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Robinhood App Redesigned | From Reuters To The Wall Street Journal Covers Every News Feed!

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4407 Views | 3 min | Published On: October 14, 2019 Last Updated: November 18, 2019

A snazzy technicolor interface, dazzling animation effects, and an overall cheery user experience, Robinhood isn’t your average investment app! The app’s attractive user-friendly design and the company’s promise of free stock trading have helped it to cross 6 million users worldwide. Robinhood is currently estimated to be worth over $5 billion, and it hasn’t stopped working on growing further and faster. Just days ago, the app rolled out a brand-new newsfeed bolstered by content from Barron’s, Reuters, together with market coverage direct from The Wall Street Journal. What makes the upgrade even more newsworthy is that users don’t have to pay anything extra for this additional content which also happens to be 100 percent ad-free!

Everything new in Robinhood’s redesigned newsfeed

In March this year, Robinhood acquired MarketSnacks, a renowned financial newsletter, and podcast and rebranded the product as Robinhood Snacks. The revamped newsfeed furthers the company’s approach of offering useful and reliable financial news in a manner that makes it easy to access and comprehend. Here’s all that’s new to the Robinhood app…

Robinhood Snacks is directly available on the app

With the recent redesign, Robinhood has made its newsletter Snacks available on its mobile app so customers can directly access top financial stories and trends in the app itself without needing to search for it using a different app or search engine.

New display layer and algorithms

Robinhood has always had a sleek and user-oriented interface. With the redesign, it’s attempted to make the display layer even more attractive and the results are there for all to see and praise! Robinhood has also worked in new algorithms that can better identify the companies that users are invested in or interested in and bring them all the important news and updates regarding these companies.

Ad-free news content from the most trusted sources

Users can now keep up to date with all the developments in the financial world through Robinhood’s newsfeed. The new newsfeed includes financial market news from trusted sources such as Reuters and Barron’s along with round the clock market coverage straight from The Wall Street Journal. All this new content is available to the app users at no additional cost or paywall. Also, the content is totally ad-free to ensure the users get what they expect without nagging promotions diverting their attention.

Ad-free videos in the newsfeed

On top of all the readable market data, Robinhood’s newsfeed now offers ad-free videos from financial news broadcasters like CNN Business, Reuters and Cheddar. Again, the videos are available free of charge to all app users.

Robinhood’s Newsfeed Redesigns | Part of an ongoing process


When Robinhood started out back in 2014, stock trading had a reputation of being a complex and expensive financial exercise. The existing stock trading platforms of the time were largely drab, with an uninspired design that did nothing to engage new users or help their understanding of the product. These platforms weren’t easy to navigate for inexperienced traders and the overall effect was either alienating or intimidating.

In comparison, Robinhood’s app was an intuitive, millennial-friendly platform that used a unique but aesthetically pleasing color scheme. The primary color was bright jungle green instead of the typical primary green common in most stock market platforms. A conscious effort was made to reduce the amount of text present on the interface without taking away the information. For instance, the app used dark and night modes to indicate night and day so users would know the market is closed or open with just a quick glance.

Robinhood’s mantra is to democratize finance for everyone. But without its Apple Design Award-winning interface to make stock trading simple and engaging, even the company’s no commission fee formula would have found it harder to draw in large numbers. Over the years, Robinhood has continued adding more tools to its app, allowing users to manage their investments in a quicker, more efficient manner. These include revamps to Robinhood’s Help Center along with the inclusion of some excellent discovery tools.

Robinhood’s vision

The newest changes to the Robinhood app are not a profit-centric move. These are more about giving the customers more of what they require to gain confidence and make better decisions. The company recognizes that a lot of users visit the app to learn more about the companies they’re watching. Users want to access investment news from varied, trustworthy sources.

In addition, a large segment of users like receiving information through videos. Enhancing users’ awareness of the investment scene and their engagement to the product, however, will most certainly boost the app’s overall utility and popularity. According to Josh Elman, the vice president of product at Robinhood, the company will continue to invest in ways that make their product more useful to the customers in times to come. Always a smart tactic!

Source – Techcrunch

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