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Best Services For Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding

Android and iOS are the most popular platforms in the world of MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT. Both platforms provide the environment in which it is possible for a developer to create efficient mobile apps with customized features. With the rise of Hybrid Application Development, it is also possible for non-mobile developers to develop Android apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


But what about those people who don’t have any knowledge regarding App Development or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Can they create their own Apps?


Yes, it is possible. There are some web services which enable us to create simple Mobile Applications without having prior programming knowledge.


In this article, we will discuss the best web services that can help us create our own simple mobile application without any programming practice.


1. Appy Pie

appy pie

AppyPie is a no-code and best DIY Mobile application development tool that allows you to make simple and creative mobile apps with a unique experience. This app creator supports Android, iOS and Windows platform as well.


It is one of the preferable mobile app creators because it provides unique features and analytical capabilities also.
It allows user to create an app with 3 easy steps:-
1. Select app category
2. Build App.
3. Publish App.

You can add push notifications, connect database and in-app purchase functionality etc. It provides both free as well as paid services.

2. AppsGeyser


AppsGeyser is an online service that allows you to create custom mobile apps. It converts your web content into Android apps. The user can create mobile apps based on the content pulled from different web pages with 2 easy steps. AppsGeyser is Android only mobile application platform. Most of the apps can be created within 5 minutes.


Key Features of AppsGeyser:-
1. Provide different templates for games, web services and for social pages etc.
2. App Monetization.
3. No SDK required.
4. Easy and free app creation.
5. One can easily sell apps on AppsGeyser platform itself.


3. BuzzTouch


BuzzTouch is another great open source option, which allows us to create interactive Mobile Apps. BuzzTouch is a reliable solution for both Android and iOS apps. It enables us to use pre-written plugins and customize them to add new features without any limits. It is designed to create apps using web-based forms. BuzzTouch also allows the user to create launcher icon or banner image for the home screen etc.
You can create a limited number of apps on BuzzTouch server for free. After that, you need to buy its premium plan.

4. Andromo


App creation with Andromo is an idiot-proof. Anyone with zero programming knowledge can make an android app using just their imagination and the Andromo online tool. Andromo is not a cross-platform app maker. It is smarter, faster and better than that. It is only used for the creation of Android apps. It actually generates real Java code and compiles it with Google’s official Android SDK.


It is required to sign up with Andromo and it allows you to create your very first app for free. After that, you have to go for its monthly and yearly based plans. It offers very flexible monthly and yearly premium plans with more benefits.


Andromo creates your app in minutes..not in months.
How Andromo Works:-
1. Create your Andromo project.
2. Add features, graphics, and content that makes your app unique.
3. Build your app.

Andromo will create your app and email you when it will be done.


5. AppMakr


AppMakr is another content-based app builder that allows us to create both Android and iOS apps in just a couple of minutes. Like other app builders, it also provides free and premium plans with many flexible and reliable features at affordable prices.


AppMakr provides secure mobile app development. AppMakr has the partnership with McAfee and MetaCert that scans over a billion of web pages for any malware. It also allows us not to store passwords on their website.


You can create an app in just 20 minutes and make it available to the whole world with just $1 per month.

Final Words


Aforementioned is a broad collection of app builders that assure easy and smart app development for those who are not experts in coding. You can create outstanding apps with the help of these web services. Apart from these well-facilitated tools for App development, customization, complex functionalities and performance optimization can be achieved by applying logical and efficient coding techniques by professionals. Positively, this well-researched piece of information will help you to take the firm decision and make your app development process better and optimized.

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Secret To Become a CrackerJack Appreneur

It is time to bid farewell to the good old days when children admired to become a scientist and their parents dreamt of them becoming doctors and lawyers. Nowadays people are choosing to become Entrepreneurs, even better ‘Appreneurs’. Unlike old-school Entrepreneurs, Appreneurs or mobile application entrepreneurs are the smartest entrepreneurs that take up smart decisions of making money out of mobile apps.

