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What are the Best Book Apps For 2019-20?

4443 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 20, 2019 Last Updated: October 1, 2019

Since the evolution of ebooks, the trend of book apps has gone viral among every book lover. There are thousands of reading book apps out there for you.

We create mobile apps and therefore are very well versed about the trends catching fire in the mobile industry. Like every other industry, the publishing industry is also juicing out the benefits of mobile apps. There are many different book apps for android and iOS that are fetching the interest of every reading enthusiast out there. 

Being readily available, it is no struggle to find the apps to read books online, but what’s challenging is to find the right & best one for you. This becomes even more challenging when one needs to find the apps to read books for free

This is why we have created the list of some best apps for book lovers. So, let’s get to it without wasting any more time. 

Best Book Apps for Every Book Lover Out There | We Are Sure You Will Love This!

Last year in 2018, nearly a quarter of all books sold were e-books (excluding the count of audiobooks). This clearly shows how the interest of the reader is shifting from the physical book to the e-books. The stats, however, are still increasing exponentially making it sure that digital books are here to stay. 

Counting on the future of reading books apps, we are putting down the list of best book apps.

1.Kindle App By Amazon

Whenever one talks about book apps, there is one name that pops up in everyone’s head and that is Amazon’s Kindle App. This app is available for free to everyone. There are many reasons why this app is among the top list of apps for reading books. The best part about this reading app is that t is very well designed and features the robust model. This app also makes downloading an ebook is very easy. In addition to all the basic features of a book app, they also provide you with some exciting features like X-Ray & Whispersync

There are thousands of books available on this app. Although they are missing some of the books from publishers like Penguin Random House. Leaving this aside, this app also allows Alexa to read your echo read books out loud to you, how fun? Right? 

Anyways, this is one of the coolest reading apps in the market for every book lover. 

This app is available to both iOS and Android users.

Cost – $9.99 per month 

2.Blinkist | The App For Every Busy Reader

Blinkist app is one of the trending book apps in the market today. Unlike the Kindle app, Blinkist is perfect for the people who don’t have much time to read the entire book. This is no basic reading app available in the market, instead, they break down the key insights from the book and present them as a short summary to the people, saving their time. 

This book apps has the best collection of books in the non-fiction category. So, if you are a die-hard fan of non-fiction books, this is a must-have reading app for you. 

What’s the best part of this app? Well! As we mentioned earlier that unlike the tradition ebook app, they break down the key insights of the book into 15 minutes of text and audio. This is amazing for people who are unable to find time to read. There are 19 categories available in this app including the self-help category, and mindfulness. 

Available for both iOS and Android Users. 

Cost – $4.99 per month. 


3.Nook, The Best Among Free Book Apps For Android & iOS

Nook is one of the most loved apps to read free books. This app has a collection of books from the famous retailers Barners and Noble. They have really worked very well with the user interface. In addition to the attractive UI, they have also available the option to import epub & PDF. 

No, we are not done yet, this app also provides you with access to the magazines, newspapers, and comics and its’ Free. 

Available for both iOS and Android Users. 

4.Goodreads, The Fun App For Every Book Lover!

Another name in the area of free book apps in the market, Goodreads has an excellent collection of free books. The only catch here is that not all the books are free. In addition to the wide range of books, this app also gives you access to quotes. Through this book app, you can also play trivia and participate in giveaways. 

So, along with being the most loved reading apps, this is also an online community that avails you with every title out there in the market. 

Available for both iOS and Android Users. 

5.Audible App | Renowned Audiobooks app

Apart from the usual reading book apps, there is one other category of book apps that are audiobook apps. Audible is the one mobile app that falls under that category. This is the perfect app to have if you love listening to stories and books. This app has enabled people to enjoy listening to books even while traveling or driving. 

This app features the best and largest collection of audiobooks presently in the market. One other great thing about this app is that it covers the books in every niche, unlike Blinkist. 

Cost – $14.95 per month [Have 30-days free trial]

Above mentioned are the best 5 book apps available in the market today. Feed your hunger for reading with these cool reading book apps available for both Android and iOS devices. We have listed both free and paid book apps above. This list will cater to all your reading needs. So, if you are looking for the best apps to read books, this list might come in very handy. 

So, if you are a book lover, don’t waste your time and get your app now. Become a tech-savvy reader and get more books in so much less. Also, if you are planning to build your own book app, all you have to do is Contact Us.

Share more apps, if you have any in your mind. 

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