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How Much Will It Cost to Make a Car Rental App Like Turo?

5741 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 12, 2019 Last Updated: December 28, 2023
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Since their inception, car rental has been the favorite choice of many travelers around the globe. 

The trends in car rental industry will shape the journey of car rental organizations in the years to come. The apps like Turo and Hertz are now a trend in numerous cities and are working hard to grow their revenues and reach, especially in the USA. 

In global comparison for the year 2019, the revenue generated by car rental companies in the USA was the highest amounting to US$21,783M. Also, the market size of car rental business is developing consistently if you see the history. 

There is no uncertainty that various car rental applications like Turo are as of now flourishing in the market and are making millions every year. But, the revenue state of the market is sharp to such an extent that there are clear indications of enough opportunities in the pool to set up a sustainable business.

So, if you are planning to make an on-demand car rental app like Turo – Go Ahead – people are waiting for you. But, first, do a bit of research on how these kinda apps work and how much money do you need to create such an app.

To get an answer to the same, let’s first understand the working of car rental apps:

How Car Rental Apps Like Turo Work?

Turo work as a peer-to-peer car renting company. In such a business model, the owner of the car gives the car on rental basis to the user, who uses the vehicle for a particular timeframe and gives the vehicle back to the owner. The application comes with several features to make it more easy to use and engaging. Here is how these kinda apps work:

How Car Rental Apps Like Turo Work
  • Users can sign up with Google, Facebook or Email in-app. Then the app confirms their identity and eligibility before approving the request.

  • After approval of profile, a user can select their preferred car from a vast selection of unique, locally-owned cars.

  • Once the booking is confirmed by the car owner, the users can pick it from the owner’s location or can meet the owner at a location suitable for both.

  • Users can start the ride after showing the license to the owner. And can enjoy for a few days or a few weeks before returning the car to the owner.

So, that’s all about the working of apps like Turo. The driver app for Turo works the same way, they get requests, accept or deny it and hand over the car to the customers – safely and securely. Along with it, these apps also have an admin panel for app owners using which admin can control all the operations.

Now that we know how apps like Turo work, let’s have a look on must-have features for developing an app like Turo.

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8 Must-Have Features For Developing Car Rental Apps like Turo

8 Must Have Features For Developing Car Rental Apps like Turo

To shape your ideas and give you all the more understanding of the things, let’s find out the necessary features without which your car rental apps like turo will not be able to survive. So, here we go:

1. User Accounts

Since you are making an application for users, the user account has to be there. It will contain not just the personal information of users but also the details about the driver’s license, payment details, and address of the users. It should also save data about all past rentals and current reservations.

It is much more convenient for users to enter the payment information and other data only once, instead of repeating it over and over again.

2. Check Availability

The car rental apps like turo  should list just the cars that are available. So that when a person checks for cars that are at present accessible for the ride, they could get a rundown of all the cars that they can lease quickly or would be accessible for the days they are planning. This feature would enable clients to know which vehicles are accessible and which ones are most certainly not.

3. Car Booking

This should be made simple as well. For example, when you need to book a car, the process should be simple and plain. Much the same as hailing a taxi, you should add your basic details, for example, pickup, the count of hours you need the vehicle for, and the destination where you want to travel. The available cars should be listed, and you should just tap on book now to get the car.

4. Ride Scheduling

The app should enable users to schedule a car rental by simply adding the date and time of the day when they are planning a trip. This will enable them to book the cars ahead of the time.

5. Real-Time Tracking

You should have the option to track the car and where it is located at once with the assistance of the application. This would enable you to know the complete time the car  will take to arrive at your location, and how long before you begin your journey.

The real-time map view will enable users to watch out for the vehicle and its movements. They will know where the car is going, and whether it is in good shape or not.

6. Easy Payments

You should acquaint your app with various payment methods to pay and get paid easily. Multiple payment gateways will encourage simple and dynamic payments. The notification of payments should be sent to both the parties included so that they can easily track the payments and earnings. There should be complete history available of all the payments sent and received, and the absolute profit. This will help both the parties.

7. Detail Page

Before renting any car, the users should have access to all the information about the car. For this reason alone, the car owner should list the condition of the car in detail and should have the option to give out an abstract of how the car operates and what extra care the user will have to take while riding. Therefore, a detail page is crucial for all the cars listed.

8. Map Points

The car rental application should show map points to the closest and available gas stores and different spots that you have to take your car to when on a trip. This will enable you to identify the main areas without assistance.

Admin Panel

It is a crucial part which will assist you in managing all operations running in-app. An admin panel is crucial to see every one of the reservations, the profits, send alerts and manage issues.

These are some crucial features needed to make a car rental application like Turo. We call the development of such a product – MVP – Minimum Viable Product. However, there are a hell lot of features that you can add in your car rental app, the ones mentioned above are the crucial ones.

Now that you know the essential features of car rental apps like turo, let’s put some spotlight on tech stack you should use to develop such an app.

Must-Have Technologies for Turo like App Development

To build up a robust car rental application, it is fundamental to select the right technology stack which can meet the diverse business needs. Only the right technology can keep you car rental application alive in the hyper-competitive marketplace. Here is the tech stack we recommend to make an application like Turo:

Must Have Technologies for Turo like App Development

Now that we know all the essential features of a car rental application and the tech stack that supports the working of such an app, the time has come to look at the most significant part – The Cost to Make an App like Turo.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an app like Turo?

The development cost of a car rental application relies upon the services or features that you need to incorporate in the mobile application. Also, it relies on where the application is being developed. After examining the different parameters, we came to the final result that the application would cost around $20,000.

However, if you want to create an application for both platforms – iOS and Android alongside some high-end features, and technologies, including all panels, at that point it will cost around $35,000 – $40,000.

If you are searching for the best car rental app development company to change your idea into reality, connect with us. We can build the ideal solution for you, without compromising on the technology, quality, and the deadline.

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