The personification of success is very different for today’s generation. For many, becoming an appreneur would be as easy as falling off a log but the ugly truth is – It’s not this easy to chase your dream. This article is an eye-opener for many budding entrepreneurs, who think that by becoming appreneurs they can earn quick and easy money. They need to understand that by considering it as an easy source of money, they are betting the wrong horse.

Appreneur – Anyone Can Become One

The good news is anyone and everyone can be an appreneur and you don’t have to be tech savvy or a developer who builds viral mobile applications. Your professional background isn’t a concern, so you can have a big sigh of relief. An Appreneur, Benny Hsu earned $30000 in the 30 days after his app, Photo 365 was launched (Source).

Another interesting fact about Benny Hsu’s Mobile Application Development is that he developed this app with no prior programming and coding experience. He was very clear in conceptualizing his strategy to outsource and earn money. All these inspiring stories are motivating many fanatics to become an appreneur!


No doubt that app market offers high profitability but becoming an appreneur is not as convenient as duck- soup and that is why this blog is going to help a thousand of enthusiasts to become a crackerjack appreneur.

Understanding App Store Inside Out

mobile app development services

Your new best friends are Google Play Store and iTunes so spend most of your time getting comfortable with them. Getting familiar with app trends, games, categories, success stories of publishers and about former and existing top apps.

Also an appreneur needs to be very observant and analyze the best features of the top apps and integrate it into your mobile application development. In order to make your mobile app amongst the top dogs of play store, it is advised to study App Store Optimization. With the help of ASO your potential prospects will be able to find your app on app store.

Learn The Ropes

Study the positive as well as negative aspects of the app store. The Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Application Development Services must be etched in your mind. Understand and analyze the wrongs about the apps, which are at the bottom of the chart. Learn from the failure of others. Understand what are the major differences between the top and bottom apps – the graphics, functionality, transitions, concept, quality etc.

A Successful App Is Always Simple

mobile app development services

A simple app always interests users. The secret to building a successful app is taking up a task and doing that task to pixel perfection. (Source). History has revealed that simpler apps such as, Periscope and Pou have gained huge amount of traction in comparison to complicated apps. The Mantra of a successful appreneur is – embracing simplicity. A simple mobile application not only saves you resources but also increase your chances of higher user engagement.

Choosing The Right Weapon From Arsenal


It is essential to find the correct tools for prototyping, designing, development, and testing. If you are willing to outsource your project then you need to be sure to find skilful freelancers. Upwork happens to be a great online portal to find best talent among the pool. A Tool like App Annie is also good from ASO point of view.

Managing Your Data


I am taking the liberty to assume that the aforementioned point about choosing the right tool has been already integrated with analytics tool in your mobile app to offer high-end mobile application development services. Detailed check of your app’s weekly and monthly insights is required, for measuring the true performance of your mobile application. Also creating daily reports is going to help big time in studying and managing your data.

If you are not analyzing or focusing on managing your app’s data and waiting for a miracle to happen, then you are placing the cart before the horse. Correlation of your data is going to assist you in keeping a close watch on your competitors and will provide you with ways of improving your app. Data benchmarking isn’t that difficult if you devote the required time and work with dedication.

Make Your App Go Viral

Making your mobile app viral is going to get many users. Posting your mobile app on various social media platforms allows your app to enjoy the privilege of getting noticed and used time and again. With the help of blogs and other content marketing strategies, you can make your app get the downloads. Forming a nice story and then making your users buy it. Get advertised without spending a single penny.

App Go Viral

The success comes to those who try and never give up. Working hard and not quitting is the only way to get through anything. So in the process of becoming an appreneur, you have to overcome the obstacles, fall and learn to get up again! By following these steps you will definitely become an ace appreneur.

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Prototype : To Innovate Your Mobile App Fancies!

