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How Much It Will Cost to Make a Medical Cannabis Delivery App Like Eaze?

4574 Views | 1 min | Published On: August 26, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019
Delivery app for cannabis

Cannabis is the most commonly grown, trafficked and utilized illegal medication worldwide. And, as the demand to make it legal is at verge in a number of countries, Cannabis Delivery Apps are attracting noteworthy attention from manufacturers, investors and researchers.

As per Grand View Research, legal Cannabis market will be worth $66.3B By 2025. And this market size will be driven by the two essential reasons – legalization of Cannabis and growing demand for medical apps. The increase is not just in the consumer base but is also in market players. Have a look at well-established players of this market in the industry:

The revenue that the Cannabis market is creating is sufficient for entrepreneurs to look into the domain as a prospective industry to put resources into for high profits. But, before you delve into this business, it is crucial to do some research on the same and find out how these apps work. So, let’s dig in.

3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Entering Cannabis Delivery Business

1. Legality

Before stepping into the industry, it is essential to know whether the utilization of cannabis is lawful in your country or not. Stay aware of the improvements that may prompt changes in the laws with respect to the same. If your state legitimizes cannabis utilization or if the sanctioning procedure is in the pipeline, you are good to go. Here is a graphical representation of where Cannabis is legal and illegal in the world.

2. Business model

Your second step should be to create a Business Model as per the objectives of your business with the emphasis on sustainability and innovation. This is going to be the backbone of your pitch for seeking funding for your startup. Investors are enthusiastic about putting resources into the cannabis business as there is sufficient potential for profitability in the same.

To start with, you have three options of Business Models to select from:

  • Delivery Specific: Focus on just being a delivery partner of Cannabis.

  • Single Store Startup: Start your own store and it’s your choice you want to keep the delivery part or take the help of a third party for delivery.

  • Aggregator Startup: Brings stores and customers in one place and manage everything else.

So, depending on your choice, you can hit the cannabis market with any of the above business models.

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3. Licensing

Acquire all the legitimate licenses by the vital administrative bodies in your state before beginning with your cannabis business. This data is accessible on the internet regarding all the compliance required relying upon your country.

Must-Have Features in Your Cannabis Delivery App

If you are done with all the research on the aspects mentioned above, it’s time to build your own app for the effective execution of your plan. Keep in mind that while developing an app for Cannabis Delivery, you have to make three different panels for the same – Customer, driver and the admin panel. The essential features of all these are mentioned below:

1.Customer App

  • User Registration

The registration procedure should not be difficult for a user. While they should not be compelled to follow a number of lengthy processes to enter the mobile app, they should also not be allowed to enter without appropriate identity and age check.

  • Easy Online Ordering

Make it easy for patients and customers to order cannabis using your app – provide them a user-friendly online cannabis ordering experience. They should be able to sign up in-app or website to see your menu and most requested products.

  • Order Tracking

You should utilize APIs to give live tracking functionality to the users. They should have a clear idea about where their order has reached and by what time they will get the same. Furthermore, if the delivery is being made through a dispensary that is in a similar area as that of the user, you can also consider offering them a live tracking option.

  • Customer verification & Payments

To verify your users, you should have a functionality in-app to upload ID proof or doctor’s prescription. After an instant check, they can make payments through debit or credit cards with top-notch security.

  • Feedback and Reports

The indication of any great service is the reviews it gets. And, you would have the option to know how well your service is getting acknowledged in the market after you allow your customers to rate the products offered by you.

2.Driver App

  • Instant New Order Notification

Allow your drivers to simply access the user data, track tasks and travel easily to delivery agents. They must get notifications when order is arrived or allocated.

  • Route Optimization for Drivers

Navigation in-app should be easy to numerous destinations and you should guarantee on-time delivery of cannabis at the client’s doorstep. The application should allot the shortest & fastest routes.

  • Order Fulfilment Status

With each delivery made, your driver should be able to get a digital signature from the user before he closes his delivery task.

3.Admin Panel

  • Dashboard

Admin of the application should be given a dashboard from where they can control, view and manage all activities occurring on the platform in real-time

  • Manage Listings

This feature would permit admins to alter the listings, change the costs mentioned in the app, expel the posting if fishy, and so on.

  • Manage Orders

Admins should be given the functionality to monitor all requests made on the application, track their status, answer to queries of users, check payments, and so on.

  • Feedback and Reports

Admin should be given access to view, reply and take action on the comments made by customers’ reviews.

Since now we have looked at all the key features of a cannabis delivery app that a Medical mobile application for Cannabis Delivery should have, it is the time to answer the core question – What is the Cost of Cannabis Delivery App Development? Let’s have a look at the same:

What is the Cost of Cannabis Delivery App Development?

Keeping in mind that the features required in a cannabis delivery app are more than that of ones required in a usual on-demand delivery app like Airbnb or Uber, the cost of building it also increases.

If you decide to incorporate all the essential features that are mentioned above, the Cannabis Delivery App Development cost can go up to USD 30,000 to USD 40,000. On the other hand, it is just a rough estimate which would change according to your business requirements.

Now that you know it all, it is the time to get started. If you want to enter in this developing industry, talk to our experts and make your grand entry with a bang. Contact now!



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