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Doctor On demand Mobile Apps: Essential Features and Cost of Development

6094 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 13, 2019 Last Updated: March 20, 2024

When Uber for X trend is on the rise, why should doctors be left behind?

For anyone who has visited a hospital, the sight of a gloomy waiting hall, long queue lines and disheartened patients is enough to induce panic.

More recently, healthcare apps have streamlined this journey. Patients don’t have to wait in long lines to file themselves or sit long hours, waiting for the right treatment. Booking a slot is a matter of few clicks while appointments are streamlined like a breeze presently.

The fuse of on-demand services which started at Uber & Airbnb has now lit the fuel of innovation in the healthcare app development – Doctors, as a result, are available on-demand symbolizing the true impact of Uber for X.

Also, the success of applications like ZocDoc App in the USA clearly suggests how much potential this industry has for new players. As per Statista, the worldwide Telemedicine market is expected to increase to more than 40B U.S dollars by 2021 from 18B U.S dollar in 2015.

On demand doctor

For business owners wanting to enter this booming marketplace, we prepared this guide to build an advanced on-demand application.

Let’s begin by analyzing the must-have features of such an app.

Must-Have Features of a Doctor On Demand Mobile App

1. Patient and Doctor Profiles

As a matter of first importance, the development of Doctor on demand application should start with building the profiles for patients and doctors. It is where they both will sign in into the application after entering a couple of details.

mobile doctor app profile

The page should ask details, for example, name, age, sex, mobile number and email address from patients. Whereas, in doctor’s profile, details like name, area in which he or she specializes, (for example, cardiologist, gynecologist and so on) and location of the clinic should be included.

2. Search Functionality in dr on demand apps

In this specific section, the patients will be able to search for a specific doctor or specialist as per his/his needs. For example, if one is experiencing heart issue, he would talk to a cardiologist by simply searching for cardiologist instead of looking in the whole database of doctors for finding the one.

3. Live Video Conferencing

doctor on demand cost call

Live talking with the doctor is an imperative feature of a doctor on demand app. It enables patients to have a personal interaction with the doctor. This would spare them from visiting their doctor at their clinics regularly and the patients will be able to consult doctors from all over the world without visiting or traveling.


Doctor On demand Mobile App


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4. In-App Chat and Calling Option

With this feature, the patients will be able to communicate with the specialist through chat to get timely updates on the reports, for addressing inquiries, and so on. The patients should also have a choice to make an in-application call to their doctor to talk about an issue that can’t be talked about over messaging.

5. Ratings, Reviews, and Images | A Must-Have Feature In Doctor On-Demand App.

doctor on demand app ratings and reviews

It is additionally essential for you to have and incorporate the rating and reviews of doctors in the app. As it is presently a global trend that most of the patients have a preference to consult specialists based on the online reviews and ratings of their practices. Pictures of the clinic and the doctor’s photo will add the value to the profiles of doctors.

6. A Strong Database to Store Medical Records

This enables the patients to upload and share health-related documents with doctors that will be essential for further treatment. Every one of the records should be maintained precisely and safely to improve the quality of care provided.

7. GPS Tracking

As the on-demand economy is on the rise, the dr on-demand apps are also on the verge of further growth. With AI and GPS technology advancements many on-demand apps are adopting this new technology. GPS Tracking is a required function that must be incorporated into a medical application. It help the patients to reach the specialist’s clinic utilizing the route and in the least amount of time.  It is a helpful feature where there is any medical emergency.

8. In-Built Payment Options in Doctor on-demand apps.

As we are all embracing the cashless world, you must add the in-built payment gateway option in your application. It will help the users in making payments online without any hassles.

dr on-demand app payments

The feature should also accept payments via credit or debit cards. The users should also have an option to use integrated applications like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Braintree or PayPal for making payments. However, you have to include a powerful security layer here so that the confidential information does not get revealed out.

9. App Appointment Booking

This is the most fundamental feature of your mobile application that will enable the patients to book an appointment with their doctor at a proper timing. You can offer a powerfully interactive calendar feature where the patients can confirm the specialist’s availability and set an appointment in view of that.

10. Dealing with the Emergency Cases

A medicinal emergency can come up anytime and nobody can predict it as well. The On-Demand Doctor App should have a different section to manage emergency cases. It would be nice if you can add a section where the user can call an ambulance immediately with a solitary tap on the mobile screen.

11. Push Notifications

This is an essential feature for each type of mobile applications, as it enables users to get notifications from the mobile application even when they are not using it. Therefore, it offers all-day access to users. It turns out to be useful to send appointment reminders, time to take medicines, and much more.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Doctor On Demand Mobile App like ZocDoc?

The expense of healthcare application development fluctuates, depending on various constraints. The most essential of these is the platform you have chosen. IOS applications cost a little more than that of Android, however, if you are creating it for both the platforms simultaneously, you can cut down your expenses by developing a cross-platform mobile application.

Another factor is the location or country of the team you hire. If you hire an engineer from Asian nations, like India, you can lower your expense by up to half of the proposed cost by developers of countries like USA. The expense also relies upon the number of features you wish to incorporate. As per the tech experts, the cost of developing an app like ZocDoc more often begins from $25,000 and it can surpass up to $70,000.

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A Few Tips to Be Successful in the World of Uber for Doctors

  • Focus on developing a great network of doctors: Help patients select the best and Board-Certified specialist.

  • Give benefits to doctors as well: Provide a reason to the specialists for registering on the platform, with advantages like better visibility, simple payments and so on.

  • Doctor authentication: Before getting a specialist onboard, guarantee his authenticity by evaluating the work history. The bad reputation of doctors will directly affect mobile app.

  • Pick the monetization strategy carefully: Doctors search for best offers; however, it’s the major thing that will drive revenues for your application. So plan your membership packages carefully.

  • Give discounts to customers: To guarantee bookings from your mobile app, give users discounts and promotional offers.

  • Back your idea with technology: Select the best of technologies like AI and Machine Learning to offer the most valuable and creative feature set to both doctors and patients. Having a team in-house or picking a proficient healthcare technology partner is an important step to develop a successful tech-driven platform.

Wrapping Up

Without a doubt, on-demand services are making it successful in the sphere of mobile applications. But, that accomplishment just comes to you, when you have a fine plan to explore the market, right plan of execution at your end, a group of creative features and a healthcare app development company to back you up. Potentials are immense in the telemedicine market; you just need to explore it with the right strategy.


Doctor On-demand Mobile


Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some questions that might be popping up in your head regarding your pursuit of developing a dr on-demand app.

Q.  What is the doctor on-demand app exactly? 

A. Doctor on-demand app is nothing but an Uber for Doctors. Since the introduction of Uber in the market, the on-demand economy has been adopted by most of the industries. Dr on-demand app allows the fastest way of getting the care from the physicians. These apps allows the patient to immediately get connected to the certified physicians over the live video while you are at home.

Q. How much will it cost to develop a Doctor on-demand app? 

A. Generally, the cost of development of basic doctor on-demand app ranges between $35,000 to $45,000. Note that additional features will add to the cost.

Q. How much time it takes to develop a dr. on-demand app? 

A. If you are entrusting your project to a professional development company like Apptunix, the development of dr. the on-demand app will approximately take 3 to 4 weeks.

In case you have any other questions in mind, contact the experts.

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