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TaskRabbit |Business Model And Revenue Model|

4254 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 11, 2021 Last Updated: June 3, 2022

The economy has been accelerating at an incredible rate in response to requests. Furthermore, because it comes with many advantages, it is expected to be a constant force in the computerized world.

TaskRabbit app helps individuals with everyday home tasks. TaskRabbit app is a 2008 program that was created to assist individuals with their everyday domestic activities.

It could appear hard to do tasks without leaving your seat, but I suppose that’s the beauty of on demand. TaskRabbit app has made things easier to do while also making humans lazier. Also, it has helped individuals recognize the value of time and has opened their minds to the thought of paying someone else to do things for them so that they can devote their time to more profitable enterprises.

What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit app is an online marketplace that helps users find local services such as cleaning, gardening, handyman services, plumbing, animal care, and carpet cleaning. Its mission is to act as a go-between between the laborer and the client.

It is seen as a benefit to those who have more money than time since it allows them to delegate little work and other responsibilities to others in their community. Their major goal is to assist individuals in reclaiming control of their life and becoming their own boss by assisting others and earning money.

TaskRabbit app is an online peer to peer marketplace that connects consumers with services that help them with their daily activities. TaskRabbit app understands and provides quick assistance with all of the services.

 As a result, TaskRabbit is a same day service platform that provides immediate assistance. It is a crowdsourcing platform that is available on demand.

Timeline Of TaskRabbit

  • TaskRabbit app was started by Leah Busque in 2008.
  • In 2017, the IKEA Group purchased it.
  • As of July 2015, it has raised roughly $38 million in investment.
  • It can be found at every IKEA shop in the United States, as well as significant markets in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • On the network, there are over 140,000 Taskers
  • Taskers in the United States make an average of $35 per hour
  • Taskers in the UK earn an average of £24 per hour.

Check out TaskRabbit’s Adventure:

timeline of taskrabbit

TaskRabbit Business Model

Apps like TaskRabbit go about as a mediator between individuals who need assistance and individuals who will work for some additional cash. Thus, these applications make an inventory for administrations.

They additionally offer an assortment of choices to the clients to ensure they can choose the individual they like best without compromising because of an absence of decision. The greatest aspect of the application is the assortment of choices it gives; to its taskers just as errand banners. 

TaskRabbit business model is by and large called the aggregator model where the organization doesn’t hold any unmistakable resources or stock of its own. Its principle design is to interface with one another.

TaskRabbit app does that by interfacing task banners to the most appropriate taskers for them while taking the least time and exertion. With regards to family errands, TaskRabbit is a key part on the lookout and has been for quite a while at this point. 

taskrabbit business model

Working Process Of TaskRabbit App

TaskRabbit is without a doubt one of the most important participants in the home services industry, with a sizable market share. Demand on both the supply and customer sides is increasing by the day, but they anticipate a lot more.

Uber’s approach to providing quick satisfaction to its clients has had a significant influence on practically every industrial category. TaskRabbit was quick to observe this transition and, as a result, made a hasty choice to modify its business strategy. 

How TaskRabbit App Works For Taskdoers ?

TaskRabbit app is a fantastic way to supplement your income. They provide nearby jobs, which is beneficial to individuals searching for part-time work. The people who do the work are paid right away.

TaskRabbit app offers a flexible work environment without requiring a long-term commitment. Taskers have the option of accepting or rejecting the tasks that have been allocated to them. Task Doers are free to quit the site at any time. Taskers are compensated hourly.

How TaskRabbit Works For TaskPosters ?

This section of the TaskRabbit app is for the people who need to finish work. These customers top off the type of work on the application and feature every one of their determinations identified with the assignments and administrations they require.

While posting the errand’s subtleties, you really want to make reference to the date and the time by when you want the assignment to be finished. According to the point of view of the TaskPoster, the application is worked to post positions and quest for fitting experts to do the undertaking.

The customers can see different insights regarding the TaskDoer, including their experience, capabilities, and others.


Revenue Model Of TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit app, like other on-demand apps, serves as a middleman between various users. This implies that the app has no physical assets or inventory of its own; instead, it connects individuals who are in need of one other. As a result, the TaskRabbit app is an intermediary, and like other intermediates, the TaskRabbit app generates the majority of its money by providing a platform to its consumers. The firm will not be able to continue for long if it does not make this money. Let’s look at how an app like TaskRabbit makes money:

Trust And Support Price:  In addition to the service fee, the TaskRabbit app charges a 7.5 percent trust and support fee to each invoice, which is paid directly to the firm by the task poster. This fee is paid to the firm to ensure that they are able to handle the transaction and assist the job poster.

Peak Pricing: TaskRabbit, like Uber, can apply surge pricing to particular services or categories that are in high demand. Some taskers or services may be in great demand, with customers prepared to pay a premium for them.

Charges for Advertising: Taskers who wish to appear at the top of search results must always pay the marketing fees. It is advantageous for them to gain more consumers and, as a result, more work.

Commission Fee: The corporation earns a commission for each work done on the app. This is one of the most typical methods for the TaskRabbit app to make money. The fee is given to cover the costs of the app’s platform, as well as maintenance, insurance, customer support, and other services. TaskRabbit’s service fee is computed as 15% of the amount paid to the tasker.


Since you thoroughly understand TaskRabbit – How accomplishes TaskRabbit work, acquires income, and the rousing story behind its prosperity, this is the point at which you should begin constructing your own app like TaskRabbit. 

The main thing that you want to do is to reach out to an on-request application advancement organization that can help you in changing your fantasy application into the real world. Anyway, what are you sitting tight for? Feel free to break the arrangement. 


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