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14 Best Auto Apps For The iPhone And Android

10746 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 15, 2019 Last Updated: October 16, 2019
  • Do you travel frequently for work?
  • Is this commuting taking a major toll on your mental health?
  • Do you consider avoiding travel by any means?

Consider it no more, as auto apps can be your savior. Auto apps are the apps specially designed to allow a user to use his/ her favorite app while driving, without compromising on one’s driving experience. You can play your favorite apps on your car’s dashboard screen with built-in controls like voice command, touch screen, etc. Apple is providing its users the Carplay App for the same. Whereas for the Android users, Google has come out with Android Auto. 

In this era of universal connectivity, why should one remain cut-off from the world while driving? Dashboard gadgetry in modern age cars allows one to use mobile apps and download updates of the same. This allows one to use various mobile applications while driving without the physical need to engage with the app.

This is made possible through various built-in control systems like voice command, Siri Suggestions, touch screen, etc for the hassle-free and enhanced the driving experience. So, whenever you plan your next trip or are going to the office, do consider using some of the below-listed auto apps and have a better traveling experience.

Whether you are a seasoned Apple iPhone user or a new one, it’s a must for you to opt for at least some of these auto apps to remain updated even while driving.

Best Auto Apps (Carplay) for the iPhone Users- Top 7

Below we have curated the list for every Apple user. These are some of the best apple carplay apps that every iOS user should be aware of.

1. iHeart Radio | Apple Carplay Apps 

Are you a music person? If yes, then this app is for you. You can listen to your favorite singer, create an endless playlist, share a live station or a song on that station with your friends and also get live scores of your favorite sporting events. You can access this app via Siri suggestions, voice command and share via Snapchat.

Click To Download this App Here.

2. Audible

Do you like spending your travel time reading? This Amazon-owned paid product features a large collection of audiobooks of different genres like psychological thrillers, non-fiction, epics, etc making long journeys pleasant.

Click To Download this App Here.

3. NPR One | Apple Carplay apps 

Do you think long travel hours are making you miss out on your favorite shows? If yes, then this app is for you. It allows you to listen to the shows, podcasts, news from NPR and local public radio. Its smart AI will with time learn and bring to you stories you are most interested in.

Click To Download this App Here.

4. MLB At Bat

Is Baseball your favorite sport, then you probably know this app already. While driving you can certainly not watch live videos but you can listen to the radio feature of the game. The subscribed version ($3/month or $20/year)of the app comes with this radio feature.

Click To Download this App Here.

You can also check out our exclusive list of best book apps at – Best book apps every book lover should have. 

5. Spotify | Carplay apps for Music

One of the most popular music streaming services, this app can be the one to go for, for all music lovers.

Download this App Here.

6. Overcast | Top Carplay App For Podcast Lovers 

This iOS podcast player allows downloading, subscribing and listening to your favorites on the go. Also with a yearly premium, you can avoid encountering advertisements in between.

Click To Download this App Here.

7. Radio Disney

Lengthy car trips can take a toll on the kids and this, in turn, can make the entire journey exhausting for adults. Here this apple carplay app can come to a family’s rescue. Radio Disney with its child-friendly content which includes music, interviews with child-friendly artists, etc will not let your kids getting bored sitting on the back seat. Also, videos for kids can be enjoyed on a tablet or iPhone, connected to your Carplay. 

Download this App Here.

Other than the above Carplay apps, there are a lot of interesting apps one must-have look over. Some of these are TomTom Go Navigation, TuneIn,, VOX, etc to name a few.

Best Android Auto Apps for Android Users- Top 7

Below is the Android auto app list that will entrigue every app lover. We have created the list of the Android auto apps for every android user should try at least once.

8. Google Maps | Apps For Android Auto 

There is every possibility that you are using this app on your smartphone pretty frequently and thus are already aware of the same. However, Google maps become worth mentioning here as the android auto version of the same with its simplified experience, will further improve your experience. 

Click To Download this App Here.

9. Audible

Those who prefer reading books over listening to music must check out this apple android auto app. You can listen to your downloaded audiobooks while driving.

Click To Download this App Here.

10. Spotify | The Best Auto Apps Of 2020

Spotify’s rich music library lets you explore songs of different genres and different eras while you navigate across long roads. Spotify premium with a monthly fee provides you ad-free music, unlimited skips, and high-quality audio.

Click To Download this App Here.

11. Pandora

A popular music streaming service customized to the listener’s interests. This can be a better travel companion at times. Pandora’s app will learn while you play your music selections and will keep playing your favorite music without the requirement of your input while driving.

You Can Download this App Here.

12. Waze | Android Auto Compatible Apps 

This cloud information gathering app can give you real-time information about traffic congestion, accident alerts, ETAs, etc, thus greatly reducing your travel time. This app also enables listening to music or podcast from within the app. The updated version of this app allows sharing your drive with family and friends.

Click To Download this App Here.

13. Amazon Music

This is a popular music streaming app. More useful for Amazon Prime subscribers, Amazon Music also provides its users Prime stations to listen to. In-built voice commands enable its hands-free use.

Download this App Here.

14. Pocket Casts

One of the best podcasts app on the Android, Pocket Casts is now fully compatible with the Android Auto. With the controls like play/pause, back/ forward you can play your favorite podcasts all while you drive.

Click To Download this App Here.

In addition to the above-listed android auto apps, apps like Hangout, Pocket Casts, Rainwave, are the ones you cannot miss out on. These will surprise you surely and that too for good!

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say that to have the best infotainment experience on the road, it is a must for a techno-savvy commuter to experiment with these apps. Even if your car model does not support these apps, you can still enjoy these on your smartphone screen.

Here, we have tried to enlist some of the best auto apps which can greatly enhance your next road trip experience. At the same time, we are quite sure that we must have left one or another.

Do share with us if you think we have left some crucial and interesting ones. And for your next, have a happy and safe journey.

In case you are looking to bring your own auto app in the market, you can always consult the experts to help you with the process.

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