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Integrate AI Into Apps, Guide How To Use AI To Develop AI Mobile App

2950 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 16, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

AI-powered apps are taking over the digital market very well and quickly. People are appreciating and using it with full excitement. Earlier we used to think of this era, where the work must be done just after we say it. Now that dream has come true with the help of AI integrated apps. We don’t have to write or remember things, now that can be easily managed by our smartphones. Users just have to put a reminder or have to command their smartphones and the task is done. AI has many key features which have made it so demanding among app developers and owners. In this blog, we will discuss AI mobile apps, their features, and how you can use them for your mobile app developing business.

Market Scope for AI

AI mobile app scope in market.

Some tech experts believe that AI mobile apps will have a future discovery of electricity. This technology enables a wide range of activities in the business world. It has a huge demand in banking sectors, disaster management, news channels, agriculture, healthcare, etc. This also contributes to its big role in business marketing by providing better customer services and support. It is estimated that the global AI market will reach $190.61 billion by 2025.

There is no sector available where this technology is not needed and hence have a great future attached to it. Developing AI mobile app for your business will nicely pay you back.  

Key Features Of AI To Integrate In Your App

AI mobile app features
  • Engaging Voice Recognition

It is really boring to do things in a monotonous way, and sometimes talking to humans also sounds very boring. But talking to machines is really exciting. We all are attracted to new technologies and apps, and if it allows us to talk to machines then it is more thrilling. With the help of AI mobile apps, we can command our mobile for several requests and it also recognizes our voice and work accordingly. We all must be aware of google assistant, it is the discovery of AI technology only. We give multiple commands to google assistant and we also get solutions to our query. This cool interaction between machine and human keeps users engaging and they don’t get bored.

  • Multiple Data Ingestion

Do you ever wonder how FB and Instagram manage so much data for billions of users? This is all possible because of AI technology. Even a company of 20 to 30 employees has enough data which needs safe and enough database space to store the information. The data which is created that keeps multiplying exponentially. Hence to store such large information and data AI interferes and manages things effectively.    

  • Interpret Environment and Act Accordingly

The way humans behave according to their environment and situation, just like that, AI also analyzes your mood and searches and reacts accordingly. Although it is not exactly possible now, machines imitate just like humans, but AI mobile apps developers and programmers are working on it.  One day you will see there are robots who are doing work on our behalf and imitating just like normal humans.  

  • Futuristic Approach

This feature enables the machine to examine the future or upcoming event and react accordingly. This can be better understood with the example of a self-driven car or weather forecasting. It has the ability to predict future events and then gives solutions or reactions as per that. You must have seen, google assistant suggesting to carry an umbrella or how today’s weather will be, this is all because it is an AI-powered app. We all must have seen the use of AI for games, business, and other things. But programmers and scientists are working to bring AI mobile apps to another level. Where it can be helpful in preventing natural disasters and another such happening. They have already come one step ahead, the prediction of situations like floods, earthquakes, and cyclones are made possible because of AI only. Now further it might also be helpful in preventing such occurrences. 

  • Facial Recognition and Chatbots

The safety and security of our personal information and data is very important to us. Face recognition is one of the best features, powered by AI technology. The face lock we see on our mobiles is the same, it recognizes our face and then opens our mobile. The retina recognition lock is all AI-enabled features. This is useful to those who are highly confident about their documents. Having this feature in your business app and considering this in your business plan will really attract more customers. If you plan to feature this option in your app, contact AI mobile app expert developers.  

Chatbots are the software where users can get the answer to their queries. If the user has any question regarding the app, he can directly text or send a voice message to resolve it. Through chatbots, users can get suggestions also. For example, take a Zomato food delivering app or uber cab booking app, when we see our driver or delivery man is stuck somewhere. We immediately drop a message or query for that through the app. This service was made possible just because of AI and chatbot software.

Launch AI App For Your Business

If you are planning to make an AI mobile app and want to integrate it with any of the above-mentioned AI features. Contact the expert of AI app developers. In order to know how much does, developing an AI mobile app will cost read the points mentioned below:

  • Plan To Launch An AI App For Your Business

If you plan to introduce AI into your business plan. It is really very good because the demand for AI mobile app services is too high. It is estimated that AI mobile apps have a good market and in the future also it is very useful.  

Every sector or industry is looking for more and more advancement in AI mobile apps. AI makes apps more interactive and smart. This makes the app more user-friendly and fun. 

So if you are planning for any such AI mobile app development you can contact our experts. Make your mobile app more available for users and engaging.

If you have confusion about where this AI can be applied, well it can be applied in gaming app development, weather forecast, agriculture, healthcare app development, and industry, etc.

  • Cost in AI integrated App

The cost of any app depends upon its complexities and challenges it holds while developing it. Now if we talk about AI mobile apps, then it requires more skilled programmers and developers and it requires a high salary to hire them. So it won’t be wrong to say that the cost for developing AI mobile apps will be a little high as compared to normal mobile app development. We can say that integrating AI into your business or mobile app development will boost the cost by 20 to 40 %.

best AI mobile app developers

Top AI Applied Apps

There are few apps that are already integrated with AI and already updated themselves with time. In this section, we will learn about AI mobile apps and their features. AI apps are designed with the latest technology and advancement for a better future. These apps not just made living smart but also made it easier. Here are few AI mobile apps which you all must know:

top AI mobile apps

1. Siri

I don’t think “Siri” does need any introduction. We all know that it is a virtual voice assistant app by “Apple”. This is one of the most popular AI mobile app. This AI integrated app is available on all iOS devices. Siri can perform the following functions:

  • It can make calls, can send messages, give answers when you ask something.
  • Gives recommendations as per what users search most and have shown interest in.
  • Siri has the ability that it can adapt as per the user’s preferred language, searches, and likes/dislikes. 
  • In America, most people use “Siri’ as their virtual voice assistant on their smartphones. 

