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SensorTower Says It Is Now Easier For Non-Game Mobile Apps to Top the App Stores

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4200 Views | 2 min | Published On: August 27, 2019 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
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As per a new research by Sensor Tower – an app store intelligence firm – it has become easier for non-game mobile apps over the past few years to achieve the top ranking.

The firm found that the number of daily downloads that are needed for a non-game app in the iPhone app store USA to rank at No. 1 position decreased from 136K to 90K in 2018. However, they are increased by just 4% this year, the firm thinks that it is easy for non-game apps to get ranked at No. 1 in app store as compared to games.

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The Reason Behind it?

Sensor Tower says that the U.S. market for the top messaging and social media apps is now saturated because number of downloads for top performing apps like Messenger and Facebook are decreasing over time.

The firm also added that no other apps were more successful that Bitmoji and Snapchat in the year 2016 and 2017. Where Messenger got 5 million installs in US app store in November 2016, Snapchat and bitmoji passed the number in the month of August of the same year.

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Also, no other non-game app was able to cross even 3.5 million installs in a  single month since March 2017.

The decrease in the number of downloads required for non-games apps to get rankings in Play Store was even more significant. The average downloads decreased by 65% for non-game applications in Play Store. 

On the Apple App Store, the number of downloads required to top the rankings on any day in 2019 for any game app were 174,000 where just 94,000 for any non-game app.

Coming in the Top 10

While topping the ranking has become easier for non-game apps, coming in the list of top 10 has become a bit difficult. The installs required to come in top 10 has increased by 11% for non-games apps – from 44K in 2016 to 49K in 2019.

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So, that was all about the stats depicted by Sensor Tower. If you are planning to make a non-game app now-a-days, it is the best time for you to launch it. Don’t give it a second thought and get it developed ASAP. For more insights, contact us.

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