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How Quixey Search Engine Fails To Become A Successful App

4164 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 1, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
search engine app

This is a search app which is used to search the details of the app, it helps in searching for the other apps in depth. Quixey search engine is responsible for providing you the detailed knowledge about the reviews, availability and other feedbacks of the product or the item on the other website. For instance, take Nike shoes and when you search it on Quixey search engine. It will provide you with the deep knowledge about the product and what is the availability of the product on other apps and sites. It helps in deep researching of the product or service of anything. The objective of this Quixey  was to give users entire knowledge or information of the product and their services on a single platform.

The problem with the Quixey began when they collaborated with Alibaba. The things went wrong when Alibaba tricked the Quixey and involved others into the business as well. And now Quixey have to give the report weekly instead of quarterly. Which made things difficult for the Quixey search engine and got into legal problems with Alibaba for breaching the agreement. Therefore all these legal things made the situation difficult for Quixey to sustain. Brought the capital low and eventually results in collapsing the app. 

best app development team to solve technical glitch

How To Make An App Like Quixey Search Engine Successful?

how to make quixey search engine successful

Choose Experienced Technical Team

A skilled technical team is the main thing behind every successful app. If you choose the best technical stack then nothing can challenge the functioning of your app. A great technical team needs developers, testers and UI/UX designers. All these three work in coordination to give a proper structure to your app. They work 24×7 so that users don’t face any problem while accessing the app. Hire best technical team for your app development business with Apptunix.

Availability Of App For Everyone

The second main reason which can make Quixey search engine type apps more popular. Make the app available on all devices and for all age groups. Your app must be such that it can serve any age group or if you are audience specific. Then work for the promotions of the pp accordingly. But making an app available for all devices is really very important. If the app is compatible with any operating system r device. Then it’s demand and popularity increases automatically. More and more people can use it and the number of users keep increasing day by day.

Keep The App Simple

Keeping the app simple is one of the best ways to make it successful. More complexities leads to many technical glitches. Simple app development not only suits developers but is also liked by users. By the simple app here we mean that, there should be a simple login process, features that could be easily understood and other functionalities of the apps are easily comprehended. If the purpose and the functions of the apps are clear to the users then it can never be liked by the users and it can never be a successful app.

Don’t Lose User’s Trust

This is the most important reason for the success of an app. If you can not take the trust of your users then nothing can remote your app. Any good promotion or advertisement can never get you users if you can’t make your user believe about your app’s properties and function. Because the very famous app “Auctionata” lost control and popularity among the users due to his reason. They can never win the trust of the users and slowly it went down and then crashed drastically. So always try to make your user’s query a priority and know  their need and then act accordingly.

Do Smart Investment

If we talk about Quixey search engine apps then the main reason for their fall down was the unplanned investment and collaboration. They have trusted and collaborated with wrong in order to receive more profit. But eventually ended up losing millions of invested. A smart investment is really very important for any app developer. If you are collaborating or sharing investment with other investors then always have an attentive mindset. Never trust your partner blindly. Plan it with wisdom. Quixey search engine can be saved from getting collapsed if their investors were smart and rather than being so money minded if they thought of saving the future of the app. Then Quixey search engine would never have collapsed so badly.

Basic Reasons For Online Apps Failure

reasons for quixey app failure

There are few reasons which always lead to app failure. In this part we will see some very basic reason which can lead to app failures. These points which are given below can be avoided with the help of expert developers and testers. Bu firstly let us see what are the basic reasons for app failure:

  • Unethical Hacking

Hacking is the worst thing which can be done with any app or website. There are many ethical hackers, who work for different organizations to serve the outcome but again there are few unethical hackers. Who hack the website or apps for their personal benefit and then copy or steal all the company data. This is illegal and if anyone found performing such practices then they have to face the consequence and have to deal with the legal charge. Unethical hacking is a crime and there are strict punishments and laws against such practices.

  • Code Errors

This is a technical glitch which can happen with any popular app. Coding error can occur while developing the app or even after the app is developed. Because technical glitch or bug can be found anytime. So to avoid such technical glitch one should hire the best app developer for their app development business. Because they can safely get you out of such issues. Therefore think of Apptunix for your any app development business.

