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iOS 12 v/s iOS 13 | How Apple is Changing Daily life Of Humans With Advancement in OS?

4979 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 12, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019

It’s official! Apple’s new operating system iOS 13 is releasing next Thursday, September 19, 2019. And yes, it’s coming with the much talked about Dark Mode, along with a bunch of other exciting features. The public beta version of iOS 13 is already available for install. To everyone that’s grown to love iOS 12 in the last 11 months, the big question is – is it worthwhile to switch from iOS 12 to iOS 13?

It’s an interesting question. Apple’s sources have claimed the new operating system is a huge improvement over the already impressive iOS 12 – twice as fast when it comes to launching an app, with a Face ID that’s up to thirty percent quicker than the one in iOS 12! But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A decisive answer calls for a comparison between the two operating systems in question.

What's The Difference between iOS 12 and iOS 13?

The first thing you’re likely to notice when you first try iOS 13 is that it looks and feels much the same as iOS 12. Apple has wisely stuck with the basic design aesthetics of iOS 12 and this familiarity ensures users don’t feel alienated or irked when using the new iOS. Once you start to explore a bit, you’ll soon begin to realize the big changes Apple has introduced.

1. System-wide dark mode – Only available with iOS 13

iOS’s Dark Mode is exactly what users around the world have been clamoring for long – a cool dark color scheme that makes viewing and working the iPhone screen easier, especially in low light conditions. You can set the Dark Mode to auto-activate at sunset or any other specific time or keep it active all the while. The settings for Dark Mode are included in the Control Center.

Dark Mode works with all of Apple’s native apps and you can expect virtually every third-party app to make itself compatible with this feature in the coming days.

2. Sign-in with Apple – Only available with iOS 13

Another iOS 13 exclusive feature, Sign-in with Apple allows you to sign in to your favorite apps and websites using your Apple ID, discounting the need to create an app or service-specific login IDs. Apple is right on top of security and privacy concerns with this new sign-in feature, so you can hide your email and other personal information and rest easy knowing that Apple will not access your personal data or track your online activity.

3. Better performance and speed

A new operating system with stunning new features can be more demanding on the device and can lead to a slowdown. Apple is promising that won’t be the case with iOS 13.

According to Apple, iOS 13 will take only half as much time as iOS 12 does when it comes to launching apps. App download size will be reduced to half while the size of app updates will be cut down by 60 percent.

Another major area of improvement is the Face ID, with iOS 13 Face ID being reported to be working 30 percent faster than iOS 12.

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4. A more intuitive Siri

Think Siri is good? Wait till you’ve worked with iOS 13! Apple’s newest operating system has added notches to Siri’s linguistic and translating abilities. She’s become a lot more intuitive and will surprise you with increasingly helpful tips, suggestions and follow up questions.

With iOS 13, Siri’s suggestion making ability has received a big upgrade, as has her voice. Don’t worry, it’s still Siri, only she now sounds even more natural and you’re going to love it!

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5. Increased focus on Camera and Photos

Compared to iOS 12, iOS 13 has paid a lot more attention to both camera features and the way photos are displayed. Apple seems to have made a conscious effort to improve its photo editing features, likely to compete with third-party photo editing apps.

iOS 13 brings a new monochrome effect to the camera, along with the ability to alter the light intensity when using the portrait mode. Editing photos in iOS 13 is an altogether different experience than performing the same task in iOS 12. There are plenty of new tools for editing the photos, including ‘noise reduction’, ‘vibrancy’ and ‘perspective correction’.

With iOS 13, you can highlight photos taken on specific dates, month or year. You can also rotate videos and, for the very first time in iOS history, can use filters and other effects on your videos.

6. A vastly improved AR experience

iOS 12 came with ARKit 2 which was great for enjoying thrilling AR experiences through AR apps and games. iOS 13 introduces ARKit 3, an even better AR development platform than ARKit 2 which makes your AR experiences highly realistic and immensely immersive.

You can now utilize both front-facing and rear-facing cameras at the same time when using AR apps or games. Another noteworthy addition is the ‘Reality Composer’ which allows you to create personalized AR scenes with simple, easy to master ‘drag and drop’ controls.

The verdict

While iOS 12 is still a solid performer, iOS 13 is a clear improvement in areas of speed, privacy, and performance and introduces some amazing new features that will get you hooked in no time. So, should you switch from iOS 12 to Apple’s newest OS offering? Definitely.

How Apple’s technology is changing the way humans live

You’ve already learned of the major changes Apple’s new technological leap will bring to your phones. But iOS 13 is bringing a number of other features that are sure to add more convenience and efficiency in your day-to-day activities.

iOS 13’s more detailed and precise Maps allow you a 3D view of locations and provide you with actual transit information so you get a better idea of places and structures and can reach your destinations faster.

The new message app gives you the ability to share your name and photograph with chosen contacts, while the new Animojis and better customizable Memojis make the basic but indispensable act of human communication more interesting, informative and fun.

In an age when everything from working out to office work is intrinsically linked to your mobile phone, iOS 13’s promise of better speed and performance is sure to help you get through your daily tasks in an even more comfortable and enjoyable manner!

Source – Techradar

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