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Rock the World With Your Spotify Like App

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4310 Views | 2 min | Published On: May 9, 2017 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
This is how you build a spotify like app

How Spotify Came Into Being?


Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming apps. With a host of categories, genres, radio stations on offer, you can never run out of quality music.


Spotify was invented to live the joy music-listening to the fullest. It’s not as if there weren’t any similar apps before Spotify, but they simply weren’t as cutting-edge neither had all impressive user-interface.


When the makers of Spotify, Martin Lorentzon, and Daniel Ek, got together to discuss their plans for a futuristic music-streaming app, they had one thing in mind – flawless availability of content. With the birth of Spotify in 2008, they were able to bring that vision to reality. Spotify’s ease of search and access to global music was a landmark achievement.


The music streaming takes place directly from Cloud servers, so the user doesn’t have to wait for songs to download first. The app is available for free, but to enjoy full functionality users have to opt-in for premium registration. Within very little time Spotify became the go-to music streaming app for a huge number of mobile audience. Spotify also provided a stiff challenge to Apple’s iTunes, which at the time was the most popular app for listening songs.


To top it all up, Spotify supports a range of devices. Be it PCs, Tablets or TVs, Spotify gives you the optimum music-listening experience wherever you listen, however, you listen.

How Can Spotify Clone Benefit Me?

Spotify like App

Apps like Spotify have a potential of earning huge revenues. People have been listening to music of one type or another for eons. With its digitalization accessing music has become ever easier. Music streaming apps are plentiful, but not many offer as promising experience as Spotify. Spotify is the zenith of a music streaming app. No wonder, it’s got a huge fan following now. The service is so good that people don’t seem to reason spending a few bucks to avail its premium features.

Here are a Few Highlight Features of Spotify:

Easy search for any artist or album
Make a playlist of all your favorite songs
Save favorite songs for offline listening
Dive-into Editor’s Choice

While some of the said features are only available in the premium model, Spotify has enough to satisfy its free users. There are quite a ways to monetize any online music streaming app.

The free model could be supported with ads, whereas Premium model is always a straightforward pay in and enjoy the service model. Either way, with a top-notch app experience and great audience reach, anyone could be earning tremendous revenues.

How Can Apptunix Help?


Apptunix is a leading mobile application development company. We have got expert developers for iOS, Android, and Hybrid app development. Spotify like the app is nothing new to us.


Our developers have created a number of Spotify clones that are just as brilliant as the original with a few less or more modifications of their choice.

Worried about the price? Apptunix has a reputation for delivering cost and time services. By following a very flexible and robust approach to app development we ensure everything gets taken care of just as you want it.


Contact us to discuss your Spotify music app idea and see it becoming a reality!

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