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9 Tips to Hire the Top Android App Development Company in Dubai

434 Views | 2 min | Published On: June 7, 2023 Last Updated: July 7, 2023
A Android app development company in Dubai

Mobile devices have surpassed desktop devices in terms of usage. Today, users get to enjoy everything at the convenience of their mobile devices, may it be ordering food, dating, or buying clothing and footwear.

The golden age of computers has come to a conclusion with the emergence of mobile technology resulting in a surge in smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

According to Statista, mobile apps will generate more than $542 billion in revenue in 2023, which will increase to over $732 billion by 2027. Thus, developing an app is an excellent idea for a business.

mobile app revenue 2021-2027

Mobile devices are dominated by two operating systems, namely Android and iOS. The Android market is bigger than iOS, and thus several businesses are looking to develop an Android app.

If you’re seeking the best Android app development company in Dubai then you’ve reached the right place. Here, we will provide you with tips to ensure you hire the best Android app developers, but before let’s know why creating an Android app is good for your business.

Why Build an Android App?

Today, mobiles are preferred over desktops for accessing the internet, and Android is the leading mobile operating system. You can understand its importance by looking at the figure below:

Android app stats

Thus, we can see why more and more businesses are trying to capitalise on the Android app market by developing and releasing apps on the Play Store.

Once you’ve developed your Android app, you can follow different mobile application monetisation models to generate revenue. These usually include advertisement, affiliate marketing, and in-app purchases.

Check out our detailed guide on how to monetize your mobile app.

Tips to Find the Best Android App Development Company in Dubai

Dubai has become an immensely lucrative destination to do business. Here are some tips to find the best Android app development company in Dubai:

Tips to find the best app development company in Dubai

1.Developer Clear and Concise App Development Requirements

The first step towards developing an intuitive mobile app is to clearly understand your requirements. You need to write them down precisely before heading out to search for the best Android app development company in Dubai.

This includes the features that you need in your mobile app, business goals, targeted audience, and business vision.

2.Clear Communication Ability

Communication ability is important to effectively communicate and understand what a business owner wants in their mobile app. The developer must have good communication ability to keep the business owner informed at every stage of Android app development.

Unclear communication can result in hesitation in conveying your requirements clearly to the developer. Therefore, it is essential to look for an Android developer who can clearly communicate their requirements to you and understand your instructions well.

3.Development Company Portfolio

Another thing that you can do to ensure that you’re hiring a trusted mobile app developer in Dubai is by going through the portfolio. Usually, a development company’s portfolio includes projects that it has completed in the form of case studies.

In addition to telling you the kind of projects the mobile app development company has accomplished so far, it also tells you the tech stack it uses and its approach to problem-solving.

You can do basic research on the past projects of the company to know more about the solutions that it has developed, such as how it is helping the business to expand their presence and how it improved a business’ ROI.

In case you fail to find the portfolio of the organisation on its website, which is rare, you can request the same.

4.Gauge the Extent of Technical Ability

You should ensure that the development company that you’re looking forward to hiring to develop your Android application has knowledge, experience, and skill in all the latest and popular technologies.

A mobile app development company has the necessary technical skills to ensure the creation of an attractive and productive mobile application for Android.

Although it isn’t necessary for management to have technical knowledge, management with some technical knowledge makes risk management easier and makes the sales process a breeze.

5.Go Through Reviews and Testimonials

You must go through the reviews left by clients and employees. This will give you some idea about the kind of experience that you can expect by hiring an Android app developer.

Google Search is the place to start looking for user reviews. You can then check out the company’s profiles on leading business listing platforms like AppFutura, Clutch, GoodFirms, and Glassdoor.

6.Mobile App Security

Although we have progressed a lot when it comes to internet and web connectivity, the risk of potential vulnerabilities in software and applications being exploited by cyber criminals and hackers has also increased.

Consequently, it is highly advised to follow mobile application security best practices during mobile app development to ensure the high-level security of your Android mobile application.

You need to hire a mobile application developer in Dubai who can assure you of top-level security of your app, which saves it from becoming a soft target for people with ill intent.

7.Organization Size

Another important factor that you can use to check whether an Android app development company in Dubai is worthy or not is its size. That’s because the bigger the company, the more chances of having a variety of mobile app developers.

A small company, usually, has overburdened developers that have to work on different projects simultaneously. In such a case, you can’t expect them to dedicatedly work on developing your mobile application, and innovation goes out of the window.

The results can vary from overly delayed deliverables to subpar app quality. Thus, you need to factor in the team size while choosing a mobile app development company.

8.Pricing Details and Delivery Timeline

You need to request quotes from your shortlisted options before making the final pick for the Android app development company.

Next, compare the quotes, the services, and the delivery time that each of them offers. Each day, new apps are joining the Play Store to give a run for money to already established businesses. Hence, you need to launch your app as soon as possible.

In addition to choosing an Android developer that not only balances requirements with budget but also delivers the app on or before time.

9.Support and Maintenance

Developing an app is just half the work done. App maintenance is a continuous process that goes on for the entire lifetime of the application.

Application maintenance simply involves the process of releasing regular updates to fix the existing issues in the mobile app, add new features and security fixes, capitalise on the latest trends, and so on.

Thus, it is important to check how well the Android app developer provides support and maintenance services for the developed application before making the call.

The Best Android App Development Company in Dubai at Your Service

The above-mentioned points will help you ensure you hire the most suitable Android app development company in Dubai for building your mobile application.

A good mobile application development company will develop a clear understanding of your app requirements before providing you with quote and timeline details.

We agree that hiring the best mobile app development company can be a strenuous task. Thus, you can save the hassle by hiring Apptunix, which is a leading mobile app developer in Dubai.

Apptunix professionals have a diverse range of experience working with different mobile application development projects in Dubai and across the globe.


Dubai has become a leading destination for businesses looking to enter the rapidly growing MENA (Middle East and North Africa) market. Among the different forms of business, IT is a lucrative option.

If you’re looking to develop and launch your Android app for your business in Dubai then you can hire the best Android app development company in Dubai by following this guide.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1.Which is the best programming language for Android app development?

Both Java and Kotlin are the best programming languages to use for developing Android apps. While Java is the leading OOPS programming language, Kotlin is a modern programming language based on Java developed specifically for Android app development.

Q 2.What are some best practices in Android app development?

Avoiding deep levels in layouts, choosing the most suitable development method, keeping coding style consistent, maintaining high code quality, using Android documentation, and keeping your Gradle updated and using the latest plugin for Android are some best practices in Android app development.

Q 3.How to make an Android app?

You need to use Android Studio and then choose to develop the programming language between Java and Kotlin. Both are object-oriented programming languages that are interchangeable with one another because of their interoperability.

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