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White-Label or Custom Mobile Application Development: Which Way to Go?

5307 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 19, 2019 Last Updated: April 17, 2020
White Label or custom mobile app development company

“White-Label or Custom mobile application development? Let’s dig in and find out.”

All that glitters is not gold. 

While the saying is popular and comes handy while making important decisions in life, it applies in mobile app development industry as well. 

Everything is glittery here. However, everything is not gold.

Well, it’s enough of philosophy now. Let’s come straight to the point. 

When you decide to develop a mobile app for your business – you have to decide between a lot of things – the tech stack, designs, marketing and above all the process of development. 

One such decision you have to make is between white-label or custom mobile app development. If you decide to make a white-label app for your business – you will have to spend less and your go-to-market time will be lesser. Then why custom mobile application development? 

Because, all that glitters is not gold. 

To find out why I am saying this again and again, let’s explore both options deeply and then find out which one is best for your business.

What is Custom Mobile Application Development?


custom mobile application development


Custom mobile applications are created from scratch to address the problems of a specific audience. These apps are unique in every aspect and are completely user-oriented. This is the reason because of which custom apps are getting traction these days and are proving to be a best alternative for users. 

For example, there are two grocery stores that provide almost the same range of goods to their customers. But, yet, they will have different goals and strategies to get what they want. So, how a similar type of app can fit their needs? A mobile app should rely solely on fulfilling the objectives of a particular business. That’s the purpose which Custom Mobile Apps fulfill!

The best thing about custom mobile app development is its ability to deploy your idea precisely in the manner in which it was conceived. 

To understand it better, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Custom Mobile App Development for your business.

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3 Amazing Benefits of Custom Mobile App Development over White-label Apps

1. You Have the Source Code and IP Rights

One of the terrifying parts of getting a white-label solution developed for your business, as any mobile app development company would tell you, is not having the IP rights. You have no privilege on whatever you have based your brand image on. The access to everything – from the code to the server – is most of the time restricted by the development company from where you purchase the application.

That means if something unexpected happens in the future, it’s not simply your brand image that is at stake, also your user’s data will be unsafe. This fear can be simply eliminated if you plan to invest in custom app development. As you will be the sole owner of the application and its backend, once it is fully developed.

2. You Have the Right to Scale Your App

Custom Apps are Scalable. However, when you invest in a White Label App, you put your resources into an application that comes as a complete solution, with no scope of scalability. Adding new features or developing the same app for any other platform is not possible in case of white-label apps.

Therefore, scalability is the one element that you can only enjoy if you plan to develop a custom app. You can add as many features as you want in these type of apps and can always scale your app from one platform to another.



3. You Have the Uniqueness With You

White Label apps come with a pre-built app design that you just select to then launch your application on. While it saves a lot of time and cost, you are not the only one using that particular layout and design. It is possible that one of your competitors has chosen the same design before you and his app is already up there in the market.

You lose the uniqueness here. 

On the other hand, when partnering with one of the best custom mobile application development companies in the industry, you get the freedom to select the UI, UX, design, flow, features, and much more. This keeps the uniqueness level flawless in your application. 

Now, that we know what are Custom Apps and what perks you get if you choose to develop one for your business – it’s time to look into the details of its counterpart – White-label apps. So, let’s put some spotlight on what are white-lable apps, how they work and what benefits they offer.

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What Is White-label Mobile App Development?


custom app development cost


A White Label App is an application that is created by Company A and then sold to various companies after customizing it as per their branding needs. The main idea behind developing White Label Mobile Apps is to have a product that can be utilized by numerous companies with very low level of customization flexibility. 

White Label Solutions are famous among the Startups who are searching for a shortcut to enter the Mobile domain while spending a little amount of money. These applications are given out to businesses to use as their own business applications.

For example, if you have an idea to launch an Uber like app in a particular country where no taxi app is there, as of now. You would contact a Mobile App Development Company for getting your own App Like Uber. They will provide you a solutions in which all you have to do is change the brand name, coloring, a little bit of format! And, you will have your Uber like application ready to hit the market. 

