim regardless of the type of business you run. An on-demand courier delivery app allows clients to book packages from any place and guarantees that they have no problems when using your services.

Furthermore, numerous payment options, as well as tracking capabilities, make things easier for clients and offer them a sense of pleasure. If you include a review and evaluation option, you will get familiar with the elements of your delivery process that need to be improved.

Eminent Factors To Consider For Courier Delivery App Development

Courier delivery app development is not enough to ensure success as a courier service firm. To make your business profitable, you must also consider several other variables.

Mobile App Marketing

The launch of your courier delivery app will not be enough. You should promote your mobile app on various social media platforms, television, print media, etc. This will help you in generating curiosity among the users.

Relations With Target Audience

It is crucial to know your target audience. Apart from courier delivery app development, you must make powerful customer relationships. You can ask the customers for their feedback and reviews on the services received for the betterment of your firm.

Customer Traction With Offers

You can attract new consumers by offering enticing promotions and deals. You must analyse and consider what types of offerings might appeal to your target demographic.

Feedback Review

Feedback is critical since it allows you to see all of your backlogs in terms of customer service. To keep developing, you must act on every user input right away.

Essential Features Of Courier Delivery App Development

The features and functionalities of courier delivery app development determine how the app will function in the marketplace. Here are some of the essential features that a courier delivery app must have:

courier delivery app development features
  • Admin Chat: This feature will allow the admin of the app to chat with the users and delivery agent to provide better quality service and deliver customer satisfaction. This will also initiate effective communication. 
  • Premium Delivery: Users will be able to request faster delivery with this feature. To initiate premium delivery, users should pay some amount of money.
  • Packaging Options: With this functionality, the user may additionally request packaging. The packaging function guarantees that the user’s product is properly wrapped to avoid damage during shipment. The cost of packing might vary depending on the size of the item.
  • Real-time Tracking: This is the most important aspect of courier delivery app development. This helps track the customer’s location and parcel for driver agents and customers respectively.
    It delivers huge customer satisfaction as the user knows where the package is and approximately when it will be delivered to the given location. It also allows the admin to assign driver agents to the parcels according to their location. 
  • Push Notification: Push notifications allow consumers to receive real-time information on the progress of their deliveries directly from the app. These push alerts notify users of the present time of delivery, the expected time of delivery, and any changes in the route or date of delivery.
  • Payment Gateway: Various modes of payment should be included in the courier delivery app development process. Users should be able to pay via any method they like including online methods, net banking, plastic cards, etc. safely.
  • Ratings & Reviews: This feature allows the client to rate and review the service based on their experience. Ratings and reviews are vital elements since they allow you to evaluate your services.
  • Offers & Discounts: Rewards and offers are an excellent method to attract consumers while also showcasing your business. Personalized incentives make your customers feel unique, which improves customer loyalty.

How Much Does Courier Delivery App Development Cost?

For determining the cost of courier delivery app development, you must ensure to take all the factors that affect the cost into consideration. Below are some of those factors mentioned:

  • There will be an amount that you have to pay to hire the best mobile app development company to build your courier delivery app.
  • The platform that you choose to build your app, affects the cost of development. You can choose the platform – iOS or Android, according to the requirement of your app.
  • You will have to pay for the marketing services after the launch of your courier delivery app. Lucky for you, Apptunix offers free marketing plans for your business
  • The functionalities you want your app to perform also determines the cost of development. Advanced the features, more will be the cost.
  • If you want to get an MVP developed or a fully-fledged application, both determine the cost.
  • The technology stack that is used in the courier delivery app development process plays a huge role in cost estimation. Advanced technologies cost more than basic ones.


Today’s generation is technologically advanced. Even if you have a courier delivery business or a food delivery business, you must be updated with the trends and technologies of today. You must be clear about the functionality of your courier delivery app. 

If you are planning to get a courier delivery app developed, you should reach to a good mobile app development company to get started with the process.

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