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Top Android Mobile Applications Used Globally And Their Future

3702 Views | 1 min | Published On: July 9, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
android app development

This blog on “Android mobile applications” is for those who are always eager to know about new apps and their functions. No one has ever thought these simple apps will capture the market this way. The apps are the perfect examples to prove that the right use of technology and creative ideas can do magic overnight. 

We cannot imagine our life without mobile phones, and the main reason why we are so fond of android phones is because of these ”Apps”.

The apps are very interactive and the best way to kill time. During the lockdown, apps played an important role by entertaining people in different ways.  

There are several apps for multiple services, for almost everything we can find one app. And the competition is so high that we also see thousands of similar apps for a single service. For example for food delivery services, we have a number of different apps like uber eats, grub hub, etc. 

If you are also a big fan of apps and want to develop one for your business, you can reach out to android mobile applications development company and can start with something interesting. It is not easy to develop android mobile applications. You need to be very creative and innovative with your ideas and approach. All that you need to know about android app development is here, read it carefully.

android mobile app development solutions and help

Future of Android Mobile Applications

We can see the exponential growth in android mobile applications development. In the coming future, people will be completely dependent on apps.

During the pandemic, we have experienced the true need for android mobile applications. If there were no apps like Google pay, Netflix, and Google Meet. Then it would have been very difficult to manage payments, office work, and other important things.

Because of the high market competition, and demand the white-label app development solutions are also available. With the help of this, one can easily start or have their own app for business in no time. Learn more about white label apps here.

We are here discussing the best android mobile applications which can be a good option for you to earn revenue. According to Statista, it is expected that the mobile app market will reach $935 Bn by 2023. So if you are planning to develop an android mobile app then you can go for this business confidently.

List of Popular Mobile Applications | Downloaded Globally

There are several best android mobile applications and their popularity will motivate you to develop similar mobile applications for your business. So that you can also become a part of this growing industry.

List of best android apps:

top android mobile apps

Tik Tok

Zhang Yiming is the creator of this app.  Users can make short videos for entertainment. It is available in 40 different languages. Work well on Android mobiles as well as on iOS. To know how much it costs to develop an app like Tik Tok click here.


Brian Acton and Jan Koum are the creators of Whatsapp. Used for messaging, video calling, and audio calling. Available in 40 languages for iOS users and in 60 languages for Android users. Know about its features and development cost here. 


We all are aware of this app, and used it for posting pictures, messaging, finding friends, etc. This is a social media platform that connects users with friends and other known people. 


This is an American video and photo-sharing app. There are many interesting features on Instagram that makes this app user-friendly. You can also develop an app like Instagram and can earn good money out of this social media app.

Instagram is available in 32 languages and is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Fire OS.   


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging app. With the use of bitmoji texting becomes even more interactive and fun. You can also check trending videos there.  People between the age of 16 to 35 are more fond of this app. It is available in 37 different languages. Can easily run on Android (version 4.4 and later) and iOS ( 10 and later).  

Google Meet

It is a video communication service by Google. It gained the highest popularity during the lockdown period when people were working from home. It is compatible with: Android, iOS, and Web. 


Users who are always looking for some new web series must be aware of this App. It is an OTT platform. Users can watch different web series and the latest TV shows on this app. Users need to pay for the Netflix subscription and to avail all its services. 


This on-demand cab booking app is available in 400 cities across 70 different countries. This made traveling easy. On-demand cab booking apps are too much in demand by the users. The number of users is more as compared to the availability of the cabs. So definitely you can go with this option. To start your own on-demand cab booking service like Uber click here.


This is an audio streaming and media, service provider. It is one of the best music streaming apps. Spotify is consistently working on its design, streaming quality, and music-sharing features to offer its user more convenience and space to explore. It has a library of 35 million songs. Available on Android and iOS. 

Music streaming apps are in demand too, you can start your business with this also.

How to Develop Android Mobile Applications

Few points which you should consider before you start app development.

Here is a complete process that you should check for android app development. We have mentioned a step-wise guide that will help you to understand Android Mobile Application Development process.

steps involve in android app development

Have an Idea

There are several apps, different categories, some are for entertainment, some are for food delivery and some are for shopping, etc.

Now you have to decide what type of app you want to develop for your targeted audience.

It is very important to decide your target audience before you begin with the app development process, then only you can have a perfect idea and delivery plan. 

Decide Your Budget

Once you are done with the idea and finally decided what type of app you want, now it comes to your app development budget.

