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How To Develop A Language Learning App Like Duolingo

3965 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 1, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
language learning app like Duolingo

Ever thought of developing a language learning app like Duolingo? If yes, then this blog will be helpful for you. 

We believe you know about the Duolingo app but in case you don’t know about it. Then let us start with a little introduction of the Duolingo app.

Duolingo app is one of the best language learning apps, having 120 million users around the world. It offers to learn 19 distinct languages through its app.

Now, let us begin with further procedure of app development. 

Nowadays everything is available online, people are so conscious about going out. Schools are closed, restaurants are also not available for dining. Everything is taking place through apps like food delivery apps, e-Learning apps, logistic apps, etc. Then why not learn language through interactive apps?   

Through these apps, a person can groom himself better for interviews and jobs. As there are so many international companies establishing in different countries. They do require people who can communicate in their native language. Therefore people are also very keen to learn foreign languages and wish to go abroad.

The demand for language learning apps like Duolingo is high. If you are planning to develop such an app for your business, then start today with us.

build language learning app

Benefits of Language Learning App Development

Whenever we start any business we are curious to know what benefits we will get from it? Why would people like to use the app? Many such questions arise in our minds. In this particular section, we will see why you should develop an app like Duolingo and what benefits it will offer to the users. 

Firstly, educational apps like Duolingo are really in high demand because people are looking for an affordable yet creative way of learning a foreign language. And there can’t be anything more interactive than an online learning app like Duolingo. 

According to one report of Statista, globally Duolingo is appreciated by the users and there are more than 20 million downloads of the Duolingo App. These stats clearly show how much people are in love with educational apps like Duolingo.

Now let us see why users are showing so much interest in this app like Duolingo. The language learning apps are:

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Interactive
  • On-demand Online Classes
  • Easy Program Switching ( Can switch to another language )

Process of Developing An App Like Duolingo

Before developing an app one should go through the points that are given below. You need to check every point before starting an app development business.

A step-wise guide is given below that will help you to build an amazing app like Duolingo. These checkpoints are very important don’t skip any step for best app development results:

step of developing an app like Duolingo

1. Select Your Budget

Let’s start with finance, you need to see how much you can invest in your project and then according to that take the steps further. If you are taking loans from the bank then work as per that. 

Once you get the money, now distribute the money for a separate app development process. Do not put all the money into the app development process. Later, you also need money for advertising and promotions.

So always remember that money management is very crucial in app development. You can talk to our market expert about the same and he will help and guide you for the best.

2. Choose App Development Company

Now, once you are done with money management, it is time to choose the best mobile app development company for your project. According to your money management plan or budget, decide on the company which will help you with your app development process. Like coding, designing, developing, testing, etc. 

3. Coding

After you select the mobile app development company, the developers will start working with the app development procedure.

They will start working on coding. This is done by the backend team. They form a structure of the app and then it is tested by the qualified testers. 

The latest software and programming languages are used so that your app works smoothly and your users do not face any problems. 

4. Designing

The Design team creates images and layouts which can be seen by everyone who uses the app. It will help your app become more creative and interactive. 

Gamification and other features that we see in the app are due to these designers only. Make sure you hire qualified and experienced UI/UX designers for your app.

5. Testing

Testers test the app to make sure there are no bugs that can cause the malfunctioning of the app. The testing of the app is very important. This process decides whether your app is ready for launch or not. Once testers approve the app and remove all the bugs or technical glitches from the app. Now the app is ready for the next step. 

6. Launching

Now decide the platform for your app launch. Make your app available on Google Play Store from where users can download the app. It is very important to choose an appropriate platform for the app launch. 

You can also provide the links on some websites and other platforms, from where users can download your language learning app.

7. Promotion Of The App

Now come the promotions and advertisement part. The advertisements and promotions of the app are important to make users aware of the app’s availability. If you do not promote the app then the users will not know about it. And app will not receive as much attention as you thought. 

Now, you know when and where you have to invest your money. So plan accordingly.

