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An Ultimate Guide To Make Your iOS Apps a Global Hit

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4111 Views | 4 min | Published On: February 9, 2018 Last Updated: July 17, 2024
iOS app development strategies

The way mobile apps have changed the world is nothing short of a miracle. From adults to children and even seniors, of late, we see all and sundry glued to their smartphone screens, finding it hard to let go of their favorite apps. As per a recent survey, there were a total of 2.2 million iOS apps available on the Apple AppStore. Mind you, that number is constantly increasing on daily basis. It’s clearly indicative of the fact that the mobile app market is going through a phase of ultimate boom.

Talking of mobile apps, a normal user is just interacting with its front-app as that’s all he/she sees on a smartphone’s display. For anyone wanting to learn what goes behind the scenes and what makes successful apps different from ordinary apps, they have to understand how the App Stores operate. This blog will help you get a clear understanding of that.

The two major app stores i.e. Google’s PlayStore and the Apple’s AppStores are the giants of the mobile app industry. They both operate slightly differently and therefore have a specific set of guidelines for app submission. The focus of this blog, however, is the Apple’s AppStore. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into that.

The app begins to take shape as an idea first. So that’s almost the preliminary step to iPhone app development New York. Whether you’re a business owner or an app developer, you have to do your homework on the app idea before jumping on to the development stage. It’s best to stop pursuing the idea if it doesn’t have any potential to be successful.

Learning the truth after the app launch can be quite a painful experience. In order to understand an idea’s potential, a detailed market-analysis can be undertaken. If that doesn’t help, there’s always the option of going for an MVP(Minimum Viable Product) to gauge the audience’s interest in your app idea.

Do Your Homework On The App Idea

Once you’re certain of the idea’s potential, you can start to think about the app development. It helps to reach out to experts and insiders within the industry or in the app development business. These people see apps developed on regular basis and can pass on some helpful and informative tips to you as you initiate the app development.

Getting a cost and time estimation as early as you can is quite crucial. Once you have the estimates, do your best not to go beyond them. Timing is everything in the app market. Your app may fail to generate as much excitement as you’d have expected if it’s launched at the wrong time.

As for development, it’s important to get the basics right. Some of them are as follows:
1. Ensure that all the app screens are updated synchronously. That way the app won’t feel sluggish to the user and a smooth and better user-experience will be made possible.

2. Next, find the various SDKs and APIs such as the Push Notification, Google SDKs, Facebook SDKs etc. that need to be integrated in the app.

3. Optimize the app for a better user-experience and ensure it uses less memory. Apple offers some of its own features to reduce the memory usage for eg. Automatic Ram management system. It’s features such as this that make the Apple apps more beautiful and popular among the mobile community.

4. Apple offers quite a handful of devices and your app needs to be compatible with all of them. Also, make sure that the constraints are absolutely perfect so that the app can run on all screen resolutions.

5. Finally, establish that the app is compatible with the Apple’s guidelines

6. A background-testing of the app should also be performed to ensure that the app doesn’t get terminated when minimized. The user should be able to pick up the app from where he/she left before minimizing.

See Your App Past All The Setbacks

You’ve probably taken care of all the loose ends and are very lucky if Apple approves your app in the first attempt. However, if your app is rejected, it’s still not the end of the world. There are a few things you can look at. First thing first, address any issues that cause the app to crash. Only when your app has been tested ‘crash-free’ can you think about its submission. Next, you have to ensure that all the app icons have been provided in different sizes as per Apple’s guidelines.

Finally, you must run the app run through various tests to check the functionality of each and every feature it has to offer. If the app makes through all the tests, you’re good to go for submission and that’s the start of the approval phase. Apple performs its own tests before making any app live on the AppStore. So, in case any bugs or errors are encountered from their end, the app will be sent back to you with the list of such errors. Fix them and you can try resubmitting the app.

Think About Promotion As Early As You Can!

The next step after app approval is the app promotion. In fact, some businesses employ the app promotion strategies as soon as the app development phase begins, just to get a head start in the market. App Promotion is quite important if you’re serious about your app gaining all the deserved success.

This is the age of digitalization and things go viral on the internet within minutes. So an effective online marketing plan employing Social Media channels such as Facebook, Instagram etc. must be in place. Other than that Google ads, Iron source ads and Youtube ads can use be used for app promotion. All these medium can bring your app into recognition.

Getting your app published on the AppStore is no doubt a proud moment. Yet, the job doesn’t end there. If you want your app to stay a hit and popular among people it has to be continually maintained and updated with the latest technologies in the app industry.

Finally, whenever you’re in doubt just pop into the Apptunix offices, a premier mobile application development company NYC. Our free app consultation services will help you devise a successful app development strategy.

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