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5 Innovators That Disrupted Their Industries with Mobile Apps

5316 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 6, 2018 Last Updated: April 28, 2020
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There is no doubt that tech world has always had a lovely affair with the buzzword “disruption.” The previous ten years have been a tremendous journey in the realm of mobile applications, and if you look at the face of most organizations, their complexion has changed dramatically. Presently, there are a lot of industries disrupted by mobile apps.

Technology has eliminated some of the most famous brands out of the race since they either couldn’t be able to cop up with technology fast enough or simply didn’t saw the train coming. But, the ones who boarded the train and embraced the innovations are now a part of the destinations and are disrupting their particular industries.

In this blog, we will talk about how mobile apps have packed the time it takes to how we shop, entertain, eat, travel and date. Let’s take a look at a few of the big innovators that made this impact worth considering.


Industry: Entertainment

Netflix Mobile App

Netflix – the world’s biggest movie house owns no silver screens. Isn’t that strange? But, true. An organization that began as a website where individuals could rent DVDs through the email is now said to be the first major disruption to the entertainment industry worldwide. This on-demand app offers a cheap alternative to traditionally costly cable TV services, by using the ultimate power of the internet – anytime and anywhere. With the Netflix mobile app, users can watch their favorite TV show on their mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

Netflix has disrupted the entertainment industry by its own charm and we are expecting much more from them in the coming years. Nobody can deny that the way we as a society gets entertained has been changed everlastingly by Netflix and that is why Netflix is on number one in our list.

What amount does it cost to build an application like Netflix?

The aggregate cost on an average will be $30-40k. However, with advancements in the application, the cost may shift from minimum to maximum, and if your requirements change with the time, it might go beyond the said average price.


Netflix Clone App Development



Industry: Hospitality

Airbnb Mobile App

“Feel at home, where ever you go in the world with Airbnb mobile app.”

Airbnb mobile app has disrupted the hospitality industry like no other mobile application. With their mobile application they provide unforgettable travel experiences to more than 191 countries. Basically, they provide the similar fundamental services provided by the hospitality industry and that is accommodation. But, their way is unique, agile, modern, social, mobile and—truly—comfortable and homely. By adopting agile business processes that grasp everything digital, Airbnb transformed their business into a brand.

Airbnb totally sidesteps Online Travel Agents and hotel businesses by providing users reasonable and comfortable accommodation all over the world. And this is the reason because of which it holds a place in our list of top 5 digital disruptors till now in the mobile app world.

What amount does it cost to construct an application like Airbnb?

To decide the price, we should figure out what time it takes to develop an application like Airbnb. For developing an Airbnb like app a development company will need at least 1000 hours and hence the total cost on an average will be around $20k.


Airbnb Clone App Development



Industry: Travel

Taxi Mobile App

Uber – the world’s biggest taxi mobile app company owns no taxi. Yes, it true. But, with this application, the dynamics of paid taxis or cabs experienced a huge change as we can now book taxis on-request (inside minutes before we even wish to travel) with just a couple of taps on the screen of our very smart smartphones. And, because Uber is available on iOS, Android and even Windows, it has achieved an enormous reach.

Uber not just prompted the arrival of numerous similar online taxi booking applications in various nations, it also tested the monopoly of ordinary taxis in various urban areas and nations. The disruption has been truly clear with numerous taxi drivers protesting against Uber. However, Uber has kept on moving ahead and include more features in its app like “ride sharing” and “long distances”.

What amount does it cost to construct an application like UBER?

Hourly rates differ from place to place, for example, $100-150 in UK or USA, $40-80 in Europe, and $20-40 in Asia. But, on average, a taxi mobile app like Uber would cost around $30K – $35K.


Uber Clone App Development




Tinder Mobile App

Tinder – Dating is not that difficult now. Right, guys? It is the ultimate disruptor in the dating industry because of the easy dating services it provides. It has totally changed the dating scene in more ways than one. Not exclusively does Tinder constrain you to your city, helping you find someone close to you; they also assist the whole procedure.

Rather than going on multiple dates with a person to see whether you are a good match, Tinder makes the procedure just almost a split second decision. You see a photo of somebody; swipe right in case you like them and left if you don’t. It is as simple as that. If you both happen to swipe right, you get the opportunity to talk and check whether there is something else to talk on. Dating will never be the same, an assumption that numerous have blended emotions about, however, if you are Tinder, this disruption sounds like what your ears were waiting to hear.

What much it costs to develop an application like Tinder?

Tinder has numerous new functions and their implementation requires a specific measure of time and money. On average, the cost to develop a dating mobile app like tinder ranges from $5K to $250k.


Tinder Clone App Development



Industry: Photography

Instagram Mobile App

Instagram – Beautifying things. Most of us were already using our smartphones to take photographs before Instagram; however, Instagram influenced us to feel like talented photographers. With Instagram’s plenty of styling options and filters, all of a sudden everything from breakfast to an old receipt on the walkway ended up looking lovely and worth sharing.

This beautifying of the things has urged us to take more and more pictures every day. It has changed how we consider cameras and photography.

What amount does it cost to develop an application like Instagram?

It would cost around $100k+ to make a photo sharing mobile app for a single platform. For the two Android and iOS, or more platforms one would need to spend $165k or more to make an app like Instagram.


Instagram Clone Script


Wrapping Up

So this was the list of top 5 mobile apps that entered the market and shook the ways in which things were used to be done. In every one of these industries, various players are competing for the customer’s attention by providing minimal complexity for maximum value. But, champions are champions.

With this kind of disruption turning into the standard, what do you think will be the next industry facing disruption with mobile apps? Tell us your ideas about industry-disrupting apps and why they can be the game changer. Let’s make the never-lasting disruption together!

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