  • Unavailability Of The Website

Another very random occurring technical problem. You might have seen many popular apps go down for a few hours or are not available sometimes. This happens because of this unavailability of the website. The reason could not be defined for this technical glitch as well. Because this is again related to technical things and it can face bugs or problem any time. To sort such a problem you need a dedicated team of testers and developers, who will work 24×7 for the smooth functioning of the app. When they work 24×7 then only the working of the app can be assured otherwise coding errors or technical problems can occur anytime without any prior notice. You always need to be ready to handle such situations.

  • Malware Attack

Malware attack is nothing but a virus or technical glitch which interferes with the functioning of the app. It can misbehave with the app availability to the users or sometimes this malware attack also breach the security of the app and delete or steal the data and confidential information of the organization or app. Which causes a lot of damage to the company and the app owner. This is really very sad and frustrating to face such a situation. But if you work with experienced app developers then these situations can be avoided very smartly and easily. Contact Apptunix to know more.

  • Domain Expiration

Just like the way we get our mobile or subscription renewed or recharged. Same is the case with apps also. App owners need to pay the maintenance fee to keep the app in working condition. If the subscription or maintenance fee is not paid, the app automatically stops working. The domain of the app expires and it becomes unavailable to the users. Even if you search for the app, you will not find it anywhere. So it is advisable to pay the subscription fee on time so that situations like domain expiration can be avoided.

Features Of A Successful App

features to make quixey search engine successful

There are features which can help Quixey search engines from collapsing. Not just Quixey but any app must have these basic features to save it from insolvency. Hence, few features are mentioned below which can help your app become user friendly. 

Unique Design

Design of your app makes it recognizable among other apps. If the design or the pattern of your app is unique then users easily get attracted to it. So designing is a very important part to consider while developing an app. Hire best UI/UX designers for your app development business. Be unique with the design of your app, be creative, but again don’t be over creative so that the main objective of the app cannot be understood by the user and your app remains just attractive but users find difficulty in understanding and using it.

Smart Plan

It is mentioned prior also that whenever you are starting any business. Be attentive and smart enough to judge its failure and success. If you are planning to start the app development business with the collaboration of other investors then in such cases you need to be extra attentive. Well this is more connected to finance and other things then you better hire a person who is expertise in finance and investment. This is where many apps went wrong, similarly Quixey search engine started with a great plan but later their collaboration with Alibaba made things difficult for their successful functioning. If Quixey search engine owners had keen eye on Alibaba’s act and opinions then they would have successfully saved their app from insolvency

Work On Budgeting

Again a finance related pointer. Working on budget means, divide your budget into sections. Like you need money for hiring a technical team, for promotion and advertisement and for future maintenance. These three sections are the most money demanding. So divide the budget of the app development into these three parts and then plan the further app development part. To know about the best discount offers and app development budget contact Apptunix.

Flexible Policies

There are policies and guidelines according to which an app run or any organization works. But these policies should not be that adamant, that it raises the situation like insolvency for the app owners and investors. Keep the policies flexible as per the users need and requirement. The Auctionata was a very flourishing online app but went down very badly. To read more about how auctionata failed click the link. Well, if we talk about Quixey search engine then even though they were flexible with their pixies yet Alibaba made things difficult for the owners.


This is a very important feature. If your app is not user friendly then nothing can promote your app. Always remember the app is for users and has to be developed as per their needs and preference. Your app should be integrated with such features and functions so that it is highly liked and used by the people worldwide. To learn about app development and how to integrate AI into your app to make it more user friendly click the link. Quixey search engine was very user friendly; it provided exact and adequate information to the user depending upon their search. It was really a very great idea to develop an app like Quixey search engine. But it was very unfortunate to see such apps fail so drastically.

Top Apps Which Failed Like Quixey Search Engine

top apps failed like quixey search engine

There are a number of apps which have gone down like Quixey search engine. Few of them are mentioned below. Let us know a few things about them.

