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A Quick Guidance for On Demand Taxi App Development with All Features like Uber

5284 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 6, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
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2021 is the year of hope that is fueled with optimism and expectation of getting our lives back to normal. Though we all are accepting the “new normal” where booking doctors online or getting couriers delivered at home became a part of our lifestyle. We still are eagerly waiting for the good times.

Before COVID 19, taxi booking apps and travel & tourism apps like Airbnb were favorites of all. Due to the pandemic, these apps faced massive losses. But they are getting back into position.

Especially online taxi app.

People have resumed back to routines. Going for outings and offices. They avoid public transportation like buses and metros but are finding taxi apps as a safe option. 

In the coming times, apps having Uber like app source code will get a great userbase. In this blog, we will learn how in 2021 you can do on demand taxi app development that provides you stability and growth and how can we provide the best on demand taxi app development services.

Also, learn Startup ideas of on demand mobile apps in 2021

Taxi App Service Industry Today

According to Statista, Uber is one of the most asked apps for ridesharing in the world hence Uber cab booking online services is growing. When it comes to the taxi booking app, Uber is the favorite of all. Its convenience, usage, and ease of use have gained it massive popularity amongst the riders.

Taxi booking is a service that picks and drops the user. The app with Uber source code will have service features that provide on demand taxi services to the users. Hence various companies are trying to be the best taxi booking app development company. These services are influenced by multiple factors as shown in the infographic below.

taxi booking service

Therefore from the image, we can see multiple factors affect the demand for on demand taxi service app. This demand is going to get stronger and bigger by the next 5 years i.e 2025.

An approach towards On Demand Taxi App Development

Thinking of an idea and implementing the idea are two different things. Now as we have learned why there is a bright scope if you make online cab booking app like Uber. Let us learn what is the right way of making one.

taxi app development

1. Value Proposition

After you have decided the thought or concept of your taxi app, try to look at other aspects that play a major role in on demand taxi app development. Micro and macroeconomic factors contribute to large parts in this.

Look out for the competitors, do the competition analysis. Check which factors or features you have to integrate or eliminate to catch the attention of the audience. You need to set the budget keeping in mind different elements that will affect you when you will be in the process to make the best online taxi booking app like Uber.

Therefore, you have to put the plan and strategy with respect to competitors, the demand of the users, and the budget to make a good online taxi app. You can take the help of surveys and research for better results.

2. Find Expertise

Once you are clear with the budget and vision of your app, you have to further narrow it down. Think what is the one feature that will make your app special. You have to pick one category of taxi app service and put your major funds or thoughts in that to create taxi booking app one of its kind.

 For example, you can make a taxi app that only caters to carpooling or you can develop taxi app that is only for females or an app that only deals with premium cars. So you have to select the category in which you want to launch your on demand taxi app.

3.  Business Model

After you are sorted with what niche you have to work upon in your online taxi app, you have to think about the business model. This business model involves the cost that is used to run the online taxi app and the revenue that could be generated out of the app.   

The cost in business comes out of taxi booking app development, app maintenance, promotions, and marketing. Whereas revenues are flown with taxi fares, commissions, and affiliations.

The business model also includes continuous planning and strategizing with features and functionalities of the app to be in the limelight.

4. Taxi App Development

 After the cost estimation and planning is done. It is time to take action and go for on demand taxi app development. Get your taxi app developed from the best taxi app development company on advanced frameworks and technology stacks that allow users to use the app easily.

The app should be sufficient enough to respond quickly and also do coordination between multiple panels for smooth functioning. The app should be good with UI designs for the self-navigation of users over the app. This will definitely make your app one of the best cab booking apps.

5. Dry Run

Last but not least, put your app over the trial. Test your app and see how efficiently it is working in a certain set of people. Ask your mobile app developers to test it on their level and fix the bugs at their end.

After all the trials and testing are done by the taxi app developers, launch the app. Keep the track of the app via means of ratings, feedback, and revenue on the performance of the taxi app and implement the changes if they add to the betterment of it.

on demand taxi service

Features to Consider For On Demand Taxi App Development

The online taxi booking app needs to have multiple features that make the car riding experience and car driving experience of the riders and car drivers convenient respectively. The following images show the basic features you need to include to make app like Uber.

taxi booking app

Let us have a quick look at each of this one by one.

1. Geolocation

The geolocation allows users and drivers to detect where the request has been put up. The riders are able to put their pickup and delivery location. Meanwhile, with help of geolocation, the drivers get notified with pickup requests that they can entertain as per their convenience.

In short, this feature allows drivers and riders to connect with each other who are in their range of proximity.

