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Top-Notch Analytics Tools to Track your App’s Journey

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5635 Views | 4 min | Published On: March 16, 2017 Last Updated: July 27, 2023
Google firebase analytics- best analytics for apps

When it comes to ascertaining the success of your mobile apps, don’t let yourself be fooled by the numbers.The download rate can always take a sharp rise or plummet without giving any warning signals.
That’s why a better, holistic approach is needed to understand how your app is received by the end users.


Questions such as who’s downloading your app, how much are they using it, are they referring it to friends and acquaintances, could you consider advertising it, is there any room to introduce in-app purchase, all have to be addressed.And just before you forget, always be rational and take into account the purchasing power of your audience.


How Is The Success Of An App Is Measured?


They say the most successful things are those that keep evolving, adapting and acclimatizing to the prevailing scenarios.The same is true in the case of apps. As stated earlier, just judging the success of apps solely by the “number of downloads” is a grave mistake.


So how do you track this complex journey of your app? Well, you don’t have to. There are some excellent analytics tools out there, solely to serve that purpose.They can help you reach every bit of important detail concerning the performance of your app.


They, in short, give you a glimpse of the “story behind the scene”.Once you know what drives and what degrades your app, you can set about formulating a strategy for your app’s ultimate success.A number of these tools are available for free, or use the freemium model, wherein, you can decide which premium features you’d like to avail and which not.


Flurry Analytics


Analytics Tools

Flurry offers a plenty of everything in a flurry and it guarantees to land you in the right place with all the right tools under your belt.
Flurry has indeed become one of the leading analytics tools in the recent past. It uses an array of metrics to determine the performance of your app.It’s so good that the experts have gone on to label it as the “industry standard” for app analytics.The great thing about Flurry is that it’s available for all the major mobile app development platforms, viz. iOS, Android, Windows.Flurry reveals plenty of useful information on your user’s behavioral patterns. Moreover, you can customize it just as you like.


That way you can keep tabs on the info that you’re most interested in and not be distracted by other irrelevant facts and trivia.To be able to see how the users interact with your app is a brilliant way to understand their psychology.Flurry provides plenty of demographic information. It also has a nice little feature that allows you to sketch out buyer’s personas.Overall, if used the right way, Flurry can make a considerable difference to your sales figures.


Google Mobile App Analytics


Google has become a go-to assistant for a majority of internet users for their sea of queries.So it would be an anomaly to not see it having a say in the realm of analytics.We’re all aware of the Google Analytics for websites, but Google serves the mobile community as well.Information on the user types, actions performed by them to accomplish a task, and interestingly the in-app purchase data can all be tracked through the Google mobile app analytics.


When Google Apps are in question, it easily becomes the go-to tool. iOS users don’t need to lose heart as Google Mobile is available for both Android and iOS.If you’re contemplating app monetization using AdMob, Google is again going to give you the best bang for your buck.


Knowing only the prestige and weight the name Google carries, one can rest assured that its services are going to be the best of their kind.This tool is a eureka for any Android Application Development Company.When we’re talking about the inimitable Google, all the doubts pertaining to quality, accuracy, and reliability of data and analytics are better off being cast away.






name itself gives you a rough idea as to what you can expect from it – see how your app is used by the hands of its end users.So in addition to offering the more common analytics data, Appsee also provides concrete app usage reports that are of immense help to app developers. You could view Touch Heatmaps that tell you what happens in each and every screen of your app. Then there is the real-time In-App Analytics offering abundant insight into the app usage.


With this fantastic tool in your hands you’d be able to answer such crucial questions as to why users cast off your app from their devices, what features they like using the most, and at what point or duration their interest levels run out. The fact that Appsee is a free tool, just makes it even more desirable.






is a paid tool but it does offer some really useful information, for which you would be strongly persuaded to spend a few dollars.Mixpanel will help you learn how a user reached your app, how much time they spend on it and whether or not they’re sharing it around.All this data could be employed to further enhance the user engagement and retention levels.


Furthermore, you’d be able to tell whether it’s your advertising efforts or just the existing user’s word of mouth that’s the major driving force behind the app-downloads.Mixpanel has the potential to give an edge to any mobile application development company in understanding the various factors affecting the success or failure of their app.


Which One Should I Go For?


All the aforementioned tools are very hi-end and can get the job done for you.The question about which one is best suited for you is correlated with the extent of information you’re looking to unlock.Irrespective of your choice of tool, you have to ensure that it’s easy to use and offers all the features you’re spending money for.There remains no doubt that the app analytics tools are of incredible help to app-makers.

“From learning how your app gets into the hands of users, how they like to use it, when they like to use it, how much time is devoted to it, are they sharing it around, what features of your app are liked the most and what the least, to what needs improvement is all the variety of scenarios that you can understand, evaluate and then utilize to your advantage.”

Whether you’re a novice app-developer or an app centurion, you’re going to need the app analytics tools to nurture your app and take it to the next level.


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