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Build A White Label App Like Gojek | Development & Features

4663 Views | 1 min | Published On: October 26, 2021 Last Updated: May 29, 2024

With an App Like Gojek, you can book your taxi, request your food, call for experts like plumbers and electrical experts to give you administration at your home. Request for gas conveyance, and cleaning administrations at the comfort and bounds of your home.

Gojek started as a fundamental call-place for giving bike taxis services, and today, it has created in excess of 20 particular organizations spread across different areas. An Gojek clone is regarded at more than $10 billion making it the first of its sort in Indonesia.

It has moreover wandered into countries like Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Singapore. Gojek has moreover settled its seaward improvement local area in the city of Bangalore in India.

Development Of App Like Gojek

Coming up next are the simple stages that permit you to construct an app like Gojek. You should follow them to foster an effective application.

Development of app like Gojek


For building an app like Gojek, Native App, Hybrid App, and Web App are the three fundamental stages for the making of a fruitful application. The similarity of the super mobile app development is conceivable both on Android and iOS. Attracting the targeted audience is workable for the clients. Let’s read about these three stages.

Platforms for app like gojek

Native App

Native apps are built for a single platform like iOS or Android or Windows. These have their programming languages and advancement tools

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Web App

Web Apps are also built for a single platform, but it runs using browsers, just like any other website. Their UI/UX is substandard compared to native/hybrid applications.

Hybrid App

In this choice, just a solitary application is based on HTML5 and it is then upgraded for a considerable length of time. 

Like how Native applications are presented, Hybrid applications are moreover presented from application stores.

Features list

To build an app like Gojek, there are some most important features which should be in a mobile app.

Features of app like gojek

Social media Integration

This feature will help users to log in to the app, making the signup and login process quick and easy.


This component will empower clients to follow specialist organizations and become more acquainted with their living areas.

Multi-Language Support

The application supports numerous Languages which permit clients to pick their preferred language. Furthermore, this will likewise cover an enormous group audience.

Schedule Booking

Utilizing this, clients will want to plan their appointments well ahead of time on the off chance that there is a requirement for them to drive on a customary/routine.

Push Notifications

Using the Push Notification, specialist co-ops will want to send notices to clients in regards to refreshes, for example, request got, request dispatch, request going to show up, and that’s just the beginning. 

Tech Stack 

With regards to inserting various components inside one application, the innovation coordinated to grow such applications ought to be sufficiently able to deal with different capacities adequately. 

Here the innovation stack can incorporate, Fabric, Laravel, Bootstrap, Google (Cloud Messaging, Compute Engine, Maps), Comodo SSL, Android Wear SDK, Crashlytics, Realm, Nginx, HTML5, Select2, New Relic, and so forth.






Systems Or Tools 




Different Tools 

Email Marketing: Mailgun, Mandrill,MailChimp 

Analytics-Mixpanel, Yahoo! Analytics, Google Analytics 

Money – Square, Google Wallet 

Usefulness and Operations-Google Drive, Google Fit SDK, G Suite, Google Tag Manager.

Build your own app like gojek



After you choose your application objectives, business structure, main interest group, and provisions, you can continue to information engineering. Next decide an application’s usefulness, similar to highlights, client communication, and the entire route cycle of your application. It is smarter to get wireframes constructed with the goal that you can improve comprehension of how your application will work.

Wireframes resemble the skeleton of your portable application advancement. You ought to make wireframes before you start with the backend code to get the genuine image of your super application. It might incorporate how pop-ups, text fields, buttons resemble. When you approve of wireframes, you can talk about with the engineers to begin chipping away at the front-end advancement and back-end coding.

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Before you dispatch your super application or an application like Gojek Multi-Delivery App, test the application for any bugs and resolve the issues right away. The testing part will be completed by your improvement group.

The advancement group would test the application inside, however, ensure you test the application with clients to know how it functions in reality. With beta testing, you can get criticism from the clients about application execution and their experience utilizing your application. Whenever you are finished with bug fixing, your super application is prepared to dispatch on the lookout.

Benefits of Using App Like Gojek

After the great accomplishment of GoJek on the lookout, numerous business people had plans to dispatch a multi-administration app. Let’s see the benefits of an app like Gojek.

Benefits of using app like gojek

Digital Invoicing

You can produce advanced solicitations for each time there is a help recruited effectively with the application. Since the application oversees it naturally, there is no way of mistake or issue inside it. 

Extensive Reports

The main way you can keep an idea about the development and direction of a business is by ensuring that you know precisely what’s going on at each progression. 

Digital Promotion

On the off chance that you have a Gojek clone app, you can ensure that you can advance and share your application across different computerized stages. Nowadays of web-based media, applications like these can turn out to be speedy misleading content and get you increasingly more downloads rapidly and without any problem. 

Keeping up with the times

Each respectable business in the present occasions has an application. Most people partner a brand with their very own use. Having a multi-administration app like Gojek will permit you to remain in a state of harmony with the market and set up your very own brand.


Anyone with a business vision will believe that a white label app like the Gojek app development is one of the best methods to launch your own multi-services app like GoPuff or Urban Clap. The advantages that they bring are quite important when you look at them from a business perspective.

 As of now, you have already read about the features and benefits of the Gojek app, so if you have an idea in your mind and thinking about launching your own white label app like Gojek So we are here to help you out. 

build your on demand app like gojek


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