To understand it better, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of White-Label Mobile App Development for your business:

White-Label Or Custom Mobile App Development: Which Is Good For Your Business?

A business that is hoping to increase its sales or grow its marketing activity to the mobile world always has a choice between building up a mobile application from scratch or choosing a pre-built white label application that can be tweaked to meet its needs.

There are a number of criteria that should be taken into consideration when making this strategic decision. So, let’s compare some important ones and find out the best one:

Custom White-Label
1. Design Uniqueness More Less
2. Security Secure Less Secure
4. Cost Factor Expensive Less Expensive
5. Scalability Highly Scalable Less Scalable
6. App Maintenance A bit difficult Easy
7. Security Secure Less Secure

1. Level of Customization

When you invest your money in a white label application, you go into it knowing that it was not completely designed and developed for you. It was created in accordance with the requirements of a mobile application that is as of now present in the application stores.

Since you are purchasing a ready-made solution, the opportunities you will get to add your branding elements in it will be very minimal, unless you are getting it from a renowned white-label mobile app development company.

On the other hand, when you invest in building a Custom App, the chances of getting an application that is built precisely according to your prerequisites are a lot higher. Since you are getting an application created from scratch when you invest in custom application development, you get an app that has the exact features you needed – represented as you wanted.

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2. Design Uniqueness & User Experience

The most important part of an application is its user experience and design. App designing requires inside and out knowledge of user behaviour and of the mobile devices on which it will run.

While white label applications have the benefit of analytics and experience with a “tried and tested” app, there are high possibilities of rejection for such type of apps from app stores. The main reason behind Apple rejecting White Label solutions was that the applications rolling in were looking similar in design. There was hardly any difference in their user flow and design, except that of 20% branding components. 

Not having unique design and user flow is the main component that White Label Solutions lack in, which is also the cause of rejection from the App store. Custom mobile applications provide you the flexibility to make your designs unique while starting everything from scratch and designing for a specific audience is time consuming as well a bit expensive.

3. Cost & Resource Factor

Since you are purchasing a ready made solution, the one that isn’t made explicitly for you, the expense of having a White Label mobile application is significantly less than Custom App development cost. 

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4. Scalability

When you put your resources into a White Label Mobile App, you invest in an application that has been made for a particular platform. When you choose to take the application further to another platform, you will have to depend on the vendor from whom you purchased the app to make it scalable. Because, you don’t have the source code and IP rights when you get a white-lable solution.

While in case of Custom apps, you have all the authority, you can scale your custom app whenever you want and with the help of any proficient developer. 

5. Maintaining the App

Operating systems and smartphones are updated every now and then, which implies that maintaining the application requires not just the standard bug fixes but regular updates as well to guarantee a smooth user experience and OS compatibility.

Maintaining the app content time to time is also a key consideration. Could the application scale? Can you update the app in real-time? White-label applications are always connected to a  CMS (content management system) where content can be altered right away, without an application update or designers. 

Integrating this functionality while custom mobile application development is possible however not so easy.

6. Security – The Best Part Of Custom Mobile Application Development

The custom business applications are considerably more secure than the white-label applications, as they serve the needs of a particular business. The source code of white-lable apps is known to other parties as well and these apps are more likely to suffer from security breaches.

So, as you can see, there are a number of differences between a custom app that is developed from scratch and a white-label solution. While in terms of Scalability and uniqueness, custom apps are best when compared to their white-label counterparts, white-label apps are a preferable solution for startups having low-budget and need to jump in the market ASAP.

So, Which Way to Go?

That’s a complicated question. But, now that you are aware of the Pros and Cons of both types of apps, it will be easy for you to decide which way you want to go. So, priorities your requirements and select the one that best suits them. We at Apptunix, are proficient in developing both types of apps – may it be a custom app depending on your unique business needs or a white-label solutions for taxi or food industry. Would like to talk to our experts? Contact Us!


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