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7 Features You Need to Make Zomato Clone and Be $4 Billion Company

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The Zomato is the epitome of online food delivery apps. It has brought a revolution in the food industry by the means of technology. Today when people think of ordering food online, the first image that pops up is either of Zomato, UberEats, or Doordash.

These food delivery apps have gained massive popularity and influenced the lifestyle of people. Today people when feel hungry, they just go to a mobile screen, order, and food is delivered at their doorstep. But have you ever wondered why these apps are so popular in today’s time and why you should think of considering food delivery app development?

Well, in this blog we will look out for all such aspects and also learn how an app like Zomato managed to become a worth 4 Billion dollars company even in the Lockdown crisis. Also, we will talk about the important features you need to make a Zomato clone.

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Why Make Zomato Clone?

Zomato is the top food delivery app in India. Even it has its popularity across the globe as it is a kind of UberEats Clone app. They work on the same principles and functionality and came into the functionality at the right time in India.

Now, you may think the app has higher popularity and also gained market, why to make another app? Well, imagine how good it is to make something that already has a big userbase. If you go for food delivery app development, you have higher chances of growth as it is already in demand. People are looking for more opportunities and different user experiences to get better customer satisfaction.

Moreover, if you run a restaurant and want an app exclusively for yourself, it is even better as it gives a user-focussed approach. It provides better usability which saves their time of search and order.

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If still in doubt, here are some more facts to validate this theory.

  • You tend to lose 62% of your potential customers if your menu is not available over their mobile screens.
  • The App loyalty and reward programs increase customer attention and loyalty of users more.
  • With Loyalty programs and rewards, the customer tends to increase by 15%. The same number increases by 72% when the time of redemption is near.- LevelUp
  • Online food ordering apps have helped restaurants to increase their basket size by 25%.- Olo
  • 69% of customers prefer to place a food order through online food delivery apps.
  • In 2015, the food ordering apps generated a revenue of 160 million US Dollars. It is said to be one of the highest revenue growths for any industry in terms of mobile application sales- Statista

So now, it is quite evident that though the market is huge it also stands strong chances of a big user base. People are continuously looking for a convenient yet focussed approach. And doing food delivery app development will serve their purpose well.

Billion Dollar News

The latest news came in Times of India, TOI that Bengaluru based food delivery startup Zomato has closed a $660-million financing round which now values the company at $3.9 billion.

It is huge and the company is planning to go for an initial public offering (IPO) by the next year. The funding and value came after 10 new investors joined the funding round. It included investors like Tiger Global, Kora Capital, Luxor, Fidelity Management and Research, D1 Capital, Baillie Gifford, Mirae, and Steadview.

Before the fundraising event, the amount that was expected to be raised was around 600 million US Dollars.

The fund that got collected was higher than anticipated. The co-founder and CEO of the company, Mr. Deepinder Goyal Tweeted,

“We are now clocking 25% higher GMV than our previous peaks in February 2020,” 

He furthermore said that the food industry was majorly impacted due to Covid 19 lockdown and the company faced a huge setback. In may, Zomato fired 520 people to cope up with the losses and this became a huge lesson for them.

Zomato is hopeful with the funding but has not mentioned the usability of the same. They said that they will use this amount as a ‘war-chest’ for future mergers and acquisitions to stand strong in competition and rivalries.

So in nutshell, we can say that despite the pandemic setback, the company has shown the potential to bounce back and on the basis of that, has got huge funding which makes it a 4 Billion Dollars company today.

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Important Features to include to Make Zomato Clone

Till now, we have learned about the scope of food delivery apps and why Zomato got good fundings. Let us know what were the features that stood out to investors and made Zomato get a good deal.

Also, these features will help us to know what are the top features one should consider while food delivery app development for Zomato clone.

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Let us decode each of these features briefly.

1. Easy Onboarding

The user who signs up for the app should be able to log in over it very easily. The login could either be done through the simple manual filling of information like email id or it could be done with help of social media platforms

The user once logging in, should be able to land over the dashboard and be able to use the services. Logging in over the app should be equally easy for the drivers and vendors as well who will act as middlemen between you and the end-user.

