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Startups Ideas for On Demand App in 2021 that Will Rule Market

4238 Views | 1 min | Published On: December 31, 2020 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
on demand app

2020 showed us many things that were not expected. Be it getting locked up in homes for months or work from the home All things that were just in our imaginations or weirdest dreams have come to reality in 2020. But we as warriors survived the year bravely.

Yes, the lives came to pause and the economy took a nose dive but we are still recovering. People found out the ways to operate within the home. And the economy where challenged some sectors like travel and tourism also gave the opportunity to courier delivery apps and other on demand app. People found alternatives to operate and generate revenues.

Well, the good news is that the pandemic situation is now getting better and the vaccination will hopefully put things to normal. Let us see how the new ventures will be growing in 2021 and what are different Startup ideas that will dominate the mobile app industry.

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The scenario of On Demand Apps

The world is excelling with technologies and people are dependant on them. Be it getting their food delivered at home or know their heart rate with the smartwatch. Everything is highly dependable on technology and with 5G now coming into place. The IoTs will dominate the industry.

On-demand mobile apps are a prominent part of the IoT sector. People use these apps when they feel the requirement to have that particular service or product. These apps provide the users with the same when demanded by users. That is why we name these apps on demand apps.

According to AppSamurai,

On demand app acts as a mediator between customers and providers of different services. Instead of spending time and effort for receiving what they want, users prefer to pay a small fee for a faster and convenient procedure offered by this type of apps.  

The image below shows the dependence of people today on demand apps.

startup ideas

The main takeaways from this are-

  • Around 45 million people in the USA work in on demand service sector which automatically raises the scope of on demand mobile app development.
  • Approximately 22 million users are likely to spend near 58 billion US dollars on demand services annually
  • America has a userbase of 86.5 Million people for on demand services.

(This information was fetched from Statista)

People today are a fan of on demand mobile apps because they are-

1. Convenient

The on demand mobile apps are convenient as users can use them anytime, anywhere irrespective of their location. Just go over the app, search your requirement, and order to get your product delivered or service done at the doorstep. The person can ask for the service whenever they want it and it is provided in no time. Therefore, the services provide users absolute convenience to use the app as per their need.

2. Time Saving

The on demand mobile apps allow users to get their items and products delivered at home with a single tap. Users don’t have to take their time out, go, and hunt for things. They simply have to put their demand in the search bar of the online mobile app and results are shown in seconds. It is one of the biggest reasons why people chose on demand apps.

3. Cost-Effective

The apps provide immediate solutions to the users at a very less cost as compared to the solution that they have to make or buy for themselves. For example, a taxi booking. People choose taxi booking apps because that is quite an affordable solution rather than buying a car for themselves.

Startup Ideas and 2021

 As we are stepping into the new year, we are also stepping into the new era. The era that will be ruled by technology and on demand services that are provided at the doorstep. The investors who are going to invest and start their venture in 2021 have to come up with the startup ideas that are based on-

  • Uniqueness

The apps you make might have demand in public but you should have an extra element to them. These apps should give users a benefit or a different user experience that attracts them to your app.

For example, making a food delivery app is easy but making a food delivery app that shows a live kitchen will be unique. So you have to come up with startup ideas that are unique yet in demand.

  • Popularity

The apps are either needed by the audience or the need is created for them. Have plans to develop on demand apps that you see are needed by the users or apps that are already in demand.

Making an app that touches the emotions of the users and their desire to own those services increase the chances of users to download and use the app more.

  • Potential

Most of the startups fail because investors are not able to visualize the future. Think of making on demand apps that have the potential to run even in the longer run. For example, making an app that gives you updates on COVID 19 is a great hit but for the present. Later in the future, hopefully, we won’t need insights on COVID 19. And therefore, this kind of app will be a big fail.

  • Artificial Intelligence

 Technology will be taking over the world soon and in order to be the world, the apps need to be technology-friendly. Including artificial intelligence tools like chatbots or self monitoring logistics are very important. They assist users over the app and also keep up with the pace of technology change.

mobile app development

The On Demand Apps to Consider

There are several startup ideas and different mobile app ideas that will be converted into mobile apps and generate good revenues. Let us learn what are the major niches about which investors should think for good payoffs.

mbile app idea

1. Medical Apps

The apps that provide medical aids like giving medicine delivery at home or providing online booking appointments are in demand today. Post-COVID 19, people prefer to go out or avoid gatherings. Especially in places where there are other patients suffering from different ailments.

Developing medical apps will hold a strong scope of future growth as it is a convenient way. Just like food delivery apps, the users can demand the medicines that will be delivered at home.

And in the case of online appointment booking apps, the user will simply schedule appointments virtually and get their reports and consultancy done without a physical visit. This will save users time and give you an investor to grow more.