1. Yik Yak

This was an anonymous messaging app. Where users can chat with anyone available in their area. It was targeted more towards school students and college students. It gained its popularity due to its anonymous chatting features. Users liked it firstly but later this created many issues with users privacy and life. The fun of anonymous chatting, now taken the image of cyberbullying and other crimes. So many schools banned the use of this app and later due to bad image investors also showed less interest towards this app. So eventually due to low capital and decreasing users this app lastly collapsed and lost popularity. 

2. Auctionata

Auctionata was an online app which was used to auction luxury items. They make the sale for luxury items for the users. But they were never user oriented or user friendly. They had too many complaints and bad reviews from users. Their unethical practices and improper behaviour towards the users lead to their insolvency.

3. Color Labs

This was the joint venture between Bill Nguyen and Billshrink. They teamed up and created a photo sharing app. Where users can share the pics with their close ones and people who live in their location. And this type of app is expected to have maximum number of users before it is launched but it didn’t happen. Users find it unsafe to share their images with any random person. Therefore the app failed to gather the attention of the users as expected and hence the popularity of the app never made any place in the market and failed eventually.

4. Hailo

This is an app like uber. It successfully worked in London but failed in New York. This happened because the company wants to run a low price model. After its success in London, Hailo introduces its services in New York and made yellow taxi their primary tool driver and left the premium car service to the uber. But lately they get to know that in New York yellow drivers are not allowed to use smartphones while working and in New York yellow taxi drivers easily get fares so Hailo was not much needed there. Therefore less users’ interest and availability of cab drivers made the Hailo to be considered as a bad idea for New Yorkers and Hailo stopped their services in New York.

5. Everpix

This app made the management of the pics easier. The mismanagement and searching for the images from the memory is very difficult. So Everpix came up with the idea of managing images for the users and will save as per the users memory and preference. No doubt the idea was great but the owners of the app spent the maximum amount of the money in developing the app and invested a little part in promoting the app. And this is where they went wrong and things messed up. Good marketing and advertisement is must for any successful app and Everpix failed in this and therefore was not able to make its significant place among users.

6. Google Wave

The aim of this app was to serve the office workers to communicate with their coworkers better and can discuss about the new project there itself through documents, fails or messages etc. It was very complex for any average user. It was too much information to gain on a single page. These two reasons were basic for the failure of this app. Otherwise the app developed by Google went wrong? Is a big thing to consider.

7. Rdio

Rdio was the first app made available for users to listen to their favorite songs. This app no doubt had real great features and functions but again they invested maximum capital in developing the app rather than considering the promotion. Therefore this was the first reason for its fall down. Secondly it provided no free trial for the users. Their subscription required money where Spotify provided better things as per users preference and they have contributed most in promotions and advertisement. Which made it highly demanding among users before its actual launch.

8. Shyp

This app is shipping oriented. The users take the image of the object and pack it and deliver it to the desired location. The idea was great but the app owner did not work much on the sustainability of the app. The company owned $5 per item to pack it. Which was a little unexpected for the users. Because the effort required to pack a pen is different from the way of packaging an antique vase or object. So users found this inappropriate although the company later changed it and made it $5 to $75. Later when the company decided to expand its service in other cities, then it flopped unexpectedly and crashed.

9. Fab

This is an ecommerce company where users get things on flash sales. Things which users get on flash sales were not available on any other platform. This made this app popular among users. However the things which went wrong were, first it was already in the developing stage in the US still they decided to expand their reach in Europe because of their competitor. Due to which they had to increase their hiring rate and they forget to see the capital factor. And due to high demand they started holding things in their warehouse to make it available for users in a short time. But then this made items more common and stock available of the single item made this flash sale idea fail and now that same item is available on other websites like Amazon on lower rates so users shifted their interest there. In order to learn how to develop apps like Amazon click here.


There are a lot of things to conclude from this blog. Even a great idea can result in failure of the app. There is not just one thing that works or results in offering a successful app. But there are a number of things that matter and make an app successful. No doubt the Quixey search engine was an amazing app but due to other’s fault owners of the app Tomar Kagan had to face too many legal problems and later app failure.

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