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8 Tips to Prevent App Uninstalls in Android and iOS

5132 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 7, 2018 Last Updated: October 4, 2019
steps to prevent android app uninstall in 2019

Any application that doesn’t give users enough reasons to continue using it is uninstalled. An app owner faces many problems, a poor user experience, poor performance of the app and bad designs. But, there is one problem that may come after the successful release of your application. And that is App Getting Uninstalled. So, how will your prevent app uninstalls?

Source: businessinsider

prevent app uninstalls

App users are so quick to uninstall apps on their mobile phones that they don’t wait even for a second to do so. On average, over 30% of apps that gets installed by users globally of both the platforms Android and iOS are unistalled.

So, how would you prevent it? The mantra is to keep your app’s goal in mind, know what your users need, and do everything it takes to deliver an amazing user experience. The chances of survival are quite less if your application doesn’t have what your users wanted.

Here’s a checklist to make sure that your app is on track and you can prevent app uninstalls:

Start Tracking

Your first and foremost step should be to find the root of the evil. You can’t make a plan to reach if you don’t know your destination. To truly comprehend what occurs inside your application and how clients handle every one of the activities that your app offers is to use various tracking tools available online.

Integrate Third Party Tracking Tool

A convenient and modern approach to know user journey is to integrate a tracking tool with your app that gives you the insights. That’s how you can keep an eye on your users while they use your application. In a similar time, you can see how it functions for them by keeping your eye on application events. You can use tools available online like kochava, MoEngage, and Qgraph to prevent app uninstalls.

Figure Out Drop off focuses

While using analytics, you should figure out the elements that make clients uninstall your application. It truly relies upon your application category.

For example, if your app is a mobile game it is necessary to watch the tutorial completion and on the resources. Or perhaps some specific level is excessively complicated for a major portion of players. For a retail application, you should see what keeps clients down to complete their purchases. Etcetera. There are a lot of cases like this but you should know the best since it is your application after all.

Segment Your Audience

After you are done with the above step you have to segment your users into various groups and make the right strategy for each section to prevent app uninstalls. You can divide your user based on their interests, age, gender, languages, country and may be devices.

User segmentation is important for the proficiency of mobile marketing campaigns. Making user segments will make the message to reach a more focused audience. The outcome is that clients won’t uninstall the application because it’s useless to their requirements. The division is related to the development of personas, which are characters that you focus on when you make offers and messages. You can discover them by searching for patterns in a client’s action inside your application. Or on the other hand, you can utilize tools like AppSee where you can watch recordings of users utilizing your application.

Collect Feedback

The most direct approach to find the reasons why users uninstall your application and how to maintain a strategic distance from these reasons is to create a communication channel between them. To prevent app uninstalls, try not to wait until you see their reviews on the application store or on social media. Compel users to believe that you are there to hear them out and to solve their issues.

You should use these feedback channels to get the information you require:

• Social Media Websites
• In-App Chats
• E-mail Surveys

If you take your user’s feedback seriously and implement it, it will result in:

• An improved product
• An improved customer experience
• A superior app; exactly like your users want
• Your business acquiring loyal customers feeling that their feedback is valued.

You simply need to make a relationship with your users and to request their assistance to improve your application. Consequently, all this will result in preventing the users to uninstall your application.

Reconsider Push Notifications

Push notifications are an incredible solution for informing users about the value of your application. But, the condition is to utilize them carefully with a specific end goal to acquire the needed effect. While using push notification keep the below things in mind:

• Do not attack your users with the desperate messages every time. Just use them when you have something essential to inform like an offer they can’t refuse or a new update to your app.
• Use the data collected in the analytics report to personalize the messages you send to your users. The new developments in this industry offer you solutions to inspire clients with rich media messages that will change their mind from uninstalling your application.

Offer Incentives to  Prevent App Uninstalls

To prevent app uninstalls, it will be too nice if each user would fall in love with your application. However, with more than 5 million applications available in major app store, it is extremely hard to draw in them without offering something valuable, like a bonus or discount for their sake. Read this blog by think with Google to see how Incentives can prompt renewed app usage.

Source: thinkwithGoogle

prevent app uninstalls

So, try to concentrate on the area of your application that drives engagement and increase its effects. Possibly some exclusive element or some premium content will persuade them to open your application again and again.

Enhance App Performance

Perhaps the issues of your application have nothing to do with your marketing methodology. It is possible that other components decide clients to uninstall your application. Look again at the way your application is working on all devices.

Final Words

In the end, it is the user that decides your application’s destiny. Users change their minds frequently depending upon various factors. At the start, they feel excited by applications’ idea and continue utilizing them once they are launched. However, after some time, they might uninstall it when they get bored. Maybe because of the reason your app isn’t as exciting or wonderful as the next one that comes up. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can keep your app on the track and prevent app uninstalls.

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