Cost Estimation for medical mobile app development- $20000- $70000

2. Beauty Apps

The lifestyle of people is changing every minute. We all live in the era of Instagram and social media platforms. Taking care of our looks and dressing is no new to us.

This trend of self-care and indulging in a beauty regime will keep increasing and that is why beauty apps like glam squad are a good category to ponder on.

These are virtual apps that let users see how they will look in makeup. These apps come with features where users can manipulate their features in the image to make it look more attractive or the way they want. These apps are based on hardcore VR functionalities.

Cost Estimation for beauty mobile app development- $30000- $40000

3. Homecare Apps

The customer today seeks convenience. Where they find things that are convenient for them they go towards it. The homecare app is also one of the on demand app that provides convenience to the users.

According to Verified Market Research, the home service sector is expected to grow by 18.96% by 2026 and reach to amount of USD 1,133.40 Billion. The users can book the service like plumbing, electrician, or cleaner, and the servicemen are sent to the doorstep. These apps are getting popular recently because people are getting busy.

While people are working from home, they want somebody who helps them with the house chores or home services. The homecare service app provides the same instantly without hassle. 

Cost Estimation for Homecare service mobile app development- $15000- $30000

4. Dog Walking Apps

The pet care industry is growing at high speed. People prefer to have dogs or cats and that is why they also want on demand services that provide pet care. Dog walking app like wag has hit the right spot by making a bridge between the busy dog owners and people ho seek earnings.

The dog walking app allows dog owners to hire dog walkers that make their pet walk and get paid in return. The investors investing in pet care or dog walking apps have a strong chance of growth as the industry has shown promising revenues worth 223 Billion US dollars by 2019 according to one of the reports by

Cost Estimation for dog walking mobile app development- $10000- $30000

5. Laundry Apps

According to CAGR, the laundry care segment derives revenue to US$80,030m in 2020. 

As the times are advancing people are shifting to subletting services where they prefer to get their solution from rental services rather than owning themselves. Doing laundry is also one of them. Just like we have common washing or laundry areas where people dump their clothes to wash. This could be replaced by an app.

These laundry or dry cleaning apps will assign the user a person who can come and pick the laundry and after wash send it back. Or just like tinder or any match-making app, the two people who want to come together and go for laundry could find their partners. There could be multiple innovative ideas with laundry services.

These apps will be in demand in the coming times and there would be no surprise if such apps become a major hit in 2021.

Cost Estimation for Laundry mobile app development- $10000 to $25000

6. Travel Apps

Yes, you may find this startup idea absurd and we give you here benefit of the doubt. The world got stuck in homes and popular apps like Airbnb also got heavy losses. But the world is getting recovered. People are adapting to the new normal and very soon travel apps will take a pace too.

The investors should make the app before the demand strikes and launch it before the other competitors come. This way the investors will have a first-mover advantage. Since after lockdown the travel and tourism industry is going to have a new start.

Cost Estimation for travel mobile app development- $2000 to $50000

7. Health Apps

As we know COVID 19 has brought a huge impact on our lifestyle. People are thinking of their health and are cautious about their bodies. The health apps like diet apps, fitness trackers, or calorie counter help users to know the status of their health without stepping out.

These health apps come with different functionalities. Some apps also include personal trainers that prescribe a certain diet or exercise for better results. Such apps will stand a great chance in the future as they focus on health and technology (via smart gadgets).

The users don’t have to go out or visit clinics and diets. They can consult experts through apps or one can self-monitor their health routine because of these self-explanatory design modules. 

Cost Estimation for health mobile app development- $4500 to $11,500

8. Logistics and Delivery Apps

The need for the logistics and delivery apps is going to get a massive hit. Since the people are highly dependant on delivery apps be it grocery delivery app, courier delivery app, or food delivery app. 

These apps let users order and track their orders over the mobile phone. Such apps need a high level of logistics and better synchronization in different panels (admin, vendor, driver, or user).

These apps will be in great demand especially after the ban on Chinese apps like Lalamove, many people will look out for other options that provide home delivery. 

Cost Estimation for logistics and delivery mobile app development- $10000 to $30000

9. E-learning Apps

After the lockdown, the life has changed. People are working from home, doing meetings on Zoom and children are attending classes online. The e-learning apps are the future of the education industry.

Try to invest in the app that provides online classes or educational resources over the app. This type of on demand app allows the user to learn or revise the subject as per their convenience.

In coming times, there will be no wonder if the classrooms go online completely and students are able to learn the whole syllabus at finger tap.

Cost Estimation for e-learning mobile app development- $15000 to $40000


The new year is coming and the new chapter of many things will begin. This year let your startup idea breathe with advanced functionality features. The costs mentioned above are on average and in general. You can further discuss with our app experts to know what is the actual cost you may need to invest for the on demand app which will make you 2021 all merry and glorious.

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