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Mobile App Development and IoT – The Road Ahead

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5118 Views | 3 min | Published On: March 8, 2019 Last Updated: April 20, 2020
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Steadily and swiftly, IoT(Internet of Things) is making a huge fuss in industries across the spheres. Be it be a smart workplace, smart home or a smart city, IoT has made a mark everywhere. According to Statista, the world will have more than 31 billion connected devices by the end of 2020. The world will soon see the benefits of this thriving technology piercing in every sector.

The larger picture is that people want to govern these connected devices using their fingertips, and this gives way to IoT penetration in the world on mobile app development.

There is no wrong in saying that IoT is the next big power when it comes to custom mobile applications. Here’s a list of factors which will help us prove our point that the Internet of Things will revolutionize mobile app development scenario in the coming times.

Efficient App Development

IoT has spread its Midas touch in our personal as well as professional lives, providing us users an unprecedented level of convenience. And that’s it’s making the world of app developers an easy one.

Developing an app takes a toll on the developer, by making machine internet interaction available to them. This newest piece of technology enables the developers to build an application is very less time, saving a huge effort from their end. Developers can use the saved time to make more tech solutions or update the existing ones. Also, they can add several amazing and engaging features to the mobile apps using IoT.

Improve App Productivity

Connectivity is the prerequisite of a flourishing mobile platform. What does IoT do in terms of connectivity for mobile apps?  It increases mobile apps’ ability to be connected to gadgets all around. Any custom mobile application needs to be sturdy enough to suffice this requirement. With this, developers have to make applications in order to readily communicate with the endless connected gadgets. This strategy can amplify IoT changeability and enhance the consumer’s interest while making the futuristic application. In a layman’s language, IoT is sure to increase an app’s efficiency.

Integration with Devices

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We all know that user experience is an essential element in any mobile app. Since the inception of mobile applications, the primary focus has been to make them user-friendly. This is the reason why app developers make easy to navigate and convenient to use applications.

However, with the numbers of apps and devices going up with every passing day, developers are now more into making mobile applications which can work with smart-connected gadgets to make better applications. The idea behind is to add on more benefits to the applications using IoT.

Personalized User experience

Users found a useful digital assistant in mobile apps giving them a room for easy and widespread adoption across the globe. They make a repository of information over time in order to provide custom responses to the app users. This brings us to a conclusion that with extensive usage these applications become better and all their responses tend to fall into place with every command or interaction. Here, The effectiveness of the app can be multiplied with the help of IoT. Developers can make use of IoT potential while making the tech solution in order to leverage real-time information and location-based data, thus, deliver a personalized experience.

Strengthen Data Security

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Organizations across various sectors bring about new applications in order to boost their business. But there is an alarm bell hung over them, they are in danger of a data breach and any kind of cyber attacks because they are like a repository of sensitive information and many a time have user’s personal information like debit-credit card details, etc. saved.

The mobile app domains are facing incidents of data compromise every now and then. Apps made using IoT technology are far less vulnerable to such threats and thefts by using an additional security IoT layer. Multiple entry points and encrypted data lets the app users stay protected. IoT, thereby, enhances the app security to a large level and also protects critical corporate data a lot more conducively.


New age IoT apps can add value to a business in endless ways. In the near future, we are sure to witness some radical changes in the world of mobile app solutions all thanks to IoT. It’s fair to say that the present-day mobile platforms and IoT will evolve together to bring about more secure and efficient mobile solutions.


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