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Top Chatbot Softwares | Build A Chatbot For Your Business

3854 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 16, 2021 Last Updated: December 28, 2023
build a chatbot for your business


Every day we come across new technology as we take a step forward to the modern world. Things are getting simpler and innovative with the help of modern technology. And if we talk about “Chatbot”, this software made things even simpler from the business perspective. 

With the help, of chatbot software, users get automated messages or notifications via text whenever they land on any online page or website. There are few chatbots that get commands via voice the best examples of such chatbots are Siri, Alexa by Amazon, etc.

It helps in communicating with the users or customers easily and effectively. For example, if you have a business online and any person lands on your business website and they have any query. How can they easily connect with your business? The answer is chatbot. If you have a business website that has a chatbot feature. Then an automatic message box will pop up as anyone will open the website they can easily ask any question or put any suggestion over there regarding business.

build a chatbot with the help of best

What is Chatbot Software?

A chatbot is simply a machinery message that pop-up automatically for the convenience of the user or customer. Many popular apps use this chatbot feature to make the interaction with the customers and clients smooth. 

Therefore if you are also planning to build a chatbot for your business or website, you must read this blog further to know more about chatbot aspects. Below we have discussed the chatbot features and why you should build a chatbot for your business.

Why build a Chatbot?

A Chatbot software is useful for almost all the sectors, whether it is banking, real estate, healthcare, IT, etc. We all must have seen that automated message pop up whenever we open any website. Through this artificial conversation entity, the user can simply put up their query regarding business details or for collaboration. 

It is really difficult to handle all clients and their queries at the same time. Even if you work 24×7, handling the customer’s inquiry becomes difficult. Nevertheless, with chatbot software, handling customer’s problems become easier. The automated artificial conversation entity does all the greetings and handles of the user’s or customer’s inquiry very efficiently.

Think of a simple business website that has basic information like address and contact details. Now if any person wants more details regarding your business. Then they either have to call you or have to mail you which is too boring and lethargic. But with chatbot features, your customer can connect you immediately. this feature is very useful if you want to have a user-friendly app.

Through the chatbot feature, users or visitors can immediately put up their concerns. It is more engaging and innovative than calls and any mail.

With the help of this chatbot feature, you can make your services available to clients at any random time. This semi-autonomous chat software keeps the customers engaged and makes them realize that their complaints and suggestions have been acknowledged immediately.  

If you are also planning to build a chatbot for your business then you must go on adding-on this feature to your business or website. Many big websites use chatbot software such as amazon, and other popular gaming apps. 

This software recently gained so much popularity among websites or business owners because they understand the worth of this chatbot software. In the coming future, this software will gain more and more recognition and people will be keen to embed this software into their business.

Benefits of building a chatbot

 A chatbot software is really helpful for every business and is accepted very well among various firms. This semi-autonomous chat or message system assists customer service experiences and response time. There are more benefits to this software that we will discuss in this part.

benefits of using chatbot software
  • Improved customer services
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Proactive customer interaction
  • Track the commands and responses of the users
  • Genuine lead generation
  • Increase approach to global markets
  • Cost-effective and efficient

List of 7 Best Chatbots

In the above paragraphs, we have discussed the chatbot software and its benefits. Under this part, we will see top companies and organizations that use chatbot features. How the chatbot feature is helping these popular brands and organizations. 

top chatbots that are used


This is the app used by the citizens of the US and UK for availing legal services. This is the first robot lawyer available worldwide. It handles many issues like victim compensation, consumer protection, and service cancellation, etc.

If you are wondering how this works, then here is the answer. Users have to answer a few questions asked by the app which are automatically generated by the app. Later, depending upon the answers app analyzes your situation and it generates a script depending upon the algorithm which analyses the previous reasonable and successful appears.  

Hence with the help of this example, you can understand that if you are a lawyer or want to bring that service online for the users. You can build a chatbot for the convenience of your clients and customers.

Ask Benji

This chatbot is very unique, it is built to help students, parents, and other educators. It was introduced to help the students of Arizona. With the help of this chatbot, users get the answers related to Federal Student Aid.

This helps students in handling the queries related to universities or colleges. Users who have problems understanding any aspect of the university, they can simply place their query here whether it is related to admission, fee structure, loans, course, etc. 

Benji’s working mechanism is as follows, users simply mention their concern there, and depending upon the keywords provided, Benji tries to recognize the issue. Later, students receive a link to relevant pages depending upon their search and inquiry. Chatbot features are also helpful for the education department. If you own any business related to education and studies you can build a chatbot for the same.

