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Mistakes to Avoid While Selecting a Mobile App Development Company

4621 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 9, 2019 Last Updated: April 17, 2020

Want an ideal Mobile App Development Company looks like? Let’s find out.

Are you excited to improve your business performance? But, don’t have a clue how to do it? Well, what is better than a mobile app to approach the same?

Right? We all know that!

However, the process of mobile app development is too complex and the market is too competitive that there are only a few businesses that get success on this path.

Why? What’s the reason behind it? One of the reasons is that they hire wrong people to execute the development process of their dream app and that holds the power to ruin any successful business strategy. It can happen because of several reasons – budget blows up, crashing app, late product launch or a poor UI/UX.

Selecting the wrong team to partner with for your business can prompt various issues. 

You require the right team to achieve your application objectives. For this, it is crucial that you pay heed to mistakes that entrepreneurs often make while hiring a mobile app development team for their projects. Let’s dig in to find the same:

5 Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Makes While Hiring a Mobile App Development Company

1. Not Running Credential Checks

Before hiring any mobile app development company, it is crucial to clear almost every query that comes in your mind. What is the experience of developers in your niche? How many apps developed by them are live in the play store? What reviews they have from past clients? Check the company’s entire portfolio to get an idea of the quality that they provide. Make sure to test a few applications as a normal user. 

And while testing the apps developed by them check the following points:

  • Was it easy to install? 
  • Did you have any issues with the install? 
  • Is the UI of the app engaging? 
  • Is there any alignment issues in the app?
  • How many installs the app has in Play Store?
  • What are the reviews on the apps?

Make sure to ask some particular questions about specific features in the application and only then believe that the app is really made by them.

Just talking with a developer could be misleading. The developer could just read and make stories about how the app was built. Try to understand the technology stack and inquire why the developer chose it and for which feature. You don’t need to be an expert in programming languages, however, basic knowledge will enable you to see why a developer used specific technologies.

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2. Fixing an Amount for the Entire Project

When you start developing an app, there is no count of changes you might want to make in its feature set in order to make it a fruitful product for your target audience.

The disadvantage of a fixed cost is that developers may need to work more than expected. You can’t completely estimate the number of bugs you will have or new features you will have to add during the development procedure. 

There are chances that an experienced mobile app developer won’t work on a fixed sum. You will most likely hire a more inexperienced developer if the organization agrees. Here is the difference between both the pricing models:

Mobile App Development Company

So, choose as per your requirements. If you have a clear idea of what you want in your app and there is no scope of improvement in what is already set by you, go for a fixed budget, otherwise, always try to opt hourly payments and set milestones while executing a project.

Additionally, don’t think the cost is the best indicator of quality work. You can find cost-effective developers if you find them carefully.

3. Hiring a Partner Without a Technical Expert Involved

Before hiring mobile app developers, it is crucial to check their qualifications and take their interviews. You must look somewhat knowledgeable in the process when going to hire a team for building your mobile application otherwise there are many who can make a fool of you. 

Here is what an ideal team structure looks like for the development of a mobile app:

Mobile App Development Team Structure

Hiring an application development expert will cost significantly less than working with the wrong developer. You should test your applicants with a specific development problem and evaluate their solutions.

Ask your potential partners about explicit details in the past projects. Request the applicants to discuss with you the bugs they had in their past apps and how they fixed them. If you have an on-going project in the development stage, you can ask the candidates a few questions about it. 


Mobile App Development


4. Not Paying Heeds to Product Life Cycle

If your project is in the execution stage, you must find a developer that has a clear understanding of the product life cycle. You will save a lot of time. Avoid hiring developers that are prepared to begin coding without learning the application requirements.

A perfect applicant will analyze the idea and lifecycle of the future product. These steps are mandatory for a successful end product. It’s great to spare time for the newcomer to read, ask, and look into the application before coding. 

5. Looking Only Local Developers

Hiring a mobile app developer has nothing to do with his location. The most important thing is hiring a developer that is experienced and well-versed in his domain. To start with, list out all your prerequisites and select the best mobile app development that holds tremendous experience in building up a similar sort of applications which you are planning to develop. 

Wrapping Up

The success of your business strategy relies upon a strong planning, scheduled product release, a good UI/UX and planned budget. Hiring a wrong mobile app development company can impact how users see and like your application. While working with an application developer with experience in your business niche will spare you a lot of time as well as money as he will definitely know the fundamentals. So, plan your business objectives and locate the right individual to let you contact them. 


Mobile Application Development Company


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