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Why Flutter Mobile Development is the Best Option for Startups App Owners?

4913 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 7, 2020 Last Updated: May 4, 2020
Flutter application development

Why Flutter Mobile Development? Let’s Find Out…

When you plan to develop an app for your startup, you have several questions in your mind. What should it look like? What technologies should you use to make it robust? How much will it cost you?

And, the list goes on…

Being in the Mobile App Development Industry for 10 years, I understand all your concerns. And, I suggest that before you invest in developing a mobile app you must find an accurate answer to every one of your questions – so that your investment pays you off in the long run.

To help you make an informed decision, today I am going to discuss the much-talked-about framework in detail i.e. Flutter. In case you are struggling to find an answer to the question “Why Flutter Mobile Development is a good option for startups” you struggle ends here. You will find an answer to this question by the end of this blog.

But, before that, let’s talk about the question that is in every Appreneur’s mind:

What Do You Need to StandOut in the Mobile App Development Industry?

If you Google up this question, you will get the following points as an answer:

  • A Powerful app idea
  • Amazing UI/UX
  • Proper Market Research
  • Great Future Plans
  • Investors

However, even though this information is absolutely true; the failure ratio of applications is still high. Even the giants like Google needed to confront the doom’s day and shut their applications like Google + and Google Allo.

So, what are the factors that are not letting startup apps reach the pinnacle of success? 

As per my experience, in this cut-throat competition, tech startups are facing the challenge of periodic evolution and continuous development of their apps or products.

The most significant decision that startup owners need to take cautiously is the choice of technology. It must be continually developing and cost-effective with the market trends. They have to act quickly as the market needs change and must be the market initiator to get the extreme advantage of the techno market trends.

So, it is crucial that you select a technology that permits fast development and seamless deployment options. Now, what if I say that “Flutter” can be this technology for you? Let’s see why am I saying this.

Why Flutter Mobile Development for Startups?

Flutter was created by Google and it’s an open-source app development framework that permits creating top-notch mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms.

It is based on Dart which is Google’s Programming Language. And, in spite of the fact that Flutter is still a new framework, there are numerous industry giants like Tencent, Hamilton Music and Alibaba using it for developing their software. In a very short span of time, Flutter’s popularity has also outgrown React Native and Xamarin, Angular which are other Cross-platform app development frameworks.

Flutter App Development

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The above graph clearly shows Flutter’s strength in the cross-platform framework space. Here are some other reasons behind why Flutter is a suitable technology for developing the application for your startup:

1. Flutter Mobile Development = Market Your App Faster

Cross-platform application development is the best option for startup owners as it lets you build and launch apps on various platforms. It lets your application acquire more exposure and reach a large user base. This eventually increases the probability of your app downloads.

However, while building cross-platform applications, UI and UX are generally compromised as JavaScript serves as a plausible alternative. Some of its features are browser dependent and a few methods/properties are implemented distinctively across browsers.

But with Flutter, developers can take ‘code once’ approach to make an incredible native experience. It’s a portable UI Framework for all screens that can deliver wonderful, custom-made experiences from a single codebase.

Flutter Mobile Development

A single codebase can be used for iOS as well as Android. This results in faster time-to-market and low development with no compromise on quality.

2. Why Flutter? To Attract Investors with Powerful Designs

It is extremely critical for every type of business to attract investors so that they can acquire the desired amount of funding. Flutter accompanies a wide range of enriched UI features and intuitive designs, which draws in customers and investors alike.

Flutter also comes with powerful customized widgets for Android and iOS – which gives the ‘vibes’ of native applications and lets developers create a seamless and crisp user experience. The widgets that Flutter offers are huge when compared to any other cross-platform tool. The widgets in Flutter aren’t just used for views yet in addition to the whole screen and even for the application itself. 

Besides, Flutter also has the Material Design for Android and Cupertino or iOS widgets for iOS applications that help developers in making responsive applications. Using Flutter, developers can build up a smooth and amazing application with no difficulty which in turn will provide an astonishing experience to your users.

3. Flutter is Backed by Dart that Means High-Performing Apps

Dart is Flutter’s object-oriented language that makes use of Ahead-of-Time compilation procedures and compiles into native code without that extra bridge. This perceptibly accelerates the application startup time. Furthermore, Flutter doesn’t need to call OEM or original equipment manufacturer widgets, since it utilizes its own. 

Hence, Flutter allows the app to communicate directly with the Native platform instead of passing through a JavaScript bridge. This lets developers build even complex apps using Flutter with ease and no compromise with performance.

As you can see in the image below, Flutter utilizes the OS as a canvas to make an interface on and moves services, for example, rendering, gestures, and animations into the framework itself, which provides developers full oversight over the system.

flutter app development company


flutter development company

As you know, the application on a user’s device will run easily on the grounds that Dart compiles into native code legitimately, without the bridge.

4. At the Heart of Flutter is Firebase – a Key to Startup Success

Firebase is Google’s mobile platform which provides a collection of services, for example, cloud storage, real-time databases, hosting and much more. Startups can use Firebase as it makes the infrastructure serverless, scalable and redundant. Thus, you needn’t bother about resources or DevOps support in deploying backend. 