Andy – English speaking bot

Speaking English is important nowadays. Correct English pronunciation and use is a challenge for those who just started to learn English. And it is even more awkward to speak wrong or incorrect English among others. What if a machine can help you in improving your English speaking skills?

Yes, there is this English-speaking chatbot Andy helps the beginners by correcting their grammar, spelling, and other issues while learning a foreign language like English. Andy has an average rating of 4.7 on the google play store. This is one of the best examples of chatbots that can help users to improve their English speaking skills. It is the easiest way to improve your English speaking skills while having a conversation with a machine.

Domino’s Dom

We all must have used the Domino’s app for ordering fresh and delicious pizza. Domino’s app introduced this chatbot called Dom for their customers, through which users can place orders by sending voice messages or requests. 

Users can place orders through dom depending upon their previous or last order details. Dom sends humorous messages and tries to communicate with users as they are talking to humans. In case the user is offended due to any reason, Dom sends an apology to the user. Users appreciate this chatbot by Dominos because of its engaging and interactive approach. 

If you also own any food delivery app then you can also build a chatbot for your business to make it more user-friendly.

HelloFresh’s Freddy

This is another food ordering chatbot launched by HelloFresh. When a user asks any question regarding a meal or food recipe this chatbot immediately comes to the help. This also provides suggestions to the user for what place will be good for them to dine or what they should order for their next meal etc. 

Freddy is a fun and entertaining chatbot, it keeps users engaged on Facebook messenger by offering them food-themed quizzes and riddles. 

 World Health Organization’s Health alert

We all are aware of the World Health Organization, they have this chatbot called health alert that is introduced during the Covid – 19 period. Amid this crisis, there were many rumors regarding Coronavirus update and about its treatment. People were in a huge dilemma about what to do and what to have to control or prevent this infection. Many casualties happen due to a lack of information or due to bad rumors. 

Therefore WHO came up with this chatbot feature which helps people to ask questions regarding Covid 19 and update on lockdown and number of cases. Health alert chatbot is designed to help and inform people about all the recent updates regarding covid 19 across the world. To avail of this service, users can simply send “hi” from Whatsapp on the respective number (+41 79 781 8791) or simply a person can start a conversation from messenger through WHO’s FB page. This health alert bot can be used widely in many different languages at the user’s convenience.

Other healthcare organizations or firms can also build a chatbot feature for their website or app and can easily connect with needy people. This immediately connects the user with the service provider and people can get the required basic knowledge online. 

Westjet’s Juliet

Westjet is a Canadian airline that introduced this Julient named chatbot on FB Messenger, Whatsapp, and Google Assistant to help people with travel-related issues. This bot informs users about every single detail about their flight, luggage, check-in, and other travel-related queries. People can also get the information and suggestions for their next travel plans. Depending upon the user’s search and interest this bot suggests and advises the best destination for vacation and traveling. 

Through this Juliet chatbot, people get solutions to their basic travel details and queries. Daily, Juliet handles and resolves more than 700 travel queries every day. During the covid 19 crisis. When there was so much travel restriction and flight cancelation, Juliet helped many users. With the help of this chatbot feature, Westjet was able to handle 200 queries per second. 

Even the hospitality industry has benefited from this chatbot feature. Hence if you have a business-related to hospitality then also you can build a chatbot feature for better customer interaction.


Above we have tried to explain to you the need and use of chatbots for various businesses and firms. We hope mentioned examples helped you to understand the concept of the chatbot clearly. If you still any confusion regarding how and why to build a chatbot for your respective business then do let us know. This virtual assistant will definitely help to increase the reach of your business and will keep your customer or visitors engaged. 

We heard about the many benefits of technology and how this is making things simpler for us. A chatbot is the product of this modern discovery only. Earlier when people open any website they only get to see the phone numbers and the basic information of the website or business. But with the help of this virtual assistant or chatbot features customers can immediately get engage and can start a conversation regarding any collaboration and business deals. Integrating chatbot features into your app, website or business will add to the quality of your work. 

Build a chatbot for your business not because it is trending but also because it is worthy. You might have spent a lot on your business development therefore if spending a little more will make your business reach effective then definitely you must go for this feature. 

This chatbot feature helps in many ways for better business development. So if you have any business online or you own any website then build a chatbot for better customer and client experience. Being one of the leading app and website development companies we understand the current modern tech demand and we simply suggest that chatbot enhances the credibility of your business. For more knowledge and updates on a chatbot for your business you may contact us.

experts of chatbot software

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