In the process of building a Mobile App, it is very important to keep an eye for detail on pixel perfect designs and well-written codes. In this affair of developing phenomenal Mobile Application, a prototype holds the most inevitable and powerful place. So what a Prototype exactly is? A Simple Google search will bring up this:

PrototypeConceptualizing the idea and determining the possible aspects of the idea is the key element in the process of Mobile App Development. A blueprint or anything that is created giving Mobile App Developers fundamental understanding of the feature and functionality of the product can be summed up as a Prototype or a Minimal Viable Product.

A forward looking Mobile Application Development Company believes that a prototype is such a crucial element in the whole mix of things, that a Mobile app is lifeless, if prototype was not there. For the sake of testing user interaction, a prototype is a cherry pick.

A prototype acts as the touchstone for quality from the initial stage of App UI Design to implementation of designs. In order to define a mobile app sleekly, its features and the degree of interaction have a major role to play. It is not a waste of your time and efforts in designing a prototype or a mock up as this is the base of your mobile application and is going to bring life into your mobile app.

How Much Time Should You Devote in Prototyping?


The duration of time varies depending on certain factors, such as:
– Idea of your client
– Mobile App Developers
– Efficiency of designers
– Complexity of the project

The clearer your prototype is, the better the product will be, as a nicely prepared mockup sets everything straight in the approach of Mobile Application Development.

The best thing that prototypes bring to the table is they help us in avoiding endless tiring hours of explanations and also save Mobile App Developers from the hustle of uncalled for changes.Ace Mobile Application Development Services with a Good Prototype

mobile app development company

Ace Mobile Application Development Services with a Good Prototype

A skillfully well-designed sketch of mobile application is the first ladder to reach the success of Mobile Application Development. The best apps are believed to focus on one thing and that thing is done very, very well (Source). If you will start designing and coding without any MVP then you will may find yourself in between the devil and deep blue sea

A Tip for iPhone Application Development Company – Don’t neglect your customers as 1 billion users who use iPhone and its a given you have to make engaging apps to capture the imagination of that many people. Without a validated and smartly designed prototype you are just beating around the bush. Wisdom dictates – A prototype must be represented in a way that lays emphasis on user interaction. Each function of the mobile app must be pragmatically showcased so that your client understands it’s usability.

For Android Application Development Company – The design must be goal driven. The best approach to this is to conduct a survey from Android users and make teeny tiny amendments in your prototype based on the problem encountered by them while using android apps. An app is never going to succeed if it fails the essence of user-friendliness. Predefining your color scheme and transition animations in accordance with your screen is definitely a smart move.


How To Avoid Common Mistakes While Prototyping For Mobile Application Development Company?


Mistakes While Prototyping

Don’t Overdo it

Sometimes prototype are such fun to make that we forget the real time use of it and polish it to look as beautiful as a unicorn. The purpose must always be clear. You don’t have to build a real thing, rather a prototype is simpler, convincing, interactive and super quick. Creating an over the top breathtaking prototype is just an overkill. Create a prototype as per your project’s demand. This is not the best place to show your creativity and beautify a mere blueprint.

Focus On The Flow

Very seldom people pay heed to the workflow of the prototype. It is a horns of dilemma situation for makers as they are not sure whether to enhance the design or the functionality. It is a very tough situation for Mobile App Design And Development Company. The answer to this problem is always to go with functionality. A beautifully made prototype puts clients in illusion that this is the real time design and they start critiquing but ignoring the functionality.

Incorporate Feedbacks

Designing a prototype merely out of imagination and client’s concept is a big ‘No’. Take the better road and as soon as your prototype is ready, make your audience use it. Seek their opinion and do the required changes. If you have to sell your Mobile Application Services then make them worth buying for your users.

A Mobile Application Development Company must understand the importance a prototype has. The rapid change in the software industry calls for efficient Mobile Application Development Services and in order to fulfill the required standards, it is essential to save ourselves from the trap of commonly committed mistakes.

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