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5 Tips to Prepare Your e-Commerce Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday

5580 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 3, 2019 Last Updated: July 13, 2023
Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Hey, e-Commerce Store Owners! 

Are you ready for the billion-dollar holiday season?

The cold weather is setting up and I know you can’t resist yourself from getting at least a bit excited! You people belong to a community that is found most excited during this festive season.

And, with e-Commerce Sales Stats touching sky-high every year during Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, your excitement is perfectly justified.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales Stats

However, unfortunately, just excitement never leads to a successful business. If you want to make the most out of this billion-dollar season you really need to buckle up your shoes.

FYI, in 2018, Black Friday was the most popular day of the festive season with 14.8M e-Commerce sales processed that day. Online businesses don’t leave even a single stone unturned to tempt their customers during this season to shop from their stores.

As per Statista, festive month online revenue is increasing continuously from the last 10 years and in 2017 it jumped to $2.36B – that is 40% when compared to the revenue generated in 2016.

So, whether you own a well-established e-Commerce Store Owner or run a small business, you’ll need to focus on finding some really amazing strategies to drive sales and make the most of this holiday shopping season.

To help you out, I have jotted down a few tips here with examples that can help you 10X your e-Commerce sales this festive season. Read on!

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How to 10X Your e-Commerce Sales On Black Friday 2019?

1. Make Sure Your Store Is Visible Online to Get 10X Traffic

First thing First!

If you want 10X sales, you will need 10X customer.

Let’s be honest! It is not that easy to 10X your sales on Black Friday Cyber Monday. You have to fight a tough competition to get your website rank in the top 5 in Google SERPs. During the holiday shopping season, customers’ search patterns change significantly. And because of the same Google’s search results also change every year. 

So, you have to optimize your eCommerce Store for keywords that your customers are most likely to search during the holidays, like “gift,” “best” “deals.”

Use a good keyword campaign for your business depending upon your industry, by this you’ll be able to drive more traffic towards your e-Commerce Store. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to find the keywords that your customers are searching these days in various locations. 

The following image will let you know how you can do it:

Keyword Used For Black Friday

Once you find the perfect keywords, you can optimize your website for them. Some of the most crucial metrics that you should improve and monitor are:

  • On-site search terms
  • Customer lifetime value
  • The cart abandonment rate
  • Page loading time
  • The conversion rate
  • Gross margin

Likewise, you should run tests to see whether your website is quick enough to meet the desires of your customers. Page load time isn’t only one of Google’s most important ranking factor, but also the backbone of your user experience.

So, if you want to get the most of your sales this holiday season, you need to optimize your e-Commerce store as per the search engine guidelines and provide your shoppers with outstanding user experience.

2. Make Sure Your Store Can Handle the 10X Traffic

Just driving 10X Traffic to your site isn’t enough to 10X your Black Friday Sales. You have to make extra efforts.

Yes, if you are planning to drive a huge amount of traffic on your website this festive season you have to make sure that your website is ready to welcome the same. Your backend should be robust enough to handle that traffic spike and your front-end should be beautiful enough to engage your audience.

Remember that sudden traffic spike often leads to poor site performance and you have to avoid that. Well, I know that this tip is very obvious but the most obvious things are overlooked often. The same happened last year with some of the renowned brands.

In 2018, while a few retailers enchanted users with amazing deals and free delivering others failed spectacularly because of poor website performance

For example, J.Crew – the brand offered a liberal Black Friday offer with 50% off on all online orders. The customers were craving to shop ASAP but were hung on a “Hang on a Sec” screen for a long while.

The technical glitch led to trolling on social media as well.  

Black Friday Cyber Monday

It’s peculiar that a well-established retailer who can’t afford to baffle the customer has not stressed on trying and testing its website to handle the traffic spike.

What happened with the brand after that is not worth discussing here. But, you should learn from this mistake and get your website ready to avoid such glitches.

You should be going into the holiday season with:

  • an intuitive user interface,
  • a robust back-end,
  • and a fast loading website.

The Black Friday season is busy enough and keep in mind that customers would prefer not to spend time waiting for your website to load. If your online store’s pages are taking an excessive amount of time in loading, customers are very likely to go somewhere else.

So, get ahead of the curve and be festive ready! 

If you want a quick check on your website to make sure that it can handle the traffic on the festive season, contact our eCommerce experts right here.

3. Don’t Forget to be Mobile Ready!

It is also crucial to enter the festive season with a significant level of mobile functionality. While mobile presence is increasingly important for businesses throughout the entire year it is an absolute necessity when you are dreaming of 10X sales on the festive season. 

Mobile devices represented 67% of all digital traffic on Black Friday 2018, up from 61% the previous year. 

So, think about getting a mobile app developed for this festive season even if you have a robust website in-place. It can act as a cherry on the cake for you.

Planning to develop an ecommerce mobile app for your store within a week? Check how our experts can help you!

4. Create New Landing Pages, Pop-ups and Holiday-Inspired Content

While it is very common to run offers on everything on your site during the festive season, it is additionally recommended  to run offers on some special brands or classes utilizing specific landing pages for them. 

You should create these landing pages with the festive fever in mind. Also, you can also divert the traffic you get on your home page to these specific landing pages to drive customer engagement in this way:

Black Friday Landing Pages

Another approach to do so is to make a relevant, profoundly captivating, and holiday-themed content strategy that will evoke nostalgia in your users. This type of content will lead your customers towards all phases of the sales funnel for making a purchase. 

You can also create pop-ups to increase the excitement of shoppers just like this one: 

Pop-Up for black Friday

This kind of simple popup will quickly improve your user experience, increasing the chances of making a purchase from your website.

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5. Engage People Even After Black Friday Cyber Monday

You can also catch some really handsome deals even after these key dates by running post-Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions. This is a decent method to advertise leftover stock and reach customers who missed your initial offers. 

Online retailer Joyus did this last year and utilized an “after-party” theme. 

“What’s a party without an after-party?” they wrote in an email. 

Think about accomplishing something similar this year. Make a plan to excite your customers for after Black Friday Cyber Monday deals and afterward get those promotions out there.

Cyber Monday eCommerce Sales

So, you can do this too to get some more sales!

Wrapping Up

Being well prepared will keep you poised and capable of thinking on the fly during the big business days ahead. So, pay heeds to the tips mentioned above, be smart when rolling out the deals, keep your eyes on shopper’s issues, keep your web or mobile app ready for the traffic spike and you will make a bountiful earning this Black Friday Cyber Monday.

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