Features to Integrate Into An App Like Duolingo

To make your language learning app more interactive you need to add some relevant features to it. Below we have mentioned a few features for your help, read them carefully:

features of app like Duolingo
  • Sign-in

The very first feature will be “sign-in”. Just the way we sign in to Byju’s app or on other e-Learning apps like Coursera. Similarly, allow users to sign in with an app like Duolingo before they can start with any course or learning. 

Allow them to sign in through Gmail or FB for easy and quick processing.

  • Profile Management

Allow users to manage their profile on your app through this profile management feature. With the help of this feature, the user can manage the online class activities and assignments. 

Just the way we save our favorite videos on e-Learning apps. Similarly with the help of this feature users can also save the lectures or educational videos for later.

  • Language Selection

Allow users to select the language which they want to learn through your app.

With the help of this feature, they can select the course duration and the level of their language learning program. 

  • Course Selection

You can put everything in one feature or you can separate things for users’ convenience.

With this course selection feature, users can register themselves for the language learning course as per their budget and interest.  

  • Gamification

Allow users to learn through some interactive games and videos. Gamification makes the app more creative and easy for learning. 

Whether your target audience is kids or adults, everyone likes fun learning. So try to integrate this feature into your app like Duolingo.

  • Online Revision Test

This feature is absolutely important for making your language learning app more user-friendly. If a user wants to check his performance then, he can take the online revision test. Through this online test, the user can know about the areas where he is lacking and what he can do to improve.

  • Short Clips and Movies 

Provide short videos or clips in a different language, which the user can watch for learning. It will make your language learning app more interactive and fun.  

  • Provide Certificate

You can also collaborate with the other institutes or educational centers to provide certificates to deserving students. This will make your app more user-friendly and trustworthy.

  • Payment 

Add different digital payments modes to your language learning app like Duolingo. If the user wants to pay for the subscription, then they can pay through these modes. 

This will help users to make easy payments while accessing any premium services of your app.

Things to Consider While Developing An App Like Duolingo

When you start any business, always remember to check these points which are given below. These pointers will help you to develop an app, which will get the attention of the users immediately. 

  • Select Your Target Audience

Decide the audience for whom you want to develop the app. You need to decide whether you want to develop an app like Duolingo for kids or adults. 

If you start with the app development process without focussing on your target audience. Then you won’t be able to plan things properly.  

  • Advertisements and Promotions

Always remember that you have enough funds for the promotion of the app. Many big app development plans flopped because the owners were not able to make the right money management strategy and ended up with nothing. So, always remember that promotions and advertisement are an integral part of the app development process and one should always keep enough funds for this. 

  • Good Quality Video Streaming

When you are developing an app like Duolingo or any such educational app. You should always remember that the quality of your content and services are everything in your app. If the video quality of your app is not as per the user’s expectations then you can never be able to get enough acknowledgment from the users. 

To handle this issue you must hire the best mobile app experts, who have worked before on such projects. 

  • Qualified Teachers

Language learning is not any fun, some people pursue these courses for their career too. Therefore it is your responsibility that the users of your app are learning from experts.

Allow qualified and highly professional teachers to register on your app. Good quality teachers can also be one of the salient features of your app that can attract more and more users.

Cost Required to Develop An App Like Duolingo

cost estimation for language learning app

Although the cost required for developing such an educational app like Duolingo is high. It will cost somewhere between $98,000 to $1,58,400. This amount is directly proportional to the number of hours required for app development. Below we have mentioned a chart that can clear some of the cost-related queries. 

Well, if you are not willing to invest such a huge amount then you can also opt for other options like white-label app development. This process helps in reducing your app development cost and also helps you to start your business with a ready-made app. This is an advanced technology used for the next generation’s demands. To know more about the app development cost you can directly contact us for more information.

Final Thoughts

Many people want to work abroad and for that, they need to learn the native language of that respective country or continent. Therefore this is definite that people are excited to learn new foreign languages. But the foreign language learning offline programs are too expensive. That is why people search for affordable options. And other than online apps there can’t be any options that are affordable yet interactive. 

So, if you are planning to develop an app like Duolingo then start today with us. We have developed many educational apps like this before therefore you can completely trust us for your project. Call us today for a free demo.

develop language learning app

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