2. Cortana

Another amazing AI-powered app, this is again a virtual voice assistant AI mobile app. This is launched by Microsoft. This is available on WINDOWS 10, WINDOWS mobiles, Microsoft band, Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa, and Xbox.Cortana comes with the following features:

  • This AI mobile app offers hand-free help to the users. You can get access to your mobile or device without even touching it.
  • It gives answers to your questions. 
  • You can put reminders for the later event or happening. It reminds you of important events or gatherings. 
  • Keep the notes of you, so that you can refer them when needed or as required. 
  • Take care of your tasks and manage the important dates and events for you.
  • Cortana also functions in the user’s natural language. 
  • It uses different search engines and information from the user’s mobile to provide you recommendations.
  • It uses an API, that enables Cortana to work on various WINDOWS and other third-party applications.

3. Google Assistant

This is considered to be the most advanced and used virtual voice assistant AI mobile app by Google. Google Assistant was made available to the users in the year 2016. Now the product is available on different mobiles and devices. The salient features which make Google assistant different from other virtual AI mobile apps are as follows:

  • Google assistant enables both text and voice responses. 
  • It also uses natural language processing.
  • The other services it offers are voice searching, voice command, voice-activated device command.
  • Helps in finding information from the internet
  • It also sends reminders, manages our calendar, makes appointments, and translates

 things to us.

Google now works with more than 10000 devices with 1000 brands. As the active users are increasing with time, Google will soon collaborate or partner with more brands to expand its reach.

4. Alexa

This is commonly known as Amazon Alexa because it is an AI app made by Amazon. It was first introduced to be compatible with Amazon Echo and Echo dot smart speakers. But later made available for different devices too, like, iOS and Android.

Alexa holds the following features:

  • This too offers voice queries and processes in natural language. 
  • Offers services like voice interaction, music playback.
  • With this, you can make a to-do list, set alarms, and reminders, play audios, etc.
  • It also gives information like weather forecasts, traffic updates, news, etc. 
  • Alexa can work on PCs like WINDOWS and Mac.

5. Elsa

It is an AI-powered app that helps users to learn how to speak English. Users can learn the pronunciation and meaning of the words on this. Due to the AI-powered app, this gives instant feedback therefore users make quick and easy progress. 

Their website claims to have 3.6 million users across 101 countries. It uses speech recognition technology.

They also provide you a trial for 7 days and later users need to buy the Elsa pro for further use.

Elsa is available on Android, iOS but at the time of writing no PCs or Mac version. 

6. Socratic

Again an AI-inspired app launched for students to help them with mathematics and other homework. Recently Google has acquired this app. 

With the help of this app students can:

  • Can take pictures from their mobile phones and later Socratic uses its AI features to provide a visual explanation of the concept that the student is looking for or wants to learn.
  • It works on text and speech recognition.
  • It supports learning science, mathematics, history, literature, etc.
  • This is available on iOS, Android and is also compatible with the iPad.
  • It has over 5 million users claimed from statistics from Google Play.

7. Fyle

It is an AI-powered app that helps in managing expenses. It works on Android and iOS. It has recently launched direct integration with Google G Suite and Microsoft Office 365. It enables users to send expenses through mails.

The key feature of Fyle AI mobile app are:

  • Help in extracting real-time data and check real-time policies.
  • Report expenses.
  • Take the track of corporate cards.
  • Approve workflow.
  • Check travel advances and requests.
  • Check business analytics.

8. DataBot

The AI-powered app, which works on WINDOWS, iOS, and Android. 

  • It gives answers to your question in its machine or downloaded voice.
  • As per the topic of your interest, it gives you services with images, information, and multimedia presentation..
  • It offers you information from Google searches, Wikipedia.

You can customize DataBot as per your language convenience. While using DataBot you can share information through SMS, email, and social media.

9. Hound

  • An AI-powered voice assistant app, which is compatible with Android and iOS. 
  • It is a hand-free app, which works or gives information by processing your natural voice. Later you can refine the searches as per your preference. 
  • It quickly gives accurate results for the search.
  • It can make a call from you and can also send text messages.
  • It gives you weather forecast reports, news, hotels or restaurants nearby, etc.

10. Youper

This app helps users to take care of their emotional health. 

  • Users can have a quick conversation with this AI-powered app. It helps you by self or personal meditation.
  • It helps users to keep a track of their emotional health and make it easier for them to understand their mood.
  • It is simply used to keep track of users mood and behavior to improve their emotional health


If you are also planning to develop an AI-powered app then it is really a very good idea. Even if you integrate this AI concept into your business this will really give your app and business a different platform. As the technology is advancing with time and users are more interested in that. So try to understand the user’s demand and act accordingly. Give your business a different reach and try to enable AI features in your mobile app with our expert AI mobile app developers.

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