2. Onboarding

This feature is the first step of using the app. The rider and driver should be able to sign in and register themselves over the app easily. This could be done by either filling in the information manually or signing up with a social media platform backed with OTP.

Also, there is another onboarding feature for the drivers that allows them to show their availability. They can onboard over app and accept or reject ride requests and also go offline when signing off.

3. Payments

The payments are the major part of the app. The rider should be easily able to pay for the ride. The options of cash, standard payment gateways, mobile wallets, or mobile banking should be provided.

Multiple payment options increase the chances of a better customer experience.

4. Booking

This is the essence of a taxi booking app. The feature should allow users to book apps with a single tap. Put the button or slider that allows users to book a cab by touching that.

At the same time provide similar features to the driver to address the ride request with a single tap.

5. Push Notifications

The push notification is a part of CRM. You can interact with your users, potential users, and drivers through messages and notifications.

This feature allows the admin of the panel to send messages about offers, schemes, or customer retention to the users. This increases customer engagement and helps in retaining users.

6. Price Calculator

How unfair it would be if a person traveled 10 miles is charged the same as a person who traveled 15 miles. Well, that is why price calculators are important. They calculate the price that will be charged from the rider with respect to distance and mode of conveyance.

The price calculator will give a cost estimation of requested route travel. A larger distance will cost more. Also, the premier taxi will have higher charges as compared to the regular taxi.

7. Saved Destinations

This is one of the favorite features of taxi booking app for users. This feature allows users to save destinations where they go on regular basis. It could be their office, home address, or any other place where they travel often.

It could also be ascertained on the recent searches or frequent searches done by the person.

8. Ratings

The feature that could be used for both drivers and passengers. In this, the passenger can rate their overall experience with the ride and the taxi driver. Likewise, the driver can also rate customers on grounds of their behavior.

The rating could be done in form of numbers or sharing written or verbal feedback.

9. Route tracking

In this feature, the user after boarding the taxi can check the route on which they are being driven to. This brings assurity in users that they are in a safe commute as they can continuously track their taxi.

In case they see their taxi is taking a different route, they can cancel the ride or report to app authorities. Route tracking is also a way of map navigation to reach the correct destination. This is a great tool for the drivers as well.

10. Ride scheduling

This feature allows users to book taxi cabs in advance. You can book taxi with the time and date and on that particular slot, the driver will be provided. The notification of confirmation will be sent to users once they schedule a ride.

For this, you have to include a calendar plugin and a time table.

11. Booking a ride for others

In this, you can book an app for the third party person. Simply book the app and share the details like the name and phone number of that person to the driver through chatbox or third party person feature. You can further attach OTP for authentication of driver and rider as you being the app user are not going for a ride.

12. Fare splitting

Recently this feature is emerging to be popular with users. Under this, if there is more than one passenger that is sharing a car or the carpooling is happening. The fare is distributed amongst the passengers based on the route and duration of travel.

Cost Factors affecting On Demand Taxi App Development

Being aware of the approach and features we need to consider cost while making an app like Uber. Let us talk about the cost. The average on demand taxi app development costs around 60,000 to 150,000 US dollars. However, this is a general price overview,

To get the exact quote you can contact us. Also, the cost is majorly defined by the following factors.

make taxi app

Let us know how.

1. The UI Design

The UI design is the window to the app. It allows users to enter the app and use it. The better the UI design is, the more is the cost. The UI design is not only about attractive images and displays. It is about usability that includes wireframes and web designing.

The design should be self-sufficient for users to understand and browse over the app without any assistance. There should be fewer scrollings and multi-functional designs for easy app use. 

Advanced is the design, higher is the cost.

2. Multiple Panels

On average, a decent taxi booking app has three panels- the user, the driver, and the admin. All the panels are equally important for the smooth functioning of the app.

Different functionality features to each panel add to the cost of on demand taxi app development. So, you can also get the idea of the cost of the app with the rights of use provided to each party associated with the app.

3. App Expansion

Bigger things come at a bigger price. If you are planning to launch your online taxi app worldwide, you may have to include many more features like a bilingual language system, better geolocation, currency calculator, and many more.

These different feature plugins will add cost to your on demand taxi app development. So if you are planning to launch at big, keep your balance bigger. Also the bigger cost, the bigger will be revenues!

Tip– If you are running tight on a budget start at a smaller level and later increase with the revenue flow.


The economy is bouncing back and the world has again started to move. The demand for online taxi service will be automatically increased since it is a convenient way to commute and yet abides by social distance norms. So before the dependency on Uber accelerates make app like Uber and get established in the market with a highly functional on demand app.

make app like uber

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