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Why Every Business Needs A Mobile Application?

5552 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 26, 2018 Last Updated: February 13, 2020

Today, no man who understands the concept of the internet can deny the relevance that mobile phone will have in the future. Without any doubt, mobile phones are the future of the web.

Earlier, ignoring mobile users was not a big deal for all businesses and organizations but now, considering the relevance of mobile phone, no organization can afford to ignore even a single mobile user.

Today, a business which is not ready to adopt mobile phones cannot attain the heights of success. In accordance with a survey of Gallup, almost 3/4th Americans, at least once every hour, check their mobile phones. Considering the results of this survey, it is pure stupidity to neglect the mobile phone users.

The level of engagement public has with technology make mobiles apps the need of the hour for all businesses. To be able to match with the technologies like biometrics, AR & VR, 3D gaming, cameras, etc., a business has to have its own mobile application.

It won’t be wrong to say that mobile application development is an essential requirement for today’s businesses.

Here are the perks that mobile apps provide to a business:


user experience

According to a survey, about 80% of the smartphone users give a start to their day by looking at their smartphones and using the apps in it. In such a smartphone-oriented environment, the level of engagement is expected to be higher from the mobile application than from the websites.

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Also, it is important to regularly communicate with your customers in order to increase the level of engagement. Adding a feature like ‘help desk’ can help in communicating with the customers without any interruptions.

OpenTable is one of the best examples of customer communication service.
It is a restaurant booking service that operates online. Its entire business model is developed based on this ‘help desk’ feature. Users can simply click few times on their screen and book a table at the preferred restaurant instead of making the phone calls.


user experience

What makes mobile applications better and faster than the regular websites is the seamless performance they deliver. This seamless performance along with a user-friendly design and interface is the USP (unique selling property) of mobile applications. Due to this USP mobile apps are able to engage more and more users.

When you think about appointing a mobile app development company, you should ensure that optimum attention is given to user-based design and interface. This is because we are serving the customers and it is the responsibility of a business to provide maximum satisfaction to them. Also, great satisfaction will result in greater returns on investment.


repetitive usage

In case a business is of the kind which gets frequent visits from users, then having a native mobile application is of huge advantage. Mobile websites are surely easily accessible but the lags and downtrends which users experience can also not be ignored.

On the other hand, having a native mobile application makes having a greater number of interactions with customers possible and also it facilitates seamless operations.

Starbucks, in order to enable the customers to place orders and make payments without any hassles, launched its native app. To make the app beneficial for both, the business and the customers, Starbucks offered rewards for purchases to their users.


customer insight

One of the greatest perks that a mobile app offers to a business is the volume of the customer data it gathers. The app analytics will let you identify those operational areas which are the most profitable. It will also help in determining the needs of the customers and will also provide the details about the performance of the app.

All the data that app analytics provide can be later used to improve and intensify the products, recognize new and upcoming areas for establishing and expanding the business, and also for developing various solutions to all the needs and requirements of the customers


location tracking

Location plays an important role in gaining new customers. By including the feature of location in the mobile applications, a business can target new customers based on their locations.

Presently, this feature of location is being used by many successful shopping apps. They use the locations of their customers in order to send them notifications based on their location.

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customer loyalty

If a business is planning to continue and stay in the market for a long time then it should definitely consider establishing customer loyalty through its mobile application. Everyone’s well aware of the low impact which crowd of advertising channels leaves on the customers owing to the multiple channels.

On the opposite side, mobile applications facilitate in establishing an honest and sincere connection between the business and the end-customers. Through meaningful, effective content and efficient curation of product, a business can ensure the loyalty of their customers. This loyalty will, as a result, make the business grow for many many years to come.

Mobile applications are one of the greatest tools that a business can utilize to develop itself, gain customers and survive in the market for a long duration. In the coming future, to be a part of the competition and to outstand the rivals, mobile apps will be the basic resource.

What needs to be taken care of are the choices which you take for your business because right choices and right decisions are the foundation for building a strong business in future.

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