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6 Common Myths About Android App Development That Need To Be Trashed

The era of smartphones and mobile apps is at its apogee. The mobile technology, in particular, has been advancing at a rapid and incessant pace. There are apps for almost every sort of purpose. Mobile apps have equipped us with the power to control almost everything with unbelievable ease. As a result, the mobile app development industry is experiencing a period of definite boom. There’s been a surge in the number of companies and individual mobile app developers, all looking to make a fortune through their services.

Pre-Requisites Of Android App Development

If we talk about the apps, they have a long journey to cover in order to reach the end-users. It requires time and thoughts to develop an app. An app development involves cost and manpower. For different platforms, there needs to be a corresponding framework environment. An Android app development requires a Java SDK, Android Studio, Native and third-party libraries. Apart from these basic prerequisites, some other standard tools become necessary if the app to be developed is a gaming app.

How Are Apps Changing Our Lives?


Mobile apps are changing our lifestyle in a myriad of ways. As said earlier, there are mobile apps for almost every purpose these days. In such exceptional cases, people tend to begin and end their days relying on the mobile apps. Apps are now managing your household chores, transport, shopping, education, work, banking, entertainment, health and lots more. That’s clear indication that our lives are highly impacted by the mobile apps. There are still more uncharted territories that mobile needs to breach but there’s every reason to believe that it’s only a matter of time before that will happen. Each day new ideas are given life in the form of mobile apps.

So What Are The Myths?

This blog takes a look at the commonly held misconceptions about the Android App Development. For the most part, the views of the people outside the industry are flawed and they can have a detrimental effect on the future of Android apps. In the long run, as these misconceptions go around and reach more ears, they can cause potential clients and businesses to distance themselves from Android apps. This blog is an attempt to address such misconceptions and bring the actual facts to light.

1. Android Requires Lesser Cost & Efforts Than iOS And Other Platforms


The most common myth is that because Android is open source almost anyone can create a mobile app without too much difficulty. Its true that Android is open source but this does not make app development effortless. There are millions of Android devices in the market and managing even a single UI on all these devices needs a lot of efforts. Nor is it true that every Android app requires less cost. Some of the high-end Android apps with lots of features and functionality can raise the cost of development considerably higher.

2. Once An App Is Launched, Development Is No Longer Needed

That development is not required once the app is pushed into Play Store is the biggest misconception about Android apps. An app isn’t done with its launch. Every app needs continuous enhancement and maintenance to stay strong in the market. So the app needs to be in the constant care of the development team for bug fixing, new feature additions and maintenance.

3. Idea Is Enough To Start App Development


This is true to some extent and not just with regards to Android but almost every other mobile app platform. However, the key thing is that your idea will not work if it isn’t feasible. Before the implementation of any idea, it’s quite crucial to perform the feasibility check and thereafter ascertain the time and resource requirements. You also need to cross-check whether or not the idea you are going to deploy is worth attempting? A thorough market-analysis must be undertaken to determine the potential of your app idea. So overall, it’s a lengthy process from idea-conception to app development.

4. Only Some Apps Need Marketing

Mostly, we tend to think that if an app’s concept is a good one, the app will sell itself. That’s another misconception. Every app needs marketing to increase the buyer adoption and selling rates. Marketing is the key feature for the success of any app. To beat other apps in the same category and with similar functionality, it’s the marketing that can prove to be a gamechanger for you.

5. Earning Can Begin Instantly With Downloads


Another huge myth is that once the app is in the Play Store, the earning will start instantly. That’s not the reality. Downloads will not pump in money unless the app user pays you for using the app.

6. Native Development Makes App Development Easier And Solves All Issues

No doubt, Native development makes the app smooth. But it is not possible to use it in all scenarios. In fact, everything depends on the requirement and not all requirements fit in Native. There are some functionalities that need to be developed in cross-platform. Although Cross-Platform offers nearly the same experience as Native, the user has to compromise on some features.


So, those were some of the most basic and common myths about Android app development. No doubt, there must be many other. But the point is that these misconceptions impact development of the app either directly or indirectly. Such, myths should be clear to the client, business owner, and a developer so that an efficient and productive app can be launched in the market.


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Best Services For Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding

Android and iOS are the most popular platforms in the world of MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT. Both platforms provide the environment in which it is possible for a developer to create efficient mobile apps with customized features. With the rise of Hybrid Application Development, it is also possible for non-mobile developers to develop Android apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


But what about those people who don’t have any knowledge regarding App Development or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Can they create their own Apps?


Yes, it is possible. There are some web services which enable us to create simple Mobile Applications without having prior programming knowledge.


In this article, we will discuss the best web services that can help us create our own simple mobile application without any programming practice.


1. Appy Pie

appy pie

AppyPie is a no-code and best DIY Mobile application development tool that allows you to make simple and creative mobile apps with a unique experience. This app creator supports Android, iOS and Windows platform as well.


It is one of the preferable mobile app creators because it provides unique features and analytical capabilities also.
It allows user to create an app with 3 easy steps:-
1. Select app category
2. Build App.
3. Publish App.

You can add push notifications, connect database and in-app purchase functionality etc. It provides both free as well as paid services.

2. AppsGeyser


AppsGeyser is an online service that allows you to create custom mobile apps. It converts your web content into Android apps. The user can create mobile apps based on the content pulled from different web pages with 2 easy steps. AppsGeyser is Android only mobile application platform. Most of the apps can be created within 5 minutes.


Key Features of AppsGeyser:-
1. Provide different templates for games, web services and for social pages etc.
2. App Monetization.
3. No SDK required.
4. Easy and free app creation.
5. One can easily sell apps on AppsGeyser platform itself.


3. BuzzTouch


BuzzTouch is another great open source option, which allows us to create interactive Mobile Apps. BuzzTouch is a reliable solution for both Android and iOS apps. It enables us to use pre-written plugins and customize them to add new features without any limits. It is designed to create apps using web-based forms. BuzzTouch also allows the user to create launcher icon or banner image for the home screen etc.
You can create a limited number of apps on BuzzTouch server for free. After that, you need to buy its premium plan.

4. Andromo


App creation with Andromo is an idiot-proof. Anyone with zero programming knowledge can make an android app using just their imagination and the Andromo online tool. Andromo is not a cross-platform app maker. It is smarter, faster and better than that. It is only used for the creation of Android apps. It actually generates real Java code and compiles it with Google’s official Android SDK.


It is required to sign up with Andromo and it allows you to create your very first app for free. After that, you have to go for its monthly and yearly based plans. It offers very flexible monthly and yearly premium plans with more benefits.


Andromo creates your app in minutes..not in months.
How Andromo Works:-
1. Create your Andromo project.
2. Add features, graphics, and content that makes your app unique.
3. Build your app.

Andromo will create your app and email you when it will be done.


5. AppMakr


AppMakr is another content-based app builder that allows us to create both Android and iOS apps in just a couple of minutes. Like other app builders, it also provides free and premium plans with many flexible and reliable features at affordable prices.


AppMakr provides secure mobile app development. AppMakr has the partnership with McAfee and MetaCert that scans over a billion of web pages for any malware. It also allows us not to store passwords on their website.


You can create an app in just 20 minutes and make it available to the whole world with just $1 per month.

Final Words


Aforementioned is a broad collection of app builders that assure easy and smart app development for those who are not experts in coding. You can create outstanding apps with the help of these web services. Apart from these well-facilitated tools for App development, customization, complex functionalities and performance optimization can be achieved by applying logical and efficient coding techniques by professionals. Positively, this well-researched piece of information will help you to take the firm decision and make your app development process better and optimized.

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