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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an EV Software in 2023?

386 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 12, 2023 Last Updated: December 27, 2023
top EV charging management software development company

Needless to say, governments from around the world are pretty aggressive in promoting Electric Vehicles (EVs). And why not so when EVs have emerged as a promising alternative to conventional gasoline vehicles? They have shown a silver lining amid ever-increasing pollution and global warming.

If we go with Mckinsey & Company, there could be more than 48 million EVs on the road by 2030 in the US alone. Now with the increase in the number of EVs, there will definitely be a surge in the demand for EV Charging Management Software.

As per the report, there will be a requirement of 30 million chargers in the US alone out of which 1.2 million would be public chargers and the rest will be installed at residences. This means EV charge management software can prove to be a win-win strategy.

So if you are planning to dive into the EV market and want to develop EV software you are on the right track.

The next question is, what is the cost to develop EV software?

Well, this blog on the same will raise the curtains on how much you have to invest in EV charging management solutions. So, let’s dive in.

Why Develop an EV Software?

Before moving on to the cost, it is essential to know what EV software is all about, which function it performs, what is the current market scenario, and why you should invest in EV charging software.

In simple words, EV software is a blend of computer systems and programs that are used to maintain and control various functions and components of an EV. It helps to maintain and control the charging system, battery, motor, etc. In other words, it is responsible for optimizing the efficiency and performance of the vehicle. Needless to say, EV software is essential for the proper functioning of EV vehicles.

Moreover, If we go with a report from Globe Newswire, the global EV charging station market can reach 239.62 billion USD by 2031 at a CAGR of 30.94% (2023-2031). Apart from this, in 2021, the number of publicly available charging stations worldwide was around 1.777 million, but by the end of 2022, this number rises to about 2.8 million.

EV software Market Overview

This means the EV charging software industry is going to take a sudden boom. So now, that you are aware of what the future holds, let’s move on to the overall development cost.

Top 5 Factors Affecting the Cost of EV Charging Management Software

Before coming to the development cost, it is essential to know the factors that decide the overall price of an EV charging app development. Well, the total cost varies as per complexity, the hourly rate of developers, the app platform, as well as other such factors. To make it easier for you, here are some major factors that affect the overall cost.

factors affecting the EV charging management software development cost

1.App Platform

Needless to say, you are required to be sure whether you want to go with an iOS app, an Android app, or both. This is so because the iOS app will cost you less in comparison to the Android app. Android apps take time to build because they have to run on multiple devices thus demanding more customization and coding languages.


By complexity, it means the uniqueness you want in your app as per your requirement. Needless to say, if you want top-notch features it will consume more time and resources. The EV charging app development company will have to deploy more certified experts and have to use advanced technology. This will definitely raise the development cost.

Coming to features there are some essential ones apart from the add-on features you can go with. When it comes to the essential features the list is as follows

  • Account creation, login, and password management
  • Lists of chargers (add, update, remove)
  • Battery charging status, usage patterns, and history in real-time
  • In-App and mobile notifications
  • Reservation of a time slot for charging at the closest stations
  • Assistance in creating the quickest route possible to save charging and travel expenses
  • Numerous cutting-edge and digital payment choices
  • Analytics and diagnostics for reporting errors
  • Set up favorite destinations, charging stations, chargers, etc. with the filter
  • Plug-in and schedule charging timer
Best EV charging management software development company

Tech Stack Used by Apptunix

Needless to say, apart from features, the right tools and technologies are essential in building EV software from scratch, and it directly affects the overall development cost. We at Apptunix never compromise with technology. Here are the complete details of the tech stack we prefer.

Tech Stack for EV charging management software

Note: The Tech-Stack can change as per specific requirements.

3.UI/UX Design

If you want robust EV charging station software, you are required to incorporate seamless UI/UX design. This will not only help with user engagement but with retentivity too. Whether it’s typography, color combination, content, CTA button placements, optimization, branding, and so on, all these are going to play a major role in attracting the audience.

So if you want all these elements intact, you will have to invest more as compared to a simple design with no visual appeal.

Bonus Read: Electric Vehicle Software Development – A Comprehensive Guide

4.Team Size

This is where you have to decide whether you want to go with freelancers or a dedicated EV charging app development company. Although going with freelancers will reduce the overall development cost by a considerable margin, when it comes to coordination and effective communication between different persons sitting in different locations, this strategy can backfire, resulting in a waste of time, money, and effort.

But in the case of an EV app development company, the process is streamlined and all experts work together as a team while taking your feedback on a timely basis. Needless to say, here the team size will be larger and so will the cost. But in the end, it is the quality that matters to users.

5.Location of the EV Charging App Development Company

Needless to say, the location of the EV charging app development agency is going to play a crucial role in the overall development cost. This is so because the hourly rate of developers, designers, and other experts varies, as per the region. If we talk about UAE you may have to pay $60-$65 / hr. This cost is somewhat around $95-$100 / hr in the US, $80-$90 / hr in Western Europe, and $25-$40 / hr in Asia.

Note: Hidden Cost – Apart from the EV app development cost, you may have to spend 15-20% of the overall development cost on updates and maintenance of the app on a yearly basis. This will help you stay ahead of your competitors.

Cost to Develop an EV Software in 2023

Well, after going through the parameters you must have understood when it comes to the final cost, it can only be decided once you share your requirements. But to give you a rough idea, the market cost of EV Software development in 2023 is as follows.

EV charging management software development cost
EV charging management app development cost

Join Hands With Apptunix to Rule the EV Software Industry

If we go with a study conducted by grand view research, the EV charging solution market can reach 217.06 Billion USD by 2030 from 19.67 billion USD in 2022, rising at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 30.6% from 2022 to 2030. This means there are numerous opportunities to earn good ROI. All you need is a seasoned EV charging app development company like Apptunix that has a certified team of experts capable of offering a robust white-label software suite that puts customizability and robustness at the forefront.

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