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How Much Does the Development of Disney Streaming App Cost?

4923 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 12, 2020 Last Updated: February 12, 2020
disney streaming app cost

In 2017, Disney announced that it is planning to launch its own video streaming app – Disney Plus. Everyone knew that the service would compete directly with apps like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime which are already established in the industry.

Experts were bragging about – whether it is a good move to enter in the highly competitive industry? Will it be able to compete with other streaming services? And, if yes, how?

And then, the debate climaxed with shocking results.

In just a single day after its launch, the Disney Plus App got more than 10 Million registered users. It was last year’s biggest launch and a few media analysts even named it “One of the Greatest Product Launches of All the time.”

Now, there must be a number of questions in your mind like how an app having a number of established competitors can perform so well – right after its launch? And if you are planning to do the same – what is the right way to do it and how much will the development of disney streaming app cost?

In this article, you will get the answers to all these questions. So, let’s dig in.

What Is Disney Plus App and How Is It So Successful?

Disney Plus is Disney’s on-demand video streaming service. It is the home for users of every age group to watch TV shows and movies over all of Disney’s brands.

According to Sensor Tower, after the Disney Plus App’s mid-November launch in the United States, the app was downloaded around 30 Million times in the 4th Quarter of 2019 — that is almost double than its next closest competitor, TikTok.

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Basically, there are three factors behind the immense success of Disney Plus App – its amazing features, eye-pleasing designs and original content. So, if you are planning to build another Disney Plus App, you must pay heeds to all of these factors. 

The competition in this market is high and competitors are well established. Not just Disney Plus, you will have to make your app better than the other competitors as well to stand out in the market. Let’s have a look at other market leaders of the video streaming domain: 

disney's new streaming app

Now, when there are already too many competitors in the market – is it a good idea to build another streaming app? The answer is YES. Let’s see why:

Why Is It a Good Idea to Build a Movie Streaming Application Like Disney Plus?

Do you remember the time when everybody used to sit in one room to watch movies or go out to theaters on weekends. Maybe you remember – but your kids won’t. Because apps like Netflix and Disney Plus are changing the way in which the world consumes its entertainment.

Today, everybody likes to get into bed and watch movies or series on video streaming applications – no TVs or Theaters. These applications have transformed the entire entertainment industry by letting people enjoy or stream their favourite shows – anytime, anywhere.

And, the trend that has been set by these apps is not going to fade anytime soon. It is only going to have more and more power in future.

This change has made users as well as businesses understand the scope of video streaming applications in the present and future of the Entertainment world. Something which can be seen in these statistics –

  • The video streaming industry is anticipated to hit $70B by the year 2020.
  • The worldwide video streaming market was valued at USD 42.6 billion in 2019 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 20.4 percent from 2020 to 2027.
  • About 60 percent of Millennials and Generation Z watch streaming videos everyday and 30% of baby boomers consume streaming content almost daily.

With user’s preferences growing in favour of video streaming apps, it is clear that your app has a lot of space to stand out in the market. The market is huge and no number of apps are enough for this ever growing industry.

So, if you are thinking that apps like Disney Plus marked a full stop on the entry of newcomers in space – leave that thought behind. As per reports, 67% of people that use video streaming apps, have more than one app installed in their smartphones for watching different types of content.

However, as mentioned above, the key to success in this industry is powerful app features, amazing designs and interesting content streaming in your app. You need to have all these things in your app to make it stand out in the market. While helping you with content is not our cup of tea – we can surely help you with features and designs of your video streaming app.

So, let’s check what are the Must-Have features for an app like Disney Plus.

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6 Must-Have Features of a Video-Streaming App

No matter which video streaming application you analyze – there are a few features that you will find in all of them. These features are called must-have features and will also help you find out how much will the development of Disney Streaming App Cost. So, let’s have a look:

disney plus app

1. User Registration and Profile

User Registration is one of the basic features of every video streaming app. For registration, there must be a few simple steps included for filling-in user information. Or, login through social media is also a preferred way of letting users register in-app.

Your application should have the option to tie in other social networks and permit users to share links to their live streams later as an approach to attract more users. Also, your app users must be given a space where they can save their preferences, see their watch history and manage their experiences.

Some of the things that you should ask your Disney Plus application developer to include in the profile section of users are display settings, watchlist, account settings, help section, sign in and sign out.

2.Search Functionality

Search feature is one of the most important features of any movie streaming mobile application. In the app, there must be a few classifications for the users to browse. However, a search function should be there to find the exact content from various categories.

For instance, Netflix has divided the content around – Shows, Genre and Movies. But, the app has the functionality of search to provide ease to users.

However, since you are just entering the domain it is advisable to limit the categories so that your video streaming app developers and you will have the option to manually deal with the distribution of content across various categories.

3. In-app Video Downloading

This is one of the most mainstream features that a number of video-streaming apps are rolling out, so it’s unquestionably the “must-have” feature. The in-application downloading feature comes handy when a user doesn’t have an internet connection or he/she is out of network. So that he can get it downloaded and watch it later when he’s disconnected.

