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Google Photos Will Now Let You Search for Text in Your Pictures

4172 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 28, 2019 Last Updated: October 1, 2019
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Google Photos already has a number of helpful automatic tagging features that let you search every image you’ve taken – may it be of a dog, a flower or a car – with just a simple search. However, now, after a few eagle-eyed Google photos’ users spotted another tremendous feature in the app, Google has announced that Photos is getting the capacity to search for pictures based on the content captured in the same.

On Twitter’s official account of Google Photos, the team announced that its new text search feature will roll out this month, with some fortunate users already having access to the same as of now. 

How Does The Text Search Feature Work?

Just after a user uploads the pictures to the cloud, Google utilizes on-screen character recognition (OCR) to scan the photographs and then label them with the related text. Then, whenever a user searches for an image of a business card or receipt, he/she can simply search  the name of the business to find the same picture, rather than looking through hundreds or thousands of pictures and searching manually.

Not only in the Android app, but the feature will also be available on iOS and web app as well. Google says the feature is going to launch this month, so it must be available to all users by the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned with Apptunix for the latest tech updates and news!

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