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Netflix Launches Netflix Shop To Sell Show-Inspired Merchandise

3941 Views | 2 min | Published On: June 19, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
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Netflix has always been an over-the-top platform to watch movies or shows. It has kept so many entertained by offering these movies and shows in multiple languages for people all over the world. Recently, Netflix announced another exciting way to make money from the content the platform includes. Netflix is about to launch Netflix Shop – an online store to sell merchandise related to the movies and shows streaming on Netflix. Let’s find out more about Netflix Shop.

About The Netflix Shop

Netflix Shop will sell limited-edition clothing, collectables and other items inspired by series including “Stranger Things,” “Lupin”, and more. The firm announced the debut of its online eCommerce shop last week for its consumers in the US. The next phase of the deployment will begin in the coming months in additional nations.

Fans of the series and movies on Netflix will be able to buy relevant goods directly from the new online store, which will be available through Previously, stuff linked to certain Netflix series was only available through retail partners such as Target and Walmart.

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Netflix Shop represents the company’s first foray into the goods market. “Streetwear and action figurines based on anime shows Yasuke and Eden” will be available this month, according to Netflix. In addition, in cooperation with the Musée du Louvre, limited-edition clothing and decorative items inspired by Netflix’s thriller series Lupin will be available. 

With the launch of Netflix Shop, a collection of anime-inspired collectables from up-and-coming designers is also being introduced. Netflix will continue to provide unique content from shows like The Witcher and Stranger Things in the future. In addition, BEAMS, a Japanese fashion business, will release a new Netflix logo-wear. Netflix claims that its products will be updated on a regular basis.

Wind Up

Netflix is all set to launch its online store to deliver show-inspired merchandise. This is a great monetization strategy opted by this firm to earn money from another industry source. If you are planning to launch your business or store online, I recommend consulting the right mobile application development company to get started with the process on the right budget.

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