App development can be extremely expensive or can be reasonable sometimes. Depending upon your app design it all matters.

You prepare an expected budget which you can easily spend. Then choose an app development company and make them understand your app development ideas and then proceed accordingly with them. 

Choose Mobile App Development Company

Deciding on the right app development company is important. Make sure the app development company has good reviews from their previous clients and has a complete registered address. If you will compromise deciding on an app development company. Then you will face many problems during the entire development process. 

App Development Process

Now once you have selected the app development company, the developers and designers will start working on the app. The UI/UX designers will design and developers will work on the coding part. This entire process involves coding, designing, and testing.


Finally, when the coding part is done, the testers will check the functioning of the app. They will make sure users do not face any problems while using the app.

They will debug the app and make it perfect for the user’s accessibility.

All these three steps are the main part of the app development process (designing, coding, and testing). Make sure you hire a company which offers you all these services.

Launch And Promotions

Now comes the final point, when the app is completely prepared and ready for launch.

It is time to make your audience aware that your app is available for their use.

Let the user know what will be the cost for downloading the app or if you provide a free download then what is the official source to download the app.

You must make all the possible information about the app available for the user on your website or the platform where you are advertising your app. Promotion of the app is very important so that the audience can acknowledge your app and its features.

Why People Use Android Mobile Apps

If you want to know why these apps are so popular then in this paragraph we have discussed a few points. This will help you to understand why developing apps is a great business choice. 

Mobiles are our best friends when we are alone. When there is no one to talk to and you are looking for some fun then mobile apps are the best way to keep yourself entertained. There are several reasons why people like to use apps. Some of them are mentioned below:

why people use android mobile apps

Avoid Boredom

Apps are the best when someone is bored and wants some entertainment.

Whether the user wants to listen to a song, there is an app for that, when users are bored of the usual T.V series they can watch the latest and thrilling web series on Netflix.

Last but not least “gaming apps”, we do not realize how time went by when we are playing any mobile games. So whenever a user is bored or feeling low they can use the app and can easily get entertained.

For Entertainment

It is not possible to carry your T.V or gaming console everywhere, therefore these apps like Netflix and Pubg, and candy crush are introduced.

These mobile apps never disappoint us when we want to get relaxed and entertained. Mobile Apps are great if someone is looking for an affordable and easy way to get entertained.  

Home Sickness

When we are away from home and family we feel sad and lonely. We look for friends or options which can help us to overcome that feeling of homesickness. These mobile apps are of great help at that time, they keep us entertained and engaged.   

Quick service

On-demand mobile applications save us at the last moment. The food delivery apps are the perfect example of on-demand apps.

Whenever we are extremely hungry and need something to eat then we can immediately place the order through the app and get the food in a few minutes.

For Making Friends

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp help us to stay connected with our friends.

Other apps also help us to make new friends like tinder and bumble. With the help of apps, we can always stay close to our loved ones. Such android mobile application also has the feature of video calling

Cost Requirements to Build Popular Android Mobile Applications

Now if we talk about the cost involved in the app development process then it depends upon various points. Costing also varies as per the different app development companies.

Every company has its terms and conditions for developing an app.

Below we have mentioned few points which affect the cost of the app development process.

cost require to develop android mobile app
  • Design of the App

If the design of the app is simple then the cost will be low, similarly, if the design is complex and different from basics then the cost will be high. It completely depends on the client how he wants his app and accordingly UI/UX designers prepare the layout.

  • Advertisement of the App (Promotions)

You can’t ignore this part at any cost. Usually, clients forget about this factor nevertheless it is the most important point.

If you do not promote your app enough then you will not get the expected result.

So always remember that promoting the app is as important as the app development process. You can choose any platform for the promotion which best suits your budget.

  • Features of the Apps

As many features or advanced features, you will add to your app, the amount of the app will keep increasing. Apps with unique and advanced features will require more time for an app development process and more time means more money invested.

You must have seen gaming apps are more expensive because it requires more features. So more features mean more cost and less features means less cost.


Above we have discussed popular android mobile applications, how much it will cost to develop such an app and the process involved in app development.

 Android mobile app development is trending nowadays because of the high demands of the apps.

There is high demand for useful and great android mobile applications.

Users are loving and showing great interest in these applications. Apps like Tik Tok have a great fan following, this app broke all the previous records of the android mobile applications.

Therefore we can say people admire these entertainment apps and if you want to invest your money in this industry. Then developing similar mobile applications will be a great option for you.

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