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Start Your Own Vacation Rental Business Inspired By Airbnb

Airbnb really took the tourism industry by storm with its amazingly simple concept. It’s a perfect marketplace for people to list, search and rent vacation homes in a place of their choice. Our Airbnb clone serves exactly the same purpose, except it’s highly customizable. So as per your specific requirements, we can integrate new features or remove those deemed unnecessary by you. We offer a comprehensive solution for both the major platforms i.e. mobile app and a website. The solution’s global popularity and lucrative business proposition are something hard to turn down. Apptunix can help develop a high-quality Airbnb clone app for your biz.

Cash In On The Lucrative Traveling Industry

  • Build An AirBNB Clone To Disrupt The Market
  • Bring Travelers From Far And Wide To One Place
  • Cater To A Diverse Community Of Travelers With A Robust Service.
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What We Offer?

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WaterMark Features

Watermarks put a stamp of ownership on media files. No wonder top-brands spend heavily on ensuring their free content is distributed with watermarks on it. Our Airbnb clone will provide a Watermark feature to safeguard your data.

currency switcher in rental app

Currency Converter

Currency conversion is a troublesome situation known to all international travelers. But with our built-in currency converter, that trouble is well taken care of. Book anything, anywhere with easy conversion of international currencies.

Create a rental app with coupons and gift

Coupon Code Module

Users like to receive rewards for being loyal to any service. Coupon codes have become a popular means to reward users for their loyalty. Our Airbnb clone will offer quite a number of Coupon code module to serve your user-base.

Best Airbnb Clone with rating and review in app

Review & Rating

Nowhere are reviews and ratings more important than in traveling community. Travelers often depend on each other to explore new territories. That’s why our AirBNB has a well dedicated Review & Rating section allowing users to upload media files as well.

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Themes & Plugins

A service that doesn’t give users the option of customization is bound to lag behind. With our Airbnb clone, users will be able to use lots of themes and install new plugins to make their overall service experience highly satisfactory.