Generally, developers need to build a few tools themselves. However, as Firebase has the collection of basic tools, it makes it simple to create applications. Also, to accomplish steady delivery, app developers can combine Firebase with various tools to automate the development. 

5. Flutter Can Increase the Productivity of Your Developer by 10X

An incredible feature of Flutter is a hot reload or stateful hot reload. This implies that if any error comes during the development, your developers can fix it right away. There is no need to recompile or redeploy the code. Developers can see the impact of a change in code in real-time  so a team can rapidly include new features and fix bugs. 

flutter app development

Hot reload builds efficiency and allows doing experiments without delays (inside a couple of moments). It increases collaboration between designers and developers; when they need to improve look and feel, they can check the efforts right away.

6. Flutter is Pocket-Friendly

The budget is one of the major concerns for every startup. The startup owners always look for options that won’t make a hole in their pocket. They look for such options for every aspect of their start-up, then why shouldn’t they look for the same while developing an app too?

As we all know that Flutter is a mobile SDK to make iOS and Android mobile applications from a similar codebase, it is clear that you don’t have to hire different engineers to make a mobile application for both the platforms. It will save you money.

7. Flutter is a One-Stop Solution For All  Development Needs

Rather than creating confusion by utilizing various platforms and frameworks for various purposes, Flutter mobile development gives a one-stop solution to create, deploy and oversee changes in applications. It implies that you can build compelling UIs, deploy them in the framework and if any bugs or changes come, they can be seen, analyzed and solved easily with the help of Flutter.

Apart from this, Flutter additionally permits the developer to loop in all the non-technical personnel to let them see what is going on in the development part or to supervise the same.

8. Internationalised Flutter Libraries

When you go for Flutter application development, you gain access to widgets that are based on the platform difference of iOS, Android and Google Fuchsia. So, when you use Flutter as a tool for UI development, you can use widgets that can incorporate all the platform based functionalities of the application, for example, navigation, scrolling, fonts, and icons.

Also, for the individuals who are searching for big business applications to be developed for their interior association’s ecosystem or an application developed especially for a particular geographic region, Flutter mobile development provides powerful native experience dependent on the platform, for example, iOS or Android and it likewise helps in creating standardized and compelling UIs dependent on the geographic locations.

When you create an application for a particular geographic location, Flutter permits you to develop and modify the UIs of the application dependent on the favored Language, Text and also the Layout of the targeted location.

Now that we have seen a number of advantages of Flutter, it is time to see its other side. Like every coin has two sides, every framework has its own pros and cons. While we have learned about a number of Pros of Flutter, let’s now check out its Cons.

Analyzing the Other Side of the Coin - The Cons of Flutter

Flutter mobile development framework is still evolving as it is young. Flutter has some cons that you must pay attention to and these are:

  • Being in its initial phase, it is still lacking a globally accepted architectural approach
  • It has less number of third-party libraries.
  • It has error screen or logs during layout error is confusing
  • No TV & CI support

Despite all these cons, Flutter is totally reliable and every developer’s first decision while building for cross-platforms. As it is Google’s framework, it really focuses on providing native-like performance, productivity, and complex visuals. Let’s now have a look at some of the successful apps built with flutter.

3 Successful Apps Built with Flutter

The number of applications built with Flutter is increasing in number – day by day. Not just Start-ups, even big enterprises are developing apps in Flutter because of the amazing benefits it offers. Here are a few examples:


The well-known eCommerce and wholesale giant has used Flutter for building its mobile app. Alibaba has its own Android and iOS on its Xianyu application which has downloads in millions. Over 10 million users use this application every day.

According to the Bing Sun, the engineer at Alibaba team – they were impressed by the flutter’s capabilities when it came to UX. They were dazed by the high FPS and smooth UI. Bing sun stated, “Flutter was actually an incredible investment from our side since we spared a lot of time by using it. Even the maintenance of our application is now faster and easier.”

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Dream 11

Dream 11 is a sports app from India that lets people play dream Cricket, NBA, Football, Hockey, and b-ball.

These applications have accumulated a gigantic response from the game lovers who have been viewing their preferred sports for quite a while and have skills to predict the right figures (Scores, Points, Goals and so forth).

The UI of the application is a result of the effectively customizable widgets given by Flutter. That makes the application work like Magic. The widgets are completely based on material design and the vast majority of them are customizable so you can use a similar widget for iOS and Android.


This is a fitness app that connects athletes with coaches and sports centers. It is also built using Flutter. It lets users locate the close by the training center. It is an application where athletes and coaches can schedule sports sessions that can be individuals as well as the public.

Building outstanding and superior applications require a good amount of support from SDKs like Flutter. Indeed, Flutter has the capability to make a lot of difference as it can simplify the app development process without compromising the look and feel of the app.

It provides native-like performance which makes it more lucrative to the startup owners and investors. Additionally, it wonderfully fits into the specific needs of the Flutter application developers while offering decent customization options.

Since now it has been proved that Flutter is the solution to your startup needs because of providing benefits like Low Developmental Expense and Faster Time to Market – what are you waiting for? Connect with a good Flutter Mobile Development Company and start your journey to mobility today!

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