4. Protection from Screen-Recording

It is obvious why this feature is crucial for an app like disney plus. The entire content of such applications is copyrighted and require license for streaming anywhere else, so for what reason would one need it to be recorded? This feature isn’t only helpful for you, but additionally for your content partners as well.

5. In-app Purchase

Launching a new application in an already established market is hard. Nobody will argue with that. However, if you add this feature to your video streaming application you can get trusted users quicker.

It permits users to make a purchase in an application with no additional taps or stress. This way any individual who utilizes your video streaming application won’t struggle to purchase a membership to a channel or some other kind of product through your application.

6. Push Notifications

Because a number of American subscribers have 2-4 video streaming applications in their phones, the requirement for the execution of a well-concocted push notification strategy is evident.

It is the thing that would assist you with keeping the users engaged with your application and not go to other service providers.

So, these were the must-have features of video streaming applications that are ruling the entertainment industry and making users drift from films to streaming services.

If you are planning to do wonders in the Video Streaming Industry, you must know the nitty-gritty of how apps like Netflix or Disney+ work and what is their business model. To find the same head to our blog on “From Mailing DVDs to a Global TV Network: Here is How NETFLIX Business Model Managed It All

But the question that arises here is – all of the popular apps have these features. What extra you should offer in your app to make it stand out in the market or to make them inclined towards your app?

Let’s find out in the next section of this article.

3 Advanced Technologies/Factors to Make You App Like Disney Plus StandOut

  • AR/VR

AR/VR technology can do wonders for your app like Disney Plus. It can upgrade the storytelling part of the media content by making a vivid environment where users feel like they are a part of the story and react all the more proficiently.

Moreover, the innovation offers the best of 360-degree videos and OTT which denotes the evolution of the media streaming industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence also promises to entirely transform the video streaming market.

The innovation helps collect real-time insights of users and compose emotional, creative and engaging content that users can easily connect with.

In an app like Disney Plus, it manages the procedure to automate interpretation, live transcription, translation, and captioning, re-purpose and reformat content, and do a lot of other tasks as well.

  • Exclusive and Original Content

Doesn’t matter how many advanced features you add in your video-streaming application. The real king that has the power to help your app compete and reach the pinnacle of success is Original and Exclusive Content.

Think about it – when such a large number of other video streaming apps are there in the market, for what reason will viewers come to you? The short answer to this is having unique and crisp content in your library that connects well with the audience.

At the beginning of 2018, Netflix had plans to release about 700 original TV shows and 80 original movies during the year. From this, one can get an idea of what sells and what not! Great content backed by a robust and attractive app will surely do the work for you.

Now that we know each and every aspect of building an app like Disney Plus – let us come to the main question and try finding an answer to the question:

How Much Will the Development of Disney Streaming App Cost?

Video streaming applications like Disney Plus need a robust back-end and support for constant data streaming without disturbance for amazing user experience. This can really have a truly enormous effect on the cost of building up the application.

Apart from backend, there are some other factors as well that will impact the cost of developing such type of application and these are:

1. App Features

This is very obvious! The more features you build, higher would be the expense. When you are working on building the first rendition of your application, it is a smart idea to incorporate just the main features.

The second round of features can be added in the updates of the application. If you plan to develop an app with just the basic features in it, it will cost you somewhere around $30k-$40k. However, if you plan to add advanced features in your app the cost can go upto $70K-$80K.

2. App Design

An application that is complex in its design would not attract too many users to use it.

However, when you need more individuals to continue utilizing your application, it is a smart thought to keep the design simple but engaging. Doing this would guarantee that your application users can without much of a stretch access all the sections of your application.

The entire idea behind the designing of a movie streaming application like Disney+ is wiping out mess and increasing engagement. If we look at and analyze the Disney+ designs, the correct word choice would be “Simple yet Intuitive”.

The Development of Disney Streaming App Cost can come somewhere around $40k-$50k with eye-pleasing designs and the features of an MVP.

3. App Platform

There is an enormous difference between the development processes for a movie streaming application like Disney plus for android and for iOS and thus the expenses differ also! The procedure of android application development is significantly more costly than iOS since it includes a wide range of devices, configurations and resolutions.

4. Location of App Developers

The fee charged by application developers changes according to their location. This implies that if the application developers you are hiring are based in the US, then you will need to spend more, but if you hire from specific nations like India, the expenses will be lower.

If we talk about app developers in countries like India – they work on the hourly rate of $20-$30 per hour whereas U.S developers work on $100-$150 per hour. So, that’s why the answer to “how much will the development of disney streaming app cost” will depend a lot of the location of your developers.

So, that was all about the Disney Plus App, why is it so successful and how much will the development of disney streaming app cost. Now, that you know all about the market and its trends – it is time to make the right use of your knowledge by building an app even better than Disney Plus. So, go ahead! Happy Developing! All the Best!

video streaming app

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