The filling of the information, their profile check, and verification all should be done online. Also, for drivers and vendors, it is equally important to show their status online or offline so that the services are performed without any hassle.

So if to conclude, to come over to the app and be able to use it directly should be the first requirement that is a must for every food delivery app.

2. Filter Search

People like to order through online food delivery apps because they find the process of online ordering very quick, easy, and time-saving. And If you want to make a good food delivery app, you should integrate the features that facilitate easy food ordering.

Popular apps like Postmates and Zomato have an intelligent user interface design. It is very easy to navigate oneself through app. The search filter acts as a catalyst for a great user experience.

The search filter allows the user to straight away go to the item or related results that they are searching for. To take it, for example, if the person wants the burger, they do not need to surf through the whole menu. They just have to mention burgers and all the items that include burgers will pop up on their screen.

They can effectively explore the food items they want to eat. This increases customer satisfaction and also helps sellers to convert browsing into sales at a faster rate.                                                     

3. Time Tracking

The beauty of online food delivery apps is that users have knowledge about their food order, transit, time of delivery, and payment status. The time tracking feature over the app enables the users to track where their order is, what is the name of the driver, they are coming via which route, and at what expected time the delivery will be done.

Once, the food order is placed, the timer along with the route is displayed to the user for tracking. In fact these days along with time tracking, Zomato is also showcasing the temperature and health status of the drivers carrying food orders to ensure the safety of the users. 

In your Zomato clone you can enable time tracking feature with help of major apps like Google Maps, MapKit, or Waze’s Navigation, etc.

4. Easy Payment Options

The payments are the core idea of the owners for which they build online food delivery apps. It is their source of revenue and that is why they should integrate the standard and global payment gateways for ease of users to pay the amount.

When you plan to make an app like Zomato, try to integrate globally accepted payment gateways or mobile wallet app services that are easily used and available in the market.

In your Zomato clone you should include payment apps like Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, iOS Wallet, Stripe, Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, and Cash On Delivery (COD). These are the major options that could be used for doing payments. 

These days app owners also provide coupons and promo codes for availing discounts on the payments. This increases customer loyalty and engagement towards the app.

5. Ratings/Reviews

Today customers are the king and where the customer is given the privilege to share their opinion to make a difference, it is self acknowledging for them. Every business owner runs a business to have customers that are loyal to them and keep giving them business and revenue. And for that even if they have to make some changes in their business routine, they are open to it.

A feature like feedback and ratings allow users to share their food eating experience from the app. It also tells about food quality and the quality of food delivering. So that if there are any chances of betterment or suggestions, the app could take it and make amendments.

This also increases the confidence of other users as they go by reviews and try the food orders accordingly.

It is a great tool for valuing your customers.

6. Push Notifications

Food delivery apps today are in demand and that is why there are many people who are coming with apps that deliver food online. To stay ahead of all, you have to be in the vision of your users. Keep engaging them with your content like offers, messages, and wishes.

And this is possible with push notifications.

 The push notification allows app users to send content like discount offers, greetings, or any other news in form of a message, image, or video content with just one single push. 

This feature lets you create visibility in your users and also lets you regulate your customer engagement through the app. The more you engage with the customers, the better is the visibility of your app that leads to sales and profits.

7. Panels Synchronization

This is a very important feature in every online delivery app that involves logistics. There are different panels on the app like- admin, vendor, and user panel. The panels are the pillars of every app. They need to work in alignment for efficient performance.

Admin panel of delivery apps is also known as the heart of the app. It regulates the whole function and overviews everything. On the other hand, the vendor/driver panel works as a bridge between the user and the owner. And the user panel is the window to the revenues and sales. Therefore, these panels have to be together in sync so that they work together effectively.

Cost Estimation of Making Zomato Clone

The cost of making an online food delivery app depends on the complexity of the functions and the user interface designs. On average, the cost of online food delivery app development ranges from 12000 US dollars to 20000 US dollars. It can also go up to 40000 US dollars. It all depends on what features you want to integrate into your app. To know more about how and what features to include in your food delivery app, contact us.


The food delivery apps today are in high demand. To make your business run and reach out to customers beyond the boundaries, online apps play a great part. Role. So in order to be as big as UberEats or Zomato app, you have to integrate the features that make your app convenient and user friendly.

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