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Mobile Apps for Couples – Its High Time To Check The List!

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4650 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 10, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019

With the word “couple”, everyone picture the pure connectivity and love between two people. It is no shock that every couple at one point in their life seeks the missing fire in their relationship. I understand how difficult it becomes for the couples to keep their lives organized. 

Don’t stress! 

Unlike the old times, there are many mobile apps for couples that are designed to bring joy back to your lives. No matter what the issue is, there is an app to resolve it. 

Be it the challenge of organizing the money, planning the romantic getaway, or amplify your intimacy, there is an app for everything, literally everything. 

Below I have listed some cool and efficient apps that every couple should try at least once. 

Best Apps For Couples in 2019-20

In the times where app technology has overpowered unimaginably, there is an app for nearly everything. This is the reason why I am preparing the list of some of the best apps for couples available today. 

Raft | A calendar App To Never Forget Anything 

Do you remember the last time you had a date night with your partner? Did you forget to pick up kids from dance class?

I understand how managing everything going on in your daily life can become challenging. This is where Raft enters. This simple calendar app for couples not only helps you schedule everything but also allows you to sync the schedule with your partner.

Once you introduce the Raft app in your life, I am sure that there will be no fights on forgetting to pick up kids. Not only this but with this, you will also be able to manage the time for each other.

Love Nudge |  Love has many languages, Learn them Using Love Nudge


Nowadays couples are all about compatibility and healthy life choices. While the enthusiasm for this is raising, it is becoming more and more challenging. There are literally so many things that are included in the definition of compatibility.

Right from the traditional astrology signs to the trending Myers-Briggs Type (MBTI), there is so much. This is where the Love Nudge app comes into play.

This app has 5 different love languages.

Yes! Love languages.

Curious? You should be.

This is the one app that helps couples exchange playful nudges, create & track goals and activities to cater to the needs of one another to sustain the healthy & supportive relationship.

With Love Nudge, one of the best apps for couples you can let the app do all nagging for you and enjoy the attention.

Pathshare One Of The Best Apps for Couples | Share Your Way!


Never lose your partner with the stunning and mind-boggling app designed for couples – Pathshare app. This is the app that allows the user to share the real-time location using your phone’s GPS with one or multiple partners.

One more interesting thing about this app is that it includes a map that helps you pinpoint the exact location and even estimate the time when your partner will be in front of you.

Worried about privacy? 

Well! They have ingeniously added the feature allowing the user to set the session duration. Once the duration they have set ends, the partner will not be able to see your location anymore.

Interesting right? 

Honeydue | Never Run With  Your Pocket Empty


I know what you are thinking. No this is not a money-making app.

This is a personal budget management app for you and your partner. Using this app you can easily track your balances, expenditure, and bills.

Shed all the stress of managing your finances and bring the joy of easy finance management in your life. No more tackling with the messy paperwork or confusing spreadsheets.

Also, Check out other great apps you should try.

This budget app for couples, Honeydue along with keeping everything beautifully organized for you and your partner reminds you of any dues.

I can assure you after you introduce Honeydue in your lives, you will spend more time enjoying and less arguing with each other.

Kindu | Give Your Romance an Upgrade, One of the Best Apps for couples


I bet you are thinking, how can an app help you upgrade romance in your life.

Well! Kindu has made it happen.

In this app, couples have access to more than 1000 romantic ideas. You and your partner can decide on introducing some of these ideas in their life.

Now, if you are someone who is resilient to the idea of trying something new. Don’t worry! Kindu can still help you.

With the help of Kindu, a couple can at least spur more open communications about desires.

Lasting | Get All The Issues Resolved 


Have you ever heard of a couple who never fought? 

If your answer is yes! Please introduce them to me.

Regardless, I can assure you that every couple has one or another issue in their relationship. And I am also certain that most of these issues don’t need professional help to resolve.

This is where this genius app for couples come out to play. Lasting is a simple tool that allows the user to create a program as per the needs of the relationship.

Just 10 minutes a day at Lasting can help you resolve any issue you have in your relation. All it needs is the first step towards Lasting.

Between App for Couples To Save All Your Memories


Being a couple is all about small joyful moments, private messages, personal pictures, and goofy “I hope no one finds out about the moments we shared together” conversations and experiences.

Don’t you agree? 

Between is an app that is designed to take care of all these adorable needs of couples. This app is actually a combination of multiple ones. Along with the storage option, this app for couples also has a shared calendar.

The best part about this app is PRIVACY. All the things mentioned above are and will remain just between you and your partner. This is the reason why it is one of the most loved apps for couples.

Couple Game | Bring Life Back To Your Relation

You might not be aware, but The New York Times featured an article stating 36 questions that are designed to strengthen the bond between the two people in love.

Even better, these questions can also make you fall for someone.

I am not kidding! 

Couple Game, the app game for couples is the app in which you and your partner answer some simple questions like “How well do you know me?” etc to better understand one another. Not only it boosts the relationship but also tests your chemistry.

No, this is not like a boring questioneer. This app, in fact, covers all the fun parts as well including romance, food, hobbies and more. The app also has a chat feature that allows the couple to flirt with one another and spice up the relationship.

In the end, I would say that this list might help you get familiar with some of the cool and trending apps for couples available in the market. These apps I have listed above are there to guide you through the complications of a relationship and strengthen the bond between you and your partner.


So, try these apps out, and do let us know about any other app that we missed below in comments.

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