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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

5760 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 31, 2019 Last Updated: January 16, 2020
mobile application development trends

What Mobile App Development Trends will rule the year 2020? Let’s find out!

The year 2019 was wonderful in terms of technological advancements – from IOT offering investment opportunities to AI Mobile Apps making you old – there is a lot that we have seen and experienced this year.

And, it is needless to say that all that happened in the year 2019, will shape the mobile app development world in the years to come. With the advent of smartphones, businesses around the world are juggling to find new opportunities and technologies to get traction and hold on to the wide smartphone user base.

Today, the mobile holds the power to increase the visibility of a brand by million folds and every entrepreneur is trying hard to take its benefits. As per the tech experts, the mobile app industry is one such industry that is showing massive growth if we talk about numbers.

According to Statista, mobile apps are expected to generate $693 B in revenue by 2020. 

Mobile App Development Trends

Now, the question arises – how? What will help mobile apps in generating $693B? 

The answer is emerging technologies molded-in creative ways with the frame of robust mobile applications.

So, let’s explore and find out what will rule the mobile app development world in the year 2020.

5 Mobile App Development Trends that Will Rule In the Year 2020

1. AI Will Gain Popularity As-A-Service

We all know the definition of Artificial Intelligence. In Fact, we have seen a number of AI mobile apps touching a million user base and gaining immense popularity in the year 2019. 

For example, Face App – an Artificial Intelligence app developed by a Russian Based Organization Wireless Lab to  generate highly realistic transformations of faces. The app became an overnight sensation with the user base touching to millions after just a few days of the release.

But, What’s in Store for AI in 2020?

The answer is AI As-a-Service. Artificial Intelligence as a service will enable entrepreneurs and organizations to try different things with AI for different purposes without a huge investment and with lower hazard. 

According to research by Reports and Data, the global “AI as a service Market” is expected to reach $33.07 Billion by the year 2026. It is regarded to be a market having incredible potentials, and it is expected to witness a significant development rate in the years to come. Here are a few stats provided by the report to support the statement:

Mobile App Development Trends 2020

AI is one of the most disruptive tech evolutions of our times. While a number of organizations have already begun to find ways using which they can utilize AI to improve the user experience and to streamline their business activities. This will continue in 2020 as well, and keeping in mind that people will progressively get used to working with AI, planning and deploying own AI-based frameworks will remain an expensive task for businesses.

For this reason, a number of AI applications will keep on being running through providers of as-a-service platform, which will enable them to just feed in their own information and pay for the compute resources and algorithms as they use them. 

AI Mobile App Development Trends CTA

2. 5G Data Networks Will Bring a Revolution

With the 5G usage already started, it’s anticipated that over 1.4 B devices will run on the 5G network by the year 2025 – representing 15% of the total globally. Additionally, as per IHS Economics, 5G is expected to contribute $12.3 trillion of worldwide monetary output by 2035. 

These stats give mobile application developers a reasonable understanding of the splendid future of 5G, urging them to set up their current applications to win the 5G race and launch new applications with 5G possibilities in mind.

Since 5G is certainly not just an improved version of 4G and is rather a completely new architecture, it unquestionably has the potential to start the Industrial Revolution and disrupt the way in which that network environments work. 

5g Mobile App Development Trends

Let’s take a deep look at trends that mobile application developers can include into their applications to benefit as much as possible from the 5G network in 2020:

  • Ambient Computing 

The technology is all about providing users a digital experience that includes the nearby conditions and environments by using devices, machines, sensors and emerging technologies like IoT, AI and ML.

Thanks to the increased capacity of 5G, which makes the execution of Ambient Computing through remote networks possible, developers can use this opportunity in their mobile applications to furnish users with increasingly reliable connectivity and remote support.

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  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The introduction of 5G will for sure bring a new life to AI and ML-based applications that gather and examine a huge amount of data to make spontaneous decisions. With wonderful access to an open connection and reliable remote support, application developers will have the option to enable their applications to transform analyzed results into fly-decisions instantly. 

  • Streaming VR Experiences

Unluckily, streaming support through VR is still almost impossible because of serious latency and bandwidth concerns. Wiping out every one of these reasons with the help of 5G, developers can make their applications ready to deliver amazing virtual reality experience.

In a nutshell, because of its bursting fast speed, higher bandwidth and zero network latency, 5G innovation will prove to be a game-changer in the mobile application development field in the year 2020.

3. Cloud Is Going to be a Market Worth Millions In 2020

If you are a techie or a passionate entrepreneur you must have heard about Cloud Computing and its benefits: cost-efficient, improved agility, numerous opportunities for growth, and the list goes on.  

When looking at the tech trends for the next year, related to Cloud Computing, it looks like businesses must adopt the Cloud so as to scale and develop at the pace of their competitors if they want to flourish in the years to come. 

According to forbes, 83% Of Enterprise Workloads Will Be In The Cloud By 2020. 

Mobile Application Development Trends Forbes

Having said that, let’s look at Cloud computing trends that will dominate the market in 2020:

  • The Rise of Quantum Computing

As technological innovations increase, compute and capacity power of businesses should increase too to fulfill future needs. Here comes the role of Quantum Computing. 

It will enable computers and servers to process data at fast rates compared to current trends. As the foundation of cloud computing is based upon fast network frameworks that don’t get backlogged, it will play a critical role in the expansion of compute efficiency and computational power.

In simple words, we can say that Cloud will become crucial as a doorway to innovation for associations that need to process enormous amounts of data in a financially reasonable and socially responsible manner. 

  • All Things Blockchain and Cloud 

While we said that Blockchain is a pause for now when talking about Mobile App Development Trends in 2019 – things have changed now!

As Cloud Computing is scalable by nature and decentralized, block-chain innovation is a natural fit with regards to cloud development and is expected to boom in the year 2020. Numerous Fintechs are already using the power of blockchain, explicitly with regards to cryptocurrency validation and analysis. The cloud will turn into the go-to hosting solution for ICOs (initial coin offerings) and different applications that use blockchain, explicitly in the area of cryptographical analysis and information security. 

  • Edge Computing

Its distributed infrastructure is the primary advantage of Cloud Computing. Businesses that require immediate access to data and computing capacity to serve their users will continue to use and depend on edge computing to give progressively lower latency and an economical framework to meet user expectations. Edge computing will also be a key entryway opener for organizations to adopt Cloud technologies, as it essentially brings down expenses and allows accessing data frequently and quickly.

As a result, in 2020 and beyond, we can just hope to see Cloud Technology develop exponentially as we unlock its capacity in the years to come.

4. Chatbots Will Be the Driving Forces for Businesses

If we believe experts they say that by 2020, around 85% of interactions that we will make with businesses will be through chatbots. That is on the grounds that this innovation disposes of the human weakness of getting exhausted after providing round the clock services.

The usage of chatbot solutions will expand its horizon sooner rather than later. The chatbots statistics show that bots will be much more prepared to match human behavior and offer comparative services in the year 2020. According to Global Market Insights, the market size for chatbots worldwide would be over $1.3B by 2024. 

Chatbots Trends 2020


If you are planning to make a Chatbot for your business or want to know how a Chabot can help transform various industries – you can head to my comprehensive blog on “What is a Chatbot & How Does it Work For Various Industries

At last all we can say is, it is inevitable that the chatbot industry will turn into the main impetus of business communications. With innovative headway, bots will turn out to be increasingly insightful to understand the conversations and the plan of the inquiries.

5. The Prominence of Wearable Devices

Wearable technology is not new to the market; we are already using smartwatches, fitness, trackers, bands and even rings that are smarter than our minds. Every one of these wearables has changed the manner in which we interact with smart devices. 

As per Business Insider, there will be a bounce of 35 percent in the wearable market by the end of 2019. Another report from Statista claims an amazing revenue of $33B produced by the wearable devices by 2019.

Keeping in mind the tremendous potentials of the wearable device industry, mobile applications should support wearable innovation. But, shockingly, numerous applications don’t come combined with wearable devices as of now.

Each wearable device needs a platform to run. For example, Apple Watch needs watchOS and Android smartwatches work with WearOS. Therefore, the developers should incorporate their applications with wearable gadgets. 

Let’s look at wearables trends that we will experience in 2020:

  • Increase in the use of fitness trackers.
  • Less reliance on the smartphone.

Along with trends, I also want you to check why Apptunix is Named as a Leading Wearables App Developer by for 2019!

Wrapping Up

With all these mobile app development trends, the application industry will keep on growing at a quick pace. The competition among the developers and mobile application creators will be immense than ever in 2020. Hence, it’s vital that you see every one of these trends before you start working on your application. 

We agree that each new innovation in mobile application development has its own advantages and disadvantages, and if you are new to this space, it might be hard to get the hold tight. However, with our specialists at your reach, you can always connect with us to find out the best mobile application development trends for your application. 

Since you now know the way to success in 2020, do not forget to pay heeds to these mobile app development trends while building your mobile app.

mobile application trends


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