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  • Procreate, a Sketching App – Free download via Apple Store

    Procreate, A Sketching App – Free Download Via Apple Store

    • Apptunix
    • 1 July 2016
    • 3519

    Apple is offering a free download of its one of the most popular iOS Sketching Apps, Procreate. For many artists, painters designers and those who have a knack for more

  • Earpiece – That Translates Foreign Languages

    Earpiece – That Translates Foreign Languages

    • Apptunix
    • 20 May 2016
    • 4760

    Did you guys know about the latest software update for tvOS which Apple recently released? Were you aware of the fact that this new software update by Apple didn’t more

  • Time To Wipe Out Siri – Viv is Here

    Time To Wipe Out Siri – Viv Is Here

    • Apptunix
    • 11 May 2016
    • 4739

    A good news people who love technology – after Siri now co – founders Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, who are the essential assistant now built into all of Apple' more

  • The Power Show by Microsoft //build/ 2016

    The Power Show By Microsoft //build/ 2016

    • Apptunix
    • 1 April 2016
    • 4645

    Build event 2016 was just about the dedication and focused engineering by Microsoft and was a great demonstration of their smart work and efforts. The 2016 event ended with more

  • Why Mobile App is Better Than Mobile Website

    Why Mobile App Is Better Than Mobile Website

    • Apptunix
    • 16 March 2016
    • 4462

    A great number of audiences are of the view that if you have a mobile website you don’t need a mobile app for your business. Some people feel that more