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How to Improve the Searchability of your Progressive Web Apps?

5343 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 5, 2019 Last Updated: May 12, 2020
steps to increase discoverability of PWA

Experts of SEO have consistently been doubtful of JavaScript.

This is based on history. The capacity of Bots to find, crawl, and precisely index content – which is intensely dependent on JavaScript – has historically been poor.

And all pages of a Progressive Web Apps are considered as a JavaScript site by Google and other BOTs. Having said that, does it mean that Google doesn’t crawl PWAs?

Well, that is not the case. Google crawls PWA websites simply like it would crawl and index an AJAX site, however, there are a few issues that can affect crawlability — so developers should know about how to optimize the site to guarantee that the page gets indexed appropriately.

Here are a few incredible SEO tips that will further improve the searchability and usability of your PWA site.

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8 Ways to Improve the Searchability of Your PWAs

1. Optimize For Other Search Engines

With it comes to searchability and visibility on the web, Google isn’t the only crawler. Where Google may crawl your PWA accurately, it may have issues with other web crawlers which may be important and crucial for your business.

2. Make Sure Crawlers Can See JS and CSS Documents

Numerous SEO experts still think that it is a good way out to block Googlebot’s access to JS and SEO documents. However, this is never a smart thought if JavaScript renders the content.

3. Take Care of Page Navigation

Normally, page navigation works fine with JavaScript applications that are rendered on the customer side. However, there is one special case, and that is URLs that incorporate fragments. For best compatibility, abstain from using # in your URLs.

4. Using canonical URLs

A number of businesses develop PWA but also leave their websites or mobile sites in place. This causes the issue of copy content if the pages are not canonicalized effectively. Every Progressive Web App’s page should specify its canonical URL utilizing the canonical attribute.

While empowering PWAs alongside non-canonical AMP, use the rel=”amphtml” tag to indicate the AMP URLs.

5. Dynamic Serving

Generally, dynamic serving is utilized to show various designs based on the user’s device. Do not write different content for user and bots – it may cause cloaking.

6. Secure Website

Make sure that the website is secure and run completely utilizing HTTPs, with 301-redirects from HTTP to HTTPs and maintain a strategic distance from non-secure resources. You can utilize an HTTPs migration checklist if you haven’t done that as of now.

7. Page load speeds

Focus on the loading time of your pages. You can accomplish more speed by utilizing PWAs with AMP (PWAMP) and furthermore following some performance optimization best practice. You can utilize tools like Lighthouse and WebPageTest to find out the loading time of your website. This is the key page-speed metric Google utilize to gauge page speed.

8. Make Sure To Do Testing

Fetch as Google is a useful tool that enables you to check how Google reads your pages. Also, do not forget Sitemap. Add a sitemap to your website and register it in the Google Search Console for your website. This is the principal thing that Google will use to know the pages that exist on your site.

To Sum It Up

Speed means PWA. They are also known to have the unique advantage of being mobile-friendly and lightweight. If you are following the above-mentioned SEO best practices while marketing your PWA, you can rank better and give an ideal user experience. We at Apptunix, take care of all these crucial elements while developing Progressive Web apps. Our PWA Developers are well aware of best-practices that are crucial for developing a healthy website. Contact Now!

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