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What’s New in Google’s Flutter for Mobile App Developers?

6160 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 21, 2018 Last Updated: July 27, 2023
The features of Flutter

The team at Google is now one step closer to their goal of providing simplified cross-platform mobile app development processes to mobile app developers and robust mobile apps to the world. During the keynote of Google Developer Days in Shanghai, the team announced Flutter Release Preview 2 and marked an important milestone in Flutter’s history. It is the last big release before Google’s Flutter 1.0 is released which enables us to truly imagine what the first full version of this amazing cross-platform mobile app development framework will look like.

As per Google’s blog, the theme for this release is pixel-perfect iOS apps and the framework is updated with a focus to build with iOS in mind. The update additionally diminishes the package size of Flutter applications by up to 30 percent on both Android and iOS, and brings support for executing Dart code in the application’s background for swift development process.

With Flutter Release Preview 2, Google has intensely focused around ensuring that cross-platform applications can look totally native on every platform. As part of this, the team has made a few changes in its framework to make sure that its apps are efficient and deliver complete native look and feel.

For a similar rationale, below-mentioned are the new features and upgrades of Flutter:-

Google's Flutter Will Now Have More Visual Library Widgets

The Google has expanded the library of widgets that accept the Apple Interface Guidelines accessible in ‘Cupertino’. This will help the Flutter application developers to code quickly, apply visual consistency, and make an application that fits with the iOS-style interface.

That means from now, the Flutter, which already had Material Design gadgets for developing a native Android application, will now show the similar results on iOS platform as well. This is an awesome step towards Google’s goal to make cross-platform apps with a native look and feel. Also, this update will give a plus point to flutter in its battle with React Native – another popular tool for developing cross-platform apps.


Flutter VS React Native: Who is the Winner?


Lesser Memory Siz

The Flutter Developer Preview 2 is also a solution for the overall memory utilization issue. So far, the Flutter was somewhat heavy in install size since it was having a set of tools with it. But, this time, the Flutter application size has been diminished by an extra 30%. That implies the minimum Flutter application size on Android will be 4.7 MB, while it may differ on iOS depending upon how the iOS packages are made. This will improve the application performance and with this, the Flutter will rise out as a suitable platform for developing heavy and complex apps.

Opportunity to Execute Dart in the Background

In Flutter Release Preview 2, the Google has also added support to execute Dart code in the background. According to the developers, the Flutter applications will now be activated based on location updates, timers and other such triggers offered by Operating Systems. With this, the new Flutter can force the mobile app developers to use it, which will help increase its popularity.

You can read the full update here. Plus, if you haven’t used Google’s Flutter yet, this is the perfect time to give it a shot. If you want to explore this amazing framework or have an app idea and want to develop your app in less time and within your small budget, we are happy to help you! To get a free quote on Flutter app development, contact us!


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