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Pragmatic Approach To Get Feedback On Your Mobile Apps

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4165 Views | 3 min | Published On: December 16, 2016 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
mobile app development

At the time of developing an app, you have a very vague idea, even though an optimistic one, of its user-response. But what’s expected in the early stages of the app development doesn’t necessarily bear desirable response. Why? There are some key differences that lead to an app’s success or failure.

The most basic and yet a significant aspect is that of considering user-opinion. How the audience receives your app goes a long way in determining the direction of its journey. That’s why the importance of user-input in your app development can’t be emphasized enough.Understanding the taste and preference of your users, how they like to see their apps function, and then implementing the same in your app development is very crucial. This helps attain that unbiased and honest opinion of your app.

So there emerges the question. How does a Mobile Application Development Company get into its user’s head?
Read on to figure out what tools are available at developer’s’ disposal to acquire customer feedback.

1. The Tech Pundits are always a good help

Conceiving an app idea is just the beginning.You want to poke and prod it from every angle and that’s where the experienced insight of the tech-groups can prove to be very handy. So take your idea to them and get their views first. Their expert vision will guide you along an efficient path to app development.Look around or Google for tech-groups in your vicinity to get in touch with them. Getting lots of views from various sources is the mark of a sound Mobile Application Development Company.

2. Social networks – Never get out of fashion


There is no need to highlight the importance of Social Networks here. Literally, anything and everything gets picked up by the great clutches of Social Networks these days.Businesses, no less than anyone, employ huge marketing strategies to create awareness about their brand. That’s where social networks could serve yet another purpose of huge import i.e. of gaining customer reactions!

Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter act as fine instruments to imbibe user-feedback. You get to conduct polls, initiate conversations and gather new perspective on your idea. As a Mobile Application Development Company, having an active presence on the Social network implies that you value the user-opinion and also keeps you in constant touch with mobile apps community.

3. How about having your own Forum?

Well if you feel Social-Networks have too crowded a place for you and would like an orderly and personal site to converge all user-opinions to, then Forums are the answer to your call. Create your own forum and spread the word around to attract more and more people to it.Once that’s achieved, user-reactions will start flowing into your forum. This creates a much-personalized place for you to meet, engage and learn more about your users. Tick away this point if you desire your mobile application development company to stay on top of the game.

4. Focus groups or Early Adopters are a post away

The early adopters, insiders or focus group are a great source of help for developers. Launch your mobile apps in beta-testing and sit back for the reviews and opinions of the focus groups. These people are well-aware of the user’s mentality and with their technical expertise ensures they dig into the tiniest bit of bugs and other issues and bring them to developer’s notice.

The focus groups can easily be found on the popular forums. Get their feedback early and avoid any mishaps later on. A number of mobile application development companies have reaped reward by following this approach.

5. The app users themselves?


Last but not the least, the feedback of your app-users is of utmost importance. To put it politely these people aren’t shy about sharing any of their thoughts on the concerned app.They know they’re the end-users and if there’s something they don’t like in the app, they’ll like to get that fixed soon. App-reviews are welcomed, in fact, elicited within app’s themselves to evaluate the user’s satisfactory level. Any mobile application development company can use this feedback to their advantage by working on the end-user’s pain points.

It’s a fair argument that you may not always get the most accurate opinions from just one source.
That’s why it makes sense to get feedback from as many places or people as possible. Analyze what they have to say and then act accordingly. The decision of whether or not to implement changes in a fully-fledged app is no doubt going to be impacted by a lot of factors.

It’s not straightforward. Nor there is absolute surety that a positive response from users will follow. So a proper vetting of the feedback is mandatory. If the app does go through some revamping, then don’t forget to spread the word around of its latest version.That’s the way for a smart and forward-looking Mobile